Pu Quansheng asked Lei Zhenjiang to apply to his superiors for the construction of the tunnel access in Wanmixi Village, which would not only develop tourism, but also prevent the recurrence of car accidents like today's. Lei Zhenjiang promised to report to his superiors.

Lei Zhenjiang led members of the supervision team to visit and investigate. Jiang Siwei received unanimous praise from everyone. Chen Busheng confirmed that Jiang Siwei is a good official with integrity and integrity. He did not engage in image projects, but it is a fact that poverty alleviation has been minimal. Lei Zhenjiang truthfully told the Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee After making a report, Jiang Siwei was criticized by the report.

After the leaders of the provincial party committee went all the way, the Wanmixi village tunnel project was finally approved. Jiang Siwei was very happy. He immediately called Pu Quansheng and Sha Ou and repeatedly urged them to do a good job in the relocation of the villagers involved. Pu Quansheng and Sha Ou stood on the spot. Make a military order.

Ke Yan posted a good news about tunnel construction in the village, and the villagers rushed to tell them, all boasting that Puquan had the ability to secure several hundred million yuan in the tunnel construction, and Xiang Youliang called on the villagers to contribute to this large project. Pu Quansheng went home to visit his mother. His mother prepared a meeting ceremony for Sha Ou. Pu Quansheng lied that he and Sha Ou had broken up peacefully. His mother refused to give up. She gave Pu Quansheng a lesson. Pu Quansheng excused Sha Ou’s parents for not agreeing to the marriage, and Sha Ou would meet sooner or later. Back to work in the provincial capital, he worried that he was not worthy of Shagull. His mother gritted her teeth with anger. Pu Quansheng hurriedly changed the subject and told about the construction of the tunnel in Wanmixi Village. His mother was extremely excited. It was the last wish of his husband Pujiaxiang. Now finally Get what you want.

When Sha Ou returned to the TV station during her vacation, Editor-in-Chief He asked her to talk about the construction of the tunnel in Wanmixi Village. She also prepared a speech for her. Sha Ou read it from the beginning. She didn't want to say anything against her intentions. Tian Shouchun asked Long Donghua and Liao Guixiang to help Ma Changshun find a daughter-in-law, and promised to exempt the wine money they owed after the incident was completed. Long Donghua promised that Liao Guixiang would not allow Long Donghua to mix this matter. Ma Changshun has a special liking for Tian Hui, Long Donghua felt that they were not in the right generation.

Sha Ou was interviewed by the TV station. She told the story of Pujiaxiang’s sacrifice for the construction of the tunnel in the past. Pu Quansheng and his mother accidentally watched the live broadcast on TV. His mother was deeply gratified. Pujiaxiang finally raised her eyebrows, and she let Pu Quansheng Go back and set off firecrackers in front of the grave in Pujiaxiang. Pu Quansheng came to his father's grave and reported to him about the construction of the tunnel in Wanmixi Village.

Long Donghua introduced Tan Junxiang to Ma Changshun. Ma Changshun praised her burly figure as soon as she met. Tan Junxiang was very annoyed. Long Donghua hurried to reconcile him. Ma Changshun disliked Tan Junxiang as a second marriage, and Tan Jun was fragrant. When he had to turn around and leave, Long Donghua severely taught Ma Changshun, and then led him to see another girl. Ma Changshun sneaked away when she was not prepared.

Ma Changshun saw Tian Hui carrying Yingzi on his back to see the steel fire dragon in the crowd. He took the initiative to invite Ying to perform on stage. This is Ma Changshun’s unique skill. He went shirtless and held the dragon head, shuttled in the steel splash, Tian Hui and Yingzi It's fascinating. At the end of the performance, Ma Changshun returned to the village with Yingzi who was asleep on his back. Tian Hui was full of praise for Ma Changshun, and the two people talked more and more speculatively.


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