Ma Changshun wanted to raise 20 boxes of bees, so he could earn enough money to marry a wife. Tian Hui promised to accompany him to Jinniu Mountain tomorrow to collect wild bees. Ma Changshun sent Tian Hui and Yingzi home and burned the dragon with steel. He bought two buckets of good milk powder for Yingzi for his labor expenses. Tian Hui thanked him very much. Ma Changshun just wanted to leave, but was blocked by Tian Shouchun. Tian Shouchun warned Ma Changshun to stay away from Tian Hui, otherwise Ma Changshun would dare to be angry and dare not speak.

Tian Jiawang and Bai Bailing jointly run a small supermarket, and their days are getting more and more prosperous. Tian Jiawang bought a warm palace belt for Bai Bailing. The two love each other and have endless love stories. Early in the morning, Tian Hui took Ma Changshun up the mountain to find wild bees, and asked Bai Bailing to help take care of Yingzi. Yingzi suddenly ran out to find her mother. Tian Jiawang asked Tian Hui to accompany Ma Changshun up the mountain to find wild bees. He went after him without saying a word.

Tian Hui quickly found a swarm of wild bees based on experience. She and Ma Changshun worked together to collect the wild bees into the hives. Ma Changshun took the opportunity to express her heart to Tian Hui. Tian Jiawang suddenly appeared and gave Ma Changshun a severe lesson. Chang Shun was not convinced, and took out the marriage law to say something. Tian Jiawang didn't listen at all. He punched and kicked Ma Changshun. Tian Hui hurried over to discourage each other. The two of them refused to yield to each other and scrambled together, eventually angering the wild bees. The two were blushed and swollen by the bee colony, and finally fled in embarrassment.

Ma Changshun and Tian Jiawang came to Liao Guixiang for bandaging. Long Donghua took the opportunity to persuade Tian Hui to be considerate of Tian Shouchun and not to associate with Ma Changshun. Tian Hui felt that Ma Changshun had become better, and Long Donghua tried to persuade her. Pu Quansheng and Sha Ou rushed to hear the news, Tian Jiawang and Ma Changshun rushed to sue each other, Tian Jiawang insisted that Ma Changshun seduce Tian Hui, and they were still a generation away, Ma Changshun repeatedly stated that they were free No one has the right to interfere in love.

Tian Jiawang became angry and picked up a bench to smash Ma Changshun. Tian Hui rushed to stop him. Sha Ou asked Tian Hui to express her opinion. Tian Hui publicly admitted that she liked Ma Changshun. Sha Ou supported them in their free love and wanted to sue Tian Jiawang for intentionally hurting others. Tian Shouchun came afterwards and gave Tian Hui a severe lesson and forced her to break up with Ma Changshun, otherwise she would leave Wanmixi Village.

Tian Hui came to visit Ma Changshun. Ma Changshun was writing a petition letter. He promised that Tian Hui and Yingzi would live a good life. He didn't expect Tian Hui to break up with him. Tian Hui didn't want to live up to Tian Shouchun's nurturing grace, but asked for Ma. Changshun should not complain, let alone petition, otherwise she would not be able to stay in the village, and Ma Changshun was immediately dumbfounded. Pu Quansheng immediately convened the village committee. Xiang Youliang, Shi Paishan, Shi Yaojin and others did not agree to sue Tian Jiawang. Sha Ou insisted on calling the police to arrest Tian Jiawang. Ma Changshun suddenly arrived. He did not want to sue Tian Jiawang and lied. The two of them were just playing around. Sha Ou saw that he was lying at a glance, but Ma Changshun was already discouraged. He didn't dare to expect love anymore, and finally bowed deeply to everyone.

Sha Ou became more angry the more he thought about it. He didn't want to see Tian Shouchun covering the sky in the village. Pu Quansheng felt that this was all because of being too poor. If Ma Changshun could make a fortune, he would not worry about finding a wife. After Ma Changshun’s unremitting efforts, he finally had 20 boxes of bees, but he was not happy at all. As long as he could marry Tian Hui, he would rather be broken in his leg, but he was leaving Wanmixi Village. Pu Quansheng and Sha Ou came to deliver him in person. He, Ma Changshun saw Tian Hui hiding aside from a distance, and he swore loudly that he would make a lot of money before returning to Wanmixi Village.


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