Sha Ou looked at Ma Changshun’s lonely back and felt heavy in his heart. He once again reflected on the meaning of their coming here to help the poor, not only to fill the stomachs of the villagers, but to enrich their ideology, and Pu Quansheng also deepened. Feeling touched, vowed to explore a new road to poverty alleviation with her.

The tunnel project was officially put on the agenda. Pu Quansheng and Sha Ou patted their chests in the town to ensure that they would do a good job in the relocation of 21 villagers along the way. The first thing they did when they returned to the village was to discuss finding a leader, Ke Yan The poverty alleviation work was about to expire, so he took the initiative to ask Ying to do Tian Shouchun's work. Tian Shouchun refused to cooperate and dismissed Ke Yan in a few words.

Ke Yan had no choice but to return to Puquansheng, and Xiang Youliang suggested increasing the compensation price for land acquisition, because Wanmixi Village originally had little cultivated land. Once the land was handed in, the villagers would have no basis to settle down and live their lives. Puquansheng could not be the master, and Shaou let Shi Yaojin take the lead. After signing the contract, Shi Yaojin wanted to hear his father Shi Paishan's decision. At dinner, Xiang Ximei persuaded Shi Yaojin to support Pu Quansheng’s work, but his family had a total of four acres of land, so she was really reluctant to take out three acres of land at once, so she persuaded Shi Yaojin and Shipaishan with all her heart. The two of them reluctantly agreed to talk about the benefits and prospects after the tunnel was repaired.

Shi Pai Shan brought Shi Yaojin to the village committee early in the morning. He pressed his handprint with tears in his eyes to sign the land acquisition contract. Pu Quansheng and Sha Ou bowed deeply to express their gratitude to him. Ke Yan immediately wrote a thank-you letter and posted it on the advertisement column. The villagers Everyone came to watch, Bai Bailing persuaded Tian Jiawang to also sign a land acquisition contract, but the villagers verbally criticized her for not betraying everyone, Bai Bailing had to give up.

Although Pu Quansheng and Sha Ou had broken their mouths, the other 20 villagers did not agree to sign the contract. Pu Quansheng was anxious, and Xiang Youliang specially called Xiang Denggao home to discuss, and wanted to exchange his farmland with Tian Shouchun before fighting for it. The engineering work of repairing the tunnel gave full promise to climbing. Xiang Youliang brought Pu Quansheng and Sha Ou to do Tian Shouchun's ideological work. Tian Shouchun never took advantage of Xiang Youliang, and didn't want to be pierced by the folks.

Pu Quansheng begged Tian Shouchun bitterly, but he never let go. Sha Ou was originally dissatisfied with Tian Shouchun’s interference in Tian Hui’s marriage, but now he is even more angry. Sha Ou accused Tian Shouchun of being a stumbling block on the road to poverty alleviation, and Tian Shouchun was furious. Angrily turned around and went back to the house, leaving the three of them aside, Pu Quansheng couldn't help complaining about Shagull.

Tian Hui witnessed what Tian Shouchun had done, and he was kind to persuade him. The reason Tian Shouchun insisted was to help Tian Hui mother and daughter to stand firm in the village. Immediately afterwards, Tian Shouchun asked Long Donghua to help Tian Hui find a son-in-law. Long Donghua readily agreed. She came to Qin Xianwen to write a marriage proposal. Qin Xianwen flatly refused and reminded her not to dismantle Ma Changshun and Tian Hui.

Qin Xianwen came to the mountain to find Ma Changshun and encouraged him to boldly pursue his own happiness, otherwise he would regret it. Pu Quansheng and Sha Ou were still struggling, so they had to come to Pan Xuebin to complain and ask their superiors to spare Tian Shouchun’s home. But this was the best route carefully calculated by the planning department. Pan Xuebin asked Pu Quansheng to continue his work with Tian Shouchun, otherwise they would go. The county government is watching the gate.

At this moment, Ma Changshun came to Pan Xuebin to file a complaint and offered to repay his loan. He also complained that Pu Quansheng did not find him because of something good. Pu Quansheng looked at the map carefully and found that Ma Changshun and Tian Shouchun's family belonged to him. As long as they are close together, everything will be solved with a little adjustment. Pan Xuebin immediately called to report to the Planning Bureau, and the problem was quickly resolved. Pu Quansheng was suspicious, and he didn't understand the purpose of Ma Changshun's move. Sha Ou felt it was normal.

Long Donghua quickly found a man who was willing to become a parent, and hurriedly brought him to see Tian Shouchun. Tian Hui went home and reported something to Tian Shouchun. There was no need to confiscated his land for the construction of the tunnel, and there was no need to recruit a son-in-law.


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