After Bai Bailing took the children to participate in the competition, Tian Jiawang deliberately changed into national costumes. While busy in the supermarket, he stared at the TV, lest he miss the performance of Bai Bailing and the Xiaoxiliu Chorus. The TV Grand Prix officially began. The various choirs performed in order. Bai Bailing was sitting alone in the dressing room backstage. She was nervously at a loss. Qin Xianwen sent her a silver headgear to encourage Bai Bailing not to be nervous, and to do it for her. Come on.

Bai Bailing put on the headdress made by Qin Xianwen himself and came to the stage. Her melodious singing and the students’ crisp voice immediately shocked the audience. Pu Quansheng and Sha Ou watched from the stage. They both held their breath and listened carefully, tears in their eyes excitedly. , Tian Jiawang saw the wonderful performance of Bai Bailing and the children from TV, and he burst into tears with excitement.

At the end of the performance, Bai Bailing and the children of Xiaoxiliu Choir lived up to their expectations and won the first place. The host interviewed Bai Bailing. Bai Bailing was speechless with excitement and asked Qin Xianwen to come on stage to give a speech, but he was long gone. Pu Quansheng and Sha Ou hurried to the backstage to find someone, only to see a letter left by Qin Xianwen to Bai Bailing, he was leaving Wanmixi Village to congratulate Bai Bailing on his happiness.

Pu Quansheng hurriedly chased it out and saw Tan Xianwen from a distance. Pu Quansheng struggled to keep him, but Tan Xianwen was determined. He didn’t want to continue to pretend his feelings. If he stayed any longer, he would collapse, and Tian Jiawang and Bai Bailing would also get along. Not being practical, Pu Quansheng felt sorry for Qin Xianwen, and hoped that he would stay, so that the facts proved that Wanmixi Village could not do without him.

Qin Xianwen never let go, and Pu Quansheng no longer reluctantly, just want to know his whereabouts, Qin Xianwen avoids answering. Bai Bailing didn’t dare to come to the stage to accept the award, Sha Ou cheered her on the side, Bai Bailing wiped away his tears and smiled on stage.

From that day on, Tian Jiawang came to the school every day to ring the bell on time, clean up, encourage Bai Bailing to review, get the teacher qualification certificate as soon as possible, and be a good teacher like Tan Xianwen. Tian Jiawang is willing to take on all the housework, Bai Bailing is very moved. The tunnel project in Wanmixi Village is progressing smoothly, and the whole line is about to be connected. Jiang Siwei personally went to the construction site to direct. In order to fight for time with the permeable water, Jiang Siwei and the workers worked together. He suddenly fainted on the ground due to overwork.

Although the medical staff tried their best to rescue, although Jiang Siwei was out of danger, he was in a coma due to severe cerebral hemorrhage, and was very likely to enter a vegetative state. Chen Busheng was ordered to replace Jiang Siwei to continue the tunnel project. Pu Quansheng and Sha Ou visited the hospital. Knowing the situation of Jiang Siwei, they are all very uncomfortable. Pu Quansheng asked the nurse to play the song “Revolutionaries are always young” every morning, lunch and dinner, hoping to awaken Jiang Siwei’s memory.

Pu Quansheng remembered what Zhao Lei said before leaving, he wanted to grow berry tea in Wanmixi Village, and the harvest could be seen that year. After that, Pu Quansheng invited Mr. Liu from the tea plantation to visit the 1,500 mu barren slopes of Wanmixi Village. Mr. Liu made a rough calculation. It costs 10 million yuan to invest and 3,000 acres of tea gardens are cost-effective. Pu Quansheng is unwilling to give up. He wants to continue to engage in the village union. Sha Ou persuades him to give up as soon as possible, otherwise he will be dismissed from office.

Sha Ou came to the town government to find Pan Xuebin, bought his favorite blood duck, and proposed to establish a Berry Tea Cooperative. Pan Xuebin guessed it was Pu Quansheng’s idea. Sha Ou clearly stated that this was her idea. Pan Xuebin advised her not to force her. In the early days, she still has a two-month term. As long as the poverty alleviation task is successfully completed, Sha Ou begs Pan Xuebin to support her and apply to the county. Pan Xuebin adheres to the principle of not supporting and not opposing, and she cannot stand Sha Ou. Entangled.

Chen Busheng found out that his wife had been transferred to the county celebration preparatory office when he was at work, and he was inconvenient to interfere. Pan Xuebin came to Chen Busheng to apply for the establishment of the Berry Tea Cooperative. Chen Busheng guessed that he was serving as a lobbyist for Puquan students. Pan Xuebin felt that this project was very good and had a good development prospect.

Chen Busheng came to Mr. Liu’s tea garden to understand the situation in person. Pu Quansheng considered repeatedly and decided to sell Xiang Ximei’s cultural tourism company. Sha Ou firmly disagreed. She built this brand with her own hands and didn’t want to watch Pu Quansheng sell it.


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