Sha Ou rushed out Puquan, and hurriedly called his colleague Pepe back. He happily showed off to Pepe what he had seen and heard in Wanmixi Village. Puquan was impatient at the door, so he drove Sha Ou away. Sha Ou wanted to stay in his room. There was also a signal amplifier on the top, Pu Quansheng flatly refused, and Sha Ou went to his room every day to make a call in anger.

Zhao Lei took Shaou from house to house to set up files for the villagers. They all felt that it was a formality and ignored Zhao Lei. Tian Jiawang was reluctant to fill out the form, only looking forward to the early distribution of relief funds. The construction team installed street lights in the village. Shaou found that the spacing was different from the drawings, so he asked the construction staff for the drawings and took back the village committee to compare with the original drawings. Originally, he wanted to install 126 lights, but only 100 lights.

Sha Ou roughly calculated and suspected that Pu Quansheng had embezzled seven to eighty thousand yuan from it. Zhao Lei suddenly remembered that Pu Quansheng had misappropriated the money to repair the classroom and hurriedly took Sha Ou to the elementary school. He saw Qin Xianwen leading the villagers to repair the classroom, and Zhao Lei ordered them to stop work. When Pu Quansheng came, Zhao Lei yelled at him, complaining that he should not embezzle public funds without authorization. Sha Ou persuaded Pu Quansheng to stop construction, so as not to eat it and walk around. Pu Quansheng was determined, and he took out the first time. In the video taken by the elementary school, the classrooms are in dilapidated conditions. It is dangerous for the children to have classes in them. They can only take classes in the open air. Pu Quansheng lets the villagers continue to work.

Zhao Lei reported the embezzlement of poverty alleviation funds by Pu Quansheng by his real name. Chen Busheng felt that the nature of the matter was serious and asked the office director Yang Fan to report truthfully to Jiang Siwei. After Pu Quansheng's unremitting efforts, the elementary school classroom was finally renovated. Tan Xianwen specially invited Pu Quansheng and Sha Ou to attend the inauguration ceremony of the new classroom.

At this moment, Chen Busheng called Pu Quansheng and scolded him. Pu Quansheng felt he was right. Chen Busheng was going to hold an on-site meeting in Wanmixi Village and let Pu Quansheng wait there. Tan Xianwen led the children into the classroom. Lang Lang's reading sound is exceptionally loud, and Pu Quansheng is very happy. Chen Busheng brought leaders at all levels from the county and town to Wanmixi Village and held an on-site meeting of the lighting project in the primary school. The villagers all came to watch.

The classroom door was locked, and Qin Xianwen’s phone number could not be reached. Pan Xuebin suggested that the door be opened. Chen Busheng believed that Pu Quansheng was instructing him behind his back. Tan Xianwen deliberately hid his face. Chen Busheng became angry and ordered Pan Xuebin to find out the matter as soon as possible. Chen Busheng had to stay in the yard. An on-site meeting was held here to let Pu Quansheng publicly review the misappropriation of the lighting project funds without authorization. Pu Quansheng took out the review book and read it.

Tan Xianwen is strengthening the small wooden bridge that the children must pass through when they go to school. Bai Bailing sang a melodious folk song and passed by. The two looked at each other, and they had different feelings in their hearts. Xiang Ximei hurried to find Tan Xianwen by the river, urging him to go back as soon as possible. Open the door of the classroom, otherwise it will cause more trouble to Pu Quansheng, Bai Bailing also persuaded Tan Xianwen to go back.

Chen Busheng publicly criticized Pu Quansheng’s actions and asked Pan Xuebin to announce his decision to deal with him. Tan Xianwen rushed to stop him in time, opened the door of the classroom and let Chen Busheng lead the leaders in for a tour. Tan Xianwen asked Chen Busheng not to punish Pu Quansheng. It was for the children to have classes in a clean and tidy classroom. Jiang Siwei came afterwards and publicly announced that Pu Quansheng was given a serious warning. This meant that Pu Quansheng’s career in selection and transfer was over, and he was willing to accept any punishment. He guessed it beforehand. It was such a result, but he didn't regret it. He drew money to repair the classroom for many times to no avail, so he had to temporarily misappropriate the money.

Jiang Siwei insisted on punishing Pu Quansheng, but he had to stay and continue to work. Jiang Siwei confirmed to the villagers and the county and town leaders that Pu Quansheng said was the truth, and publicly presented the application written by Pu Quansheng. According to the report, after 39 days in various departments, Jiang Siwei decided to go back and investigate the matter thoroughly. The villagers couldn’t help applauding Jiang Siwei’s decision.

Jiang Siwei went around in Wanmixi Village, where the mountains and rivers are beautiful and the scenery is beautiful, but the life of the villagers is not as expected. He was embarrassed. Chen Busheng felt that Jiang Siwei's punishment of Puquansheng was too light, and Jiang Siwei had to say what Puquansheng was. His father was the first batch of poverty alleviation cadres, and he died here because of his business. The ashes are still buried in the mountain, and Chen Busheng suddenly realized.

Zhao Lei's three-year term in the poverty alleviation team expired. He went to the field to help villagers planting rice seedlings for the last time. Pu Quansheng made a large table of vegetables by himself. He was embarrassed to face Zhao Lei and let Sha Ou see him off on his behalf. Sha Ou asked Zhao Lei to drink and persuaded him to stay in the poverty alleviation team. Zhao Lei couldn't get used to Pu Quansheng's work style, and he wanted to go back to marry his fiancee. Before leaving, he gave all the poverty alleviation materials he had compiled over the past three years to Pu Quansheng.

Pu Quansheng stayed up late to look through Zhao Lei’s experience and information on poverty alleviation, and he firmly disagreed with the villager governing the village. He also enumerated the development prospects of Jinniu Mountain in detail. Sha Ou persuaded Pu Quansheng to talk to Zhao Lei and took the opportunity to open up the knot between each other. Pu Quansheng knew that Zhao Lei was one. Upright person. Early the next morning, Pu Quansheng was waiting for Zhao Lei at the door of the dormitory early. Mr. Zhu offered to take him to the station on a motorcycle and asked him a lot about Wanmixi’s experience in poverty alleviation. Halfway through a small river, Pu Quansheng knew that Zhao Lei had an old leg injury, and offered to cross the river with his back. Zhao Lei was kind, but had to agree, and Pu Quansheng gave Zhao Lei a wedding gold.


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