Sha Ou posted the slogan "Ashamed of Laziness, Shame of Poverty" in the village, and wanted to use this to alert the villagers. Ma Changshun protested to Sha Ou in public, insisting that the first slogan was an insult to him and forced Sha Ou to pay compensation. For their mental loss expenses, Long Donghua also said cool words on the side, believing that the sand gulls' slogan was a blow to them, and the villagers followed suit and the sand gulls were surrounded by groups.

Pu Quansheng came here when he heard the news. He desperately protected Sha Ou and gave Ma Changshun a severe lesson. He publicly condemned him for being lazy and not working. He was not ashamed but proud of him. Pu Quansheng declared that the slogan was drafted by him and repeatedly addressed the villagers An apology was apologized, and the scene changed to "shame to show off the poor", and Long Donghua was willing to give up, and the villagers dispersed in a rush.

Sha Ou complained that Pu Quansheng was the grass on the wall. Pu Quansheng didn't want to be punished for such a trivial matter. Sha Ou sneered at him. Unexpectedly, Pu Quansheng built a new toilet at the village committee. Sha Ou was very moved and wanted to AA with him. Pu Quansheng politely declined and took Sha Ou. Divide piglets to the villagers.

Sha Ou and Pu Quansheng gave the villagers piglets according to the list. Long Donghua couldn’t bear to wear Sha Ou wearing a mask and sneered at her. Pu Quansheng explained that Sha Ou had a cold, and Long Donghua was willing to give up and took her own piglet height. Happy to go home, Ma Changshun also received the piglet smoothly, he was very happy, Pu Quansheng asked him to find a technician to learn pig breeding knowledge.

In order to thank Pu Quansheng for helping her out, Sha Ou returned to the village committee to boil the bath water for him. He did not expect that Pu Quansheng had already washed in the river. Long Donghua hurried to inform Puquansheng. Ma Changshun killed the piglet and ate the meat. Sha Ou was so angry that he ran to Ma Changshun’s house. Ma Changshun repeatedly claimed that the piglet was for him. He has the right to kill the piglet. Sha Ou yelled at him, Ma Changshun's mouth was plausible, and Sha Ou raised his hand to hit him.

Pu Quansheng asked Long Donghua to lie to deceive Ma Changshun out. The women in the village forced Ma Changshun into a big wooden basin and put detergent in it. The women took a rake and gave Ma Changshun a bath together. Frightened again and again to beg for mercy, Long Donghua popularly announced the formation of a bathing and disinfection team. She was never polite to a lazy person like Ma Changshun. Sha Ou saw this scene and guessed that it was Puquan's bad idea. Sha Ou went back to find Pu Quansheng's theory. Pu Quansheng stood guard outside the door and asked her to go back to the house to take a good bath, and put slippers and shampoo in place. Sha Ou felt warm in his heart.

Shi Paishan called back his son Shi Yaojin, who was working outside, and asked him to run for village director on behalf of the villagers on the mountain. Shi Yaojin resolutely refused to do it. He just wanted to marry Xiang Ximei early. Shi Yaojin gave the money earned from the work. Shek Pai Shan asked him to return Long Donghua. Long Donghua revealed that Xiang Denggao returned to the village to run for the village director. Xiang Youliang called his son back to Denggao and asked him to run for the village director on behalf of the villagers under the mountain. Xiang Denggao was not interested, and Tian Shouchun explained his interests.

Ms Xiang Xi is Xiang Denggao's younger sister. She heard that Shi Yaojin was back to get married, and she was not too happy, so she found an excuse to sneak out to see Shi Yaojin and warned Deng Gao not to go out and talk nonsense. Xiang Ximei came to see Shi Yaojin by the river. Shi Yaojin explained that they had to pay back the money they earned and their wedding would have to be simplified. Xiang Ximei didn’t care about this at all. She also revealed to Shi Yaojin that her brother Xiang Denggao would participate in the election. Thing. Ke Yan led Pu Quansheng to distribute ballots in the village. From a distance, he saw Long Donghua on behalf of Shi Yaojin giving a present to Xiang Ximei. When Pu Quansheng learned that Xiang Ximei and Shi Yaojin were married on the weekend, he delayed the election date.

Today is the day for Xiang Ximei and Shi Yaojin to rejoice. Long Donghua took Shi Yaojin to beat the gongs and drums to greet her. Ma Changshun also came to join in the fun. Tian Jiawang felt that there was too little money in the red envelope. Long Donghua promised Shiyao. Jin became the village director and then made it up. Tian Jiawang decided that Xiang Denggao was the village director. He took the girls who were arrogant and walked away first. Shi Yaojin only had to bite the bullet and come to meet him.

Xiang Ximei changed into a red wedding dress early and waited in the room. From the window, she saw the team approaching the family a little bit. Her heart was happy. Xiang Denggao suddenly stopped Shi Yaojin and forced him to pay 50,000 gifts. Shi Yaojin couldn't make up so much money for a while, and wanted to give him an IOU, but Xiang Denggao disagreed. As long as he withdrew from the election for village director, he didn't need a cent as a gift. When Xiang Ximei noticed that the atmosphere outside was not right, she hurried out to see what was going on, and Xiang Youliang forced her back. Pu Quansheng brought Sha Ou to the wedding. They didn't hear the sound of gongs and drums, and they were puzzled.

Ignoring Xiang Youliang’s block, Xiang Ximei rushed out to let Shi Yaojin grab her relatives, Shi Yaojin led people in, and did not show weakness to climb the heights, the two sides fought, Pu Quansheng came in time to beat the drums to stop, Sha Ou publicly declared to Ximei He Shi Yaojin is a legal husband and wife who has obtained the certificate. No one has the right to prevent their wedding. Pu Quansheng stood up and presided over justice. Pu Quansheng said nothing. Xiang Denggao wanted to wait for Tian Shouchun to speak. Tian Shouchun insisted on beauties, Shi Yaojin She was so angry that she wanted to forcefully grab her relatives. Shek Paishan came to stop him in time. When facing Xiang Youliang, she admitted her mistake and had to take Shi Yaojin away. Xiang Ximei took off the red dress and threw it to Shi Yaojin, and explained that from now on From now on, she will be Shi Yaojin's wife. Shi Yaojin wants to take Ximei with him. Shi Paishan threatens to break his leg and orders Shi Yaojin to be taken home.

Sha Ou was very dissatisfied with Pu Quansheng and complained that he didn't stand up and uphold justice. Pu Quansheng didn't want to explain more, let her cook first. As soon as Shi Yaojin went home, he shut himself up in the room and sulked. He hung up the Xi suit in the room, and secretly vowed to marry sister Xiang Xi home. Tian Jiawang took the lead in looking for Shipaishan, and the villagers were aggrieved, complaining about Puquansheng’s non-commitment. Shipaishan understood Puquansheng’s difficulties and shoved the villagers away in a few words.


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