Pu Quansheng didn’t want to watch the cultivated 1,500 acres of land go unexplored. Sha Ou firmly refused to sell Xiang Ximei’s cultural tourism company, preferring to occupy only 30% of the shares. The staff of the county celebration office reported to Chen Busheng about the activities of the few days. Chen Busheng did not agree to extravagance and waste. He wanted to use the money to support Pu Quansheng’s Berry Tea Cooperative, and he also sent a copy of the report written by Pu Quansheng to everyone.

Pu Quansheng received a phone call from Director Yang and learned that the county had funded the establishment of the Berry Tea Cooperative and maintained 49% of the shares. Director Yang asked him to go to the county for a meeting tomorrow and sign a contract with President Liu as soon as possible. Win. Peng Jianhui came to Wanmixi Village to find Tian Hui to make trouble, and kept saying that he wanted to return to Yingzi’s custody rights.

Tian Hui flatly refused. Peng Jianhui asked for 8,000 yuan for support, otherwise he would smash Tian Shouchun’s wine shop. Tian Hui desperately blocked him. If you don’t insist, you have to beat Tian Hui. When Ma Changshun heard the news, he drove Peng Jianhui away and persuaded Tian Hui to go home so as not to worry Tian Shouchun.

Chen Busheng made a large table of dishes and apologized to his wife, but his wife refused to buy it and complained that Chen Busheng should not cancel the county celebration office without authorization. This completely broke her dream. Chen Busheng did not want to be extravagant and worried that it would chill the hearts of those poverty alleviation cadres. The wife was very angry, so she ignored him.

Tian Hui came to Ma Changshun to borrow a box of bees, and wanted Peng Jianhui to keep beekeeping out of poverty and become rich. Ma Changshun promised to lend Peng Jianhui two boxes of bees, and accompanied Tian Hui to Peng Jianhui to take him home. Peng Jianhui broke the jar and he didn’t want to do anything. Tian Hui encouraged him to inherit the beekeeping skills left by his father and support himself by his own ability. Peng Jianhui was deeply moved and asked Tian Hui to take good care of Yingzi.

Sha Ou’s poverty alleviation work is about to expire, and she feels disappointed. Pu Quansheng promised to hold a grand farewell party for her. Sha Ou wants to fulfill his last wish, which is to speak for Ma Changshun. Sha Ou deliberately changed into national costumes, brought Xiang Ximei and Long Donghua to propose marriage, and solemnly presented Ma Changshun’s Geng Tie, hoping that Tian Shouchun would become Quan Ma Changshun and Tian Hui’s marriage.

Tian Shouchun disagreed, Sha Ou took out Ma Changshun. Tian Shouchun didn’t accept Shun’s 27,000 yuan passbook. He just wanted to find a decent and good man for Tian Hui. Because Ma Changshun had a bad reputation, Sha Ou asked Chen Busheng to be the witness of Ma Changshun, and Tian Shouchun reluctantly agreed.

Pu Quansheng was full of praise for what Sha Ou did. Sha Ou asked him to invite Chen Busheng to marry Tian Hui and Ma Chang. Pu Quansheng was very embarrassed, but he couldn’t stand Sha Ou’s struggle. Puquan stiffened his scalp and came to the county party committee to look for Chen Busheng, and asked him to be a witness. Chen Busheng agreed.

Today is the wedding day of Ma Changshun and Tian Hui. Tian Hui’s family is decorated with lights and colorful flowers. Ma Changshun is wearing a red wedding dress to meet her. The villagers of Wanmixi Village come to congratulate him. Seeing that the auspicious time has arrived, Chen Busheng has not arrived. Pu Quansheng came to Tian Shouchun to discuss the wedding first, and Tian Shouchun insisted on waiting for Chen Busheng to arrive.

Due to a landslide and traffic jam on the road, Chen Busheng was late. Pu Quansheng asked Xiang Ximei to beat a drum to welcome him. The wedding officially began. Tian Shouchun thanked Chen Busheng for attending. Pu Quansheng called Liao Guixiang up to host this extraordinary wedding. Ma Changshun and Tian Hui held a kneeling ceremony, Ma Changshun personally put a ring on Tian Hui, Chen Busheng gave a short testimonial, he was honored to witness Ma Changshun and Tian Hui’s wedding, and also saw the results of poverty alleviation, Chen Busheng congratulated this To the newcomer grow old together.

At the beginning of the wedding banquet, Sha Ou was in a good mood and drank a lot of wine in one breath. Pu Quansheng lied that Sha O had drunk too much and took her back to the village committee. Sha Ou returned to her hut. Her heart was mixed. Not wanting to disturb the villagers, Shaou decided to leave quietly while it was dark, and reminded Pu Quansheng not to drive the lights.

Pu Quansheng helped Shaou pack her luggage and drove her away quietly. From a distance, she saw two gleaming silver teams. The villagers were separated at the entrance of the village, each holding a flashlight to guide Shaou, and waved to her together. The children also came to bid farewell to Sha Ou, who was moved with tears in his eyes, and the scenes of the past three years in Wanmixi Village suddenly came to mind.

Xiang Youliang and Shipaishan carefully selected four kinds of local specialties and put them in the trunk of Sand Gull. Xiang Ximei watched Sand Gull go away and shouted “Let her have time to return to Wanmixi Village”. Sand Gull was moved to tears. Pu Quansheng sent Shaou to the foot of the mountain, got off the car and said goodbye to her, thanking her for her support and dedication over the past three years.


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