Chen Busheng talked to Pu Quansheng alone, but Sha Ou waited anxiously outside, lest Pu Quansheng might say something wrong. Pu Quansheng was caught off guard by Chen Busheng's appointment. He didn't know how to choose, so Chen Busheng persuaded him to think about it.

After Chen Busheng left, Sha Ou personally made a table of dishes for Pu Quansheng to practice. He congratulated him on being appreciated by the leaders and embarking on a bright career. Pu Quansheng was not happy. He was worried about the agricultural machinery cooperative that was about to be established, and he did not want to let the poverty alleviation work be abandoned halfway. Not wanting to betray the trust of the villagers, Pu Quansheng decided to stay. Sha Ou tried to persuade him not to be stupid, but Pu Quansheng had decided, and the two of them changed their cups.

Jiang Siwei came back from the meeting in the province, and immediately learned from Chen Busheng about Pu Quansheng’s village-village alliance. Chen Busheng didn’t want to watch Pu Quansheng take risks again, worrying that it would ruin his great future. Jiang Siwei asked Chen Busheng to guide Pu Quansheng more and not to suppress him. Positivity.

The village directors of the villages went to the town for meetings, and the town secretary deliberately left the three village directors jointly with Pu Quansheng and repeatedly reminded them not to form cliques. Sha Ou personally wrote the plan to promote Zoomlion, and he came directly to the TV station and gave it to Editor-in-Chief He for review. Editor-in-Chief He took him to see Zoomlion's Chengzhuang, who promised to support the Sihai Agricultural Machinery Cooperative.

Pan Xuebin called to inform Pu Quansheng to go to the county to participate in the training class of Zoomlion Heavy Industry. Pu Quansheng flatly refused. Ke Yan's poverty alleviation deadline has expired. He has to report back to his original unit. Before leaving, he came to Puquansheng to resign, and Pu Quansheng begged him to stay. After helping for a while, Ke Yan watched the agricultural machinery cooperatives go to waste. He didn't want to waste any more time, and Pu Quansheng no longer reluctantly.

Regardless of Pan Xuebin’s obstruction, Pu Quansheng came directly to Jiang Siwei. He promised to be the director of the county government and begged Jiang Siwei to support Sihai Agricultural Machinery Cooperative. Jiang Siwei saw that he was threatening and asked him to attend the training class of Zoomlion. Let's talk about the opening ceremony. Cheng Zong publicly announced that it would donate an excavator to the Sihai Agricultural Machinery Cooperative. Jiang Siwei took the stage on behalf of the cooperative to receive the key and gave a brief speech.

The Board of Education decided to send the Xiaoxiliu Chorus to represent Lishui City to participate in the TV Grand Prix. Qin Xianwen received the notice and couldn't wait to report the joy to Bai Bailing and the students. Everyone cheered happily. After the unremitting efforts of Sha Ou and Pu Quansheng, the slope land improvement project in Wanmixi Village will officially start tomorrow. Xiang Denggao will cheer up the excavator driver in advance, and then inspect the excavators one by one.

Chen Busheng came to inspect the barren slopes and urged Pu Quansheng to report to the county government as soon as possible, but he wanted to stay and help the Sihai Agricultural Machinery Cooperative to be formalized. Chen Busheng encouraged Pu Quansheng to continue to engage in village-village cooperation and set an example for the county. Pu Quansheng was very happy. Xiang Youliang brought two jars of wine to the barren slopes, and sprinkled a bowl of wine on each machine. He wished every machine a smooth start tomorrow, and everyone's life would be more prosperous, and Xiang Denggao would sprinkle wine with him.

Tan Xianwen and Bai Bailing were rehearsing in the classroom. They cooperated tacitly, and the melodious singing voice spread far away. Tian Jiawang came to give the students something. Seeing this scene from the window, his heart was sour, Bai Bailing hurriedly chased it out. , Repeatedly explained to Tian Jiawang that Tian Jiawang was still upset, not wanting the two of them to get too close, Bai Bailing suddenly felt sick and vomiting, she suspected that she was pregnant, Tian Jiawang invited Liao Guixiang to see her pulse. Liao Guixiang diagnosed Bai Bailing as pregnant. Tian Jiawang was not happy.

Tian Jiawang sent Liao Guixiang away with a bitter face and persuaded Bai Bailing not to participate in the Grand Prix. Bai Bailing did not want to miss such a good opportunity. Tian Jiawang was immediately frustrated. He suspected Bai Bailing was pregnant with Tan Xianwen’s child, so he asked Tan Xianwen to go to the river. While negotiating, Tan Xianwen yelled at him shamelessly, Tian Jiawang struggled to ask if the child was his, Tan Xianwen froze and admitted that the child was his, Tian Jiawang punched and kicked him, Tan Xianwen did not show weakness, and fought him, the villagers We arrived in time to persuade the fight.

After hearing the news, Bai Bailing knelt down and begged Tian Jiawang not to call Tan Xianwen again. He repeatedly stated that the child was Tian Jiawang. Tian Jiawang still didn't believe it. Bai Bailing was angry about going to the city for a paternity test. Tian Jiawang decided not to do it. Bai Bailing didn't want to live like this again. He wanted to divorce Tian Jiawang. Tian Jiawang was furious. He picked up a stick to beat Bai Bailing. Bai Bailing glared at him and let him beat and scold him, insisting on divorcing him.

Tian Shouchun called Qin Xianwen to play chess. Qin Xianwen had superb chess skills and had no opponents in the village. He didn't want to play chess with Tian Shouchun. Tian Shouchun used the following chess metaphor to remind Tan Xianwen not to have fantasies about Bai Bailing. Tan Xianwen ridiculed him and satirized him not to regard himself as a god. Tian Shouchun directly proposed to let Tan Xianwen leave Wanmixi Village, and the rumors would be self-defeating. If he didn't buy it, he didn't do anything wrong, and he would not leave.

Qin Xianwen and Bai Bailing are going to take the students to the city to participate in the Grand Prix today. Before leaving, Tian Jiawang took the initiative to bow to Tan Xianwen and confessed his mistake. Pu Quansheng and Sha Ou also went to the city together. Sha Ou was puzzled by Tian Jiawang’s changes, Pu Quansheng But thought it was normal.


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