Sha Ou reluctantly said goodbye to Pu Quansheng. The two took a group photo. Pu Quansheng looked at the back of Sha Ou, with mixed feelings in his heart. A few months later, the Wanmixi village tunnel project is about to be completed. Pan Xuebin heard that Pu Quansheng would take over him as the town secretary. He specially bought food from the cafeteria to invite Pu Quansheng. He wished Pu Quansheng the first in Yongcheng County. In the village, Pan Xuebin recommended several candidates for the village director of Wanmixi Village. Pu Quansheng felt that Xiang Ximei was the most suitable.

Shi Paishan learned that Pu Quansheng was about to leave office, so he came to Xiang Youliang to discuss, and wanted to recommend Xiang Denggao to run for village director. Xiang Youliang felt that Shi Yaojin was more suitable. Unexpectedly, Pu Quansheng would let Xiang Ximei run for village director. Xiang Xi The sister categorically refused. She didn’t want to fight with Shi Yaojin. What’s more, there has never been a woman as the village director in Wanmixi Village. Pu Quansheng encouraged her to try and cheer for her.

Xiang Ximei was in a dilemma, so she had to call Sha Ou for advice. Sha Ou supported her in running for the village director and promised to go all out to help her. Xiang Ximei suddenly became more confident and wanted to give it a try.

Xiang Ximei announced the news when she went home, and immediately caused an uproar at home. Shi Yaojin was furious. He was ready to run for the village director. Shek Pai Shan also called on the villagers on and under the mountain to support him. Shi Yaojin asked Xiang Ximei to stay at home and give birth to a child. Xiang Ximei was unwilling to give up. She felt that she was more suitable than Shi Yaojin. Shi Yaojin didn’t want to be a soft man, he couldn’t afford it. , Xiang Ximei was determined, and the two were in a quarrel. Shi Yaojin finally put down a cruel remark, and wanted to compete with her during the election.

Pu Quansheng convened the two village branch committees and submitted Shi Yaojin’s campaign plan to Youliang. Tian Shouchun came to the village committee and brought a joint recommendation letter from 36 village representatives. They unanimously recommended Xiang Ximei as a candidate for village director People, Pu Quansheng expressed his opinion on the spot and agreed with Xiang Ximei to participate in the election. Shi Yaojin was immediately dumbfounded.

After the meeting, Pu Quansheng called Shi Yaojin to the riverside to have a heart-to-heart talk, and asked him to state his campaign advantages. Shi Yaojin was only good at tea gardens. Pu Quansheng analyzed the gap between him and Xiang Ximei and persuaded him to support him. When Xiang Ximei participated in the election, Shi Yaojin felt embarrassed and worried that the villagers would be jokes. Pu Quansheng persuaded him with all his heart, telling him the facts, and Shi Yaojin was slightly relieved.

Sha Ou was successfully selected as the honorable title of “One Hundred Poverty Alleviation Advanced Persons”. She came to the stage to receive the award and described in detail the pain and joy of poverty alleviation work in Wanmixi Village for three years. Finally, Sha Ou publicly thanked Pu Quansheng for her support and help. Pu Quansheng was born on her mobile phone. After watching Sha Ou’s speech, his heart was mixed.

Pu Quansheng left Wanmixi Village to serve as Party Secretary in Zulongtan Town, and Xiang Ximei was elected as the director of Wanmixi Village. She still worked tirelessly to recommend berry tea on the public account. Shi Yaojin helped her film the video, and Tian Hui Cai brought fresh tea to deliver. After coming to show, after Xiang Ximei’s story, she soon sold more than 30 kilograms. Shi Yaojin was very happy.

Pu Quansheng officially took office. He first came to the hospital to visit Jiang Siwei, reported to him the news that the Wanmixi Village tunnel was about to open to traffic, and released the song “Revolutionaries are always young” on the spot. Yongcheng County completely took off the hat of poverty. Chen Busheng took out Jiang Siwei’s poverty alleviation diary and signed Jiang Siwei’s name on the last page.

Tomorrow is the day when the tunnel is open to traffic. Pu Quansheng specifically requested and Shagull to cross the tunnel one day in advance. Shagull arrived on time. She drove Pu Quansheng through the tunnel that carried too much sweat and effort. The tunnel was not long, but It is of great significance. It is the path of hope for the villagers of Wanmixi Village, and it is also the avenue for poverty alleviation workers like Pu Quansheng and Shaou to the other side of their dreams.


{The End}


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