The video posted by Sha Ou on the Xiangximei public account exceeded 1.5 million views overnight, and his fans increased by 30,000. Just as Sha Ou was confident enough to continue to promote, Pu Quansheng threw a pot of cold water on her head and forced her to put it. The video was taken down from the Internet, and Shaou resolutely refused to do it. Pu Quansheng suddenly received a call from the nanny and learned that his mother had fainted, so he hurried home on a motorcycle.

Pu Quansheng hurried home. When he entered the door, his mother scolded him as a liar. His mother thought he was sitting in Longtan Town as the deputy mayor, but he unexpectedly went to Wanmixi Village to run for the village director because of the villagers’ The matter was arguing with the county magistrate Chen Busheng.

Pu Quansheng explained again and again, but his mother was reluctant. Wanmixi Village was the place where his husband helped the poor and died there. She didn’t want Pu Quansheng to step in there again. Pu Quansheng accompanied the smiling face to say good things to his mother, and wanted to return to Wanmixi Village as soon as possible. His mother refused to agree, and forced him to die, so Pu Quansheng had to stay.

Long Donghua’s house finally got tap water. The children were very happy and clamored to take a hot bath quickly. Long Donghua was distressed about the water fee, so let them wash in the river. When Ma Changshun learned that Long Donghua’s house was connected to running water, he came to Shagull for theory aggressively, and Shaou took out the list. Ma Changshun was also one of the registered tenants, so he was willing to give up.

Jiang Siwei convened a meeting with members of the county, town, and village leadership groups and asked them to watch the video of Pu Quansheng tasting a long table banquet. Chen Busheng believed that Pu Quansheng was a sensationalist and criticized his practice. Jiang Siwei called Sha Ou to the county for confirmation Sha Ou hurriedly reported the matter online with Pu Quansheng. Jiang Siwei asked Sha Ou about the situation of the long table banquet. Sha Ou explained that she was shooting, sorting and uploading it alone. Pu Quansheng had no idea about it, and it was spontaneous by the villagers, who supported Pu Quansheng.

Chen Busheng was sceptical about Pu Quansheng’s actions, but Jiang Siwei felt that Pu Quansheng has a sense of responsibility to the villagers. This is the quality that poverty alleviation cadres should have. He called on everyone to learn from him. Jiang Siwei publicly announced that he would set up a registration card for those in need , And no one can be left behind.

Pu Quansheng was uneasy, hid to the side and connected with Shaou video to learn about the county’s policy on those impoverished households who were fined for over-birth, and learned that Jiang Siwei agreed to set up a file for tomorrow. Pu Quansheng was a little relieved, Pu mother was shaking her wheelchair. When I came out to see this scene, I greeted Sha Ou from the video. Sha Ou’s cell phone was out of power and had to hang up first. Pu Quansheng wanted to return to Wanmixi Village as soon as possible. His mother took out some information about the girls and asked him to choose. Pu Quansheng was very resistant and deliberately picked many shortcomings of those girls.

Sha Ou wanted Xiang Ximei to promote the local specialties and agricultural products of Wanmixi Village on the official account. Shi Yaojin dressed Xiang Ximei as a Barbie doll. Sha Ou couldn’t help but let her change back to her original clothes. Sha Ou repositioned Xiang Ximei with his eyes. In order to make his mother happy, Pu Quansheng wanted to rush back to Wanmixi Village as soon as possible. He lied that he was in love with Shaou, and his mother reluctantly agreed to let him go back.

Sha Ou taught Xiang Ximei the experience of live-carrying goods. She set up a camera and filmed the whole process of Xiang Ximei making bacon. Xiang Ximei carried dozens of catties of pork back home, and she walked hard on the mountain road. Shi Yaojin felt very distressed and wanted to help Xiang Ximei share the burden.

Sha Ou disagreed and insisted on letting Xiang Ximei complete the whole process. The villagers all watched the fun. Xiang Ximei quickly adapted to the rhythm of the filming. She split the pork. Pickled, smoked and dried, and successfully completed the first filming, Long Donghua is very envious, she is eager to try and want to be an internet celebrity. Xiang Youliang questioned what Sha Ou did, but Sha Ou was full of confidence and let him wait and see.

Pu Quansheng quickly returned to Wanmixi Village. He persuaded Sha Ou to stop as soon as possible. When the two of them disagree, they became quarrelsome. Pu Quansheng was angry and ignored her and began to devote himself to the industry. From that day on, Sha Ou and Pu Quansheng moved separately. She took Xiang Ximei to shoot videos, introducing the local specialties and agricultural by-products of Wanmixi Village one by one. Shi Yaojin stayed beside Xiang Ximei every step of the way.

The county held an on-site poverty alleviation meeting. Pu Quansheng brought materials to promote the industrial resources of Wanmixi Village. Jiang Siwei found that the promotional pictures he took were too rough and asked him to ask Shaou for help. Pu Quansheng specially prepared Jinniushan specialty peach bugs for the sand gulls to taste, and sincerely apologized to her. Pu Quansheng determined that Shi Yaojin would also bring peach bugs to sand gulls during a meeting.

Pu Quansheng convened the village committee. Shi Yaojin brought peach blossom insects to Shaou for a trial. He heard that the first batch of 80 catties of bacon made by Xiang Ximei was sold out. He suggested that the villagers raise pigs together. Pu Quansheng analyzed the breeding one by one. For the difficulties encountered by pigs, it is recommended to separate the pigsty and toilet in the villagers’ homes. Pu Quansheng suddenly received a call from the police station and learned that Tian Jiawang was arrested for gambling and asked Bai Bailing to pay the fine. The villagers were used to this. Pu Quansheng asked Shi Yaojin to lead the way to inform Bai Bailing.

Shi Yaojin brought Pu Quansheng to the riverside and saw Tan Xianwen strengthening the small wooden bridge. Bai Bailing passed this small bridge every time she sold tofu. She suffered from vertigo, and once fell from the bridge in the river, Puquan was born far away. Seeing Bai Bailing approaching with a load from a distance, Tan Xianwen looked at her affectionately.


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