Sha Ou opened the door and offered to let Xiang Ximei be elected as a member of the village committee. Xiang Youliang firmly disagreed and did not want her to work with Shi Yaojin. Sha Ou took the opportunity to ask Xiang Ximei to move to Shi Yaojin’s house because they had already obtained the certificate. Now they are legal couples. Xiang Youliang didn't listen at all. Pu Quansheng showed his sincerity by making three bowls of wine in accordance with the village rules. Xiang Youliang couldn't help but admiring him and promised to let Xiang Ximei stand for election.

Pu Quansheng was so drunk that Sha Ou tried his best to help him back to the village committee. After Pu Quansheng’s unremitting efforts, the Wanmixi Village Committee was finally established. The members include Xiang Youliang and his son, Shipaishan and Shiyaojin, and Xiang Ximei, Ke Yan and Liao Guixiang. The mountain water supply is difficult and the water supply is difficult. There are impurities in it. Liao Guixiang deliberately boiled Pueraria lobata decoction for everyone to detox. Pu Quansheng toasted everyone with medicine instead of wine, calling on everyone to work together to make Wanmixi Village completely out of poverty.

The first task of Pu Quansheng’s village committee was to solve the problem of drinking water down the mountain. Shi Yaojin suggested that the sluice should be opened to supply water down the mountain. Xiang Youliang found various excuses for excuses and repeatedly claimed that the sluice was built by the villagers with funds raised by the villagers. It is clearly stated that most of the money is paid by the state, and the account opening fee and water fee are reduced or exempted for the poor households who set up files and registered, and Xiang Youliang fully agreed.

After Puquansheng went all the way, the mountain finally opened the gate to release the water. The sand gull informed the villagers down the mountain that water can be used for irrigation. The villagers smiled, and Ma Changshun regretted not establishing a file and establishing a card, and reported that Long Donghua and Liao Guixiang had violated the family planning policy. The three children were not qualified to set up a file and establish a card. Long Donghua and Ma Changshun made a quarrel at a disagreement. Sha Ou came to stop when he heard the news. He severely taught Ma Changshun a meal, accusing him of being lazy and occupying. It is wishful thinking that the number of subsistence households wants to establish a card.

Ma Changshun went down to the county party committee to file a complaint and ate five boxes of lunch at the Letters and Calls Office. Pu Quansheng and Sha Ou drove to pick him up. Ma Changshun deliberately cheated and shouted injustices. He tore the sleeves of Pu Quansheng’s clothes and Sha Ou recorded him. During the whole process of Sapo's rolling, Pu Quansheng asked Ma Changshun to give up the subsistence allowance first, then set up a file and set up a card, let him return to the village to solve the problem, Ma Changshun took the opportunity to ask Pu Quansheng for the fare and meal.

Sha Ou and Puquan were born to return to Chen Busheng. Chen Busheng had long received pictures of Puquansheng and Shi Yaojin drinking blood wine. They were very dissatisfied with Puquansheng’s practice. Chen Busheng proposed that Liao Guixiang and Long Donghua should not establish a card for violation of family planning. Pu Quansheng fought hard with him. The national poverty alleviation policy did not clearly stipulate that they should not accept assistance. He could not let any population fall behind. Chen Busheng was furious and Sha Ou forced Pu Quansheng away.

Sha Ou bought Pu Quansheng a coat and forced him to change it in person. Sha Ou begged the office director to intercede with Chen Busheng. The director asked Pu Quansheng to face Chen Busheng to apologize. Sha Ou bitterly tried to persuade Pu Quansheng, but he always refused to give in, and Sha Ou was helpless. Ma Changshun returned to the village drunk, and Long Donghua waited for him halfway with a big stick. He wanted to teach him to sue his superiors. Ma Changshun pushed all the guilt on Pu Quansheng. Pu Quansheng and Chen Busheng quarreled. Long Donghua’s family filed. Lika would be cancelled, Long Donghua became angry and chased Ma Changshun with a big stick.

Ma Changshun was frightened and fled, and ran to the poverty alleviation team station in one breath. Ke Yan hurried out to stop. Ma Changshun took the opportunity to ask Ke Yan for help. Long Donghua called on the villagers to beat Ma Changshun violently, and Ke Yan explained their interests. He was persuaded to leave them. Shi Paishan heard that there was a problem with Long Donghua’s registration card, which might have caused Pu Quansheng’s dismissal. He personally went to find Xiang Youliang and wanted to go to the county with him to make it clear that the two of them did it at the beginning. Xiang Youliang was lying on the chair and moaning in pain, Shi Paishan had to solve it by herself. Xiang Ximei saw that her father was pretending to be sick at a glance and couldn't help complaining about him. Xiang Youliang was not convinced.

Long Donghua, Liao Guixiang, Shi Yaojin and the villagers brought Ma Changshun to apologize to Puquansheng. They wanted to go to the county to petition together tomorrow to get Puquansheng away from the charges. Pu Quansheng advised them not to cause trouble to the organization, Ma Changshun thought Go to the county to clarify the matter, lest Pu Quansheng is dismissed, Pu Quansheng feels unnecessary.

Shi Yaojin greeted Xiang Ximei to push the drum up. The villagers brought a special dish to welcome Pu Quansheng with the highest etiquette to welcome the family who returned from afar. Pu Quansheng looked at the table full of dishes and was moved. With tears in his eyes, he picked up his chopsticks and tasted every dish, cheering him on the drums to Ximei, and the folks strongly recommended his dishes. Sha Ou took the opportunity to take this moving scene.

When Sha Ou posted the video on the Internet, it immediately caused an uproar. Netizens rushed to buy local products such as bacon and glutinous rice cakes from Wanmixi Village. Sha Ou happily danced, but Pu Quansheng was reprimanded by Chen Busheng, reminding him to work hard and not mess up. Pu Quansheng couldn't help complaining about Sand Gull, but Sand Gull was not tired of it.


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