Bai Bailing walked across the bridge carrying a tofu pole. Tan Xianwen watched her far away until she couldn’t see her. Shi Yaojin revealed to Pu Quansheng that Tan Xianwen and Bai Bailing were childhood sweethearts, and Tian Jiawang gave Bai Bailing’s parents two cows. Bai Bailing was forced to marry Tian Jiawang. Pu Quansheng learned that he was his brother and hurried to the police station to bail Tian Jiawang.

Tian Hui is Tian Shouchun’s granddaughter. She married a foreign country. She regularly visited Tian Shouchun in the village and brought him all kinds of delicious food. Tian Hui accidentally saw Shaou filming to introduce Ximei to the Baogu shochu of Wanmixi Village. She was eager to try . Pu Quansheng came to Bai Bailing for money to pay Tian Jiawang a fine. Bai Bailing took out all the money in the family. Pu Quansheng worried that she would not have the money to buy soybean and tofu tomorrow, and promised to pay Tian Jiawang out first.

Pu Quansheng went to the police station to pay the fine and redeem Tian Jiawang from the detention center. That night, Qin Xianwen sent a bag of soybeans to Bai Bailing, quietly put it at the door and left. Bai Bailing heard the movement, and Tian Jiawang guessed that it was from Qin Xianwen. He insisted that Bai Bailing and Qin Xianwen had broken the shoes. He said that he would hit Bai Ling if he picked up the stick. Thanks to Sha Ou who came to dissuade him in time, Tian Jiawang refused to hold back and chased Bai Ling with the stick.

Pu Quansheng rushed to hear the news and lied that Bai Bailing asked him to buy this bag of soybeans, and returned the remaining one dollar to Tian Jiawang. Tian Jiawang tried to smell the tofu on the money before he was willing to give up. Sha Ou had a big quarrel with Pu Quansheng when he went out, complaining that he shouldn’t condone Tian Jiawang’s domestic violence. Pu Quansheng took her to the small bridge overnight and told in detail the love story of Tan Xianwen and Bai Bailing. Sha Ou wanted Bai Bailing and Tian Jiawang to divorce. Cheng Quan and Tan Xianwen are together, and Pu Quansheng urges her to calm down because the Tian Jiawang family has a deep-rooted background in the village.

Tan Xianwen tossed and turned all night. He came to Tian Shouchun early in the morning and was willing to give all his savings to Tian Jiawang and divorce Bai Bailing and Tian Jiawang. Tian Shouchun asked him to take the money away and promised to give him an explanation after lunch. Tan Xianwen insisted on keeping his passbook. When he stayed, Tian Shouchun refused to accept it. He bought wine and vegetables, and went directly to negotiate with Tian Jiawang. He also hung a grass sign on the door to show his attitude.

Qin Xianwen came to the town to find Bai Bailing and told him about his search for Tian Shouchun. Bai Bailing didn’t want to have extra branches, so he ran back to the village without saying a word. Tan Xianwen followed him home. Tian Jiawang gritted his teeth when he saw Tan Xianwen. Tian Shouchun explained that he had invited him and gave Tian Jiawang a severe lesson. Tian Shouchun asked him to let Bai Bailing out. Tian Jiawang was determined not to do it. Tian Shouchun wanted to use the family method to teach him. Tian Jiawang.

Pu Quansheng and Sha Ou helped the villagers plant rice seedlings. Sha Ou couldn’t worry about Bai Bailing and Tan Xianwen. Pu Quansheng advised her to wait patiently for the results. Tian Jiawang willingly took off his shirt and lay down on a stool. Tian Shouchun picked up his crutches and beat him desperately. Bai Bailing hurriedly knelt down to plead for Tian Jiawang. Qin Xianwen also begged Tian Shouchun to stop. Tian Shouchun asked Qin Xianwen to choose not to take the grass marker, and Qin Xianwen left silently. Up.

Liao Guixiang went to treat Tian Jiawang’s wounds and reported to Pu Quansheng in the rice fields. Sha Ou ignored Pu Quansheng’s obstruction and followed Liao Guixiang to see what happened. Liao Guixiang helped Tian Jiawang deal with the wounds. He yelled in pain. Sha Ou condemned Tian Shouchun for lynching and tried. Using family power to interfere in the marriage, Tian Shouchun didn’t care, and asked Liao Guixiang to testify that Tian Jiawang was just a skin trauma. Sha Ou became more angry the more he thought about it, and couldn’t help complaining to Pu Quansheng. Pu Quansheng told her to persuade her to help the villagers spiritually and poorly. This is far more important than material poverty alleviation.

Sha Ou continued to take the video to sell goods to Ximei. The 100 catties of Baogu shochu soon sold out. Shi Yaojin was very happy. Sha Ou would rest tomorrow. She wanted to go back to the TV station and promised to help Xiang Ximei to promote her public account. Support from TV station leaders. Pu Quansheng prepared bacon for Sha Ou to take home. With the help of Zhao Lei, he found 560 acres of pollution-free land and discussed with Sha Ou what crops to plant, and Sha Ou asked him to grow the sun.

After Pu Quansheng’s unremitting efforts, he finally won that piece of land. He brought members of the village committee to work on the spot, looking forward to planting the sun on this piece of land. As soon as Sha Ou returned to the TV station, he played the video of Xiang Ximei’s public account for He and the leaders, and introduced the local specialties of Wanmixi Village. He asked for strong support from the leaders. He promised to consider it carefully.

Sha Ou has replaced the poor grandson. After recovering from his illness, he wanted to go to Wanmixi Village to help the poor. Mr. He asked Sha Ou and Lao Sun to do the handover as soon as possible, and then prepare for the election of the director of Rong Media Center. Sha Ou wanted to return to Wanmixi Village first. Mr. He advised her to prepare with peace of mind because of competition The strength of the opponent cannot be underestimated.

Puquan was born in the provincial capital and wanted to drive Shaou’s car back to the village, but he couldn’t get Shaou’s phone, so he sent a message to her, urging her to return to the village as soon as possible. Shaou was in a dilemma.


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