Before leaving, Jiang Siwei advised Pu Quansheng and Shaou to reconcile as soon as possible, otherwise he would move Shaou away from Wanmixi Village. Pu Quansheng made a statement on the spot to help Shaou move back to the village committee. Jiang Siwei asked the secretary to call tomorrow to confirm whether the matter was implemented.

As soon as Jiang Siwei returned to the county, he came to Chen Busheng. Chen Busheng was leading the staff to do the final check. He wanted to submit the relocation plan to the province as soon as possible. Jiang Siwei asked him to suspend the matter and start repairs for Wanmixi Village. Tunnel access.

Chen Busheng couldn’t figure it out. This project cost a lot of money, and the county finance is so much money. Chen Busheng reported to Jiang Siwei. The county government’s grassroots officials did not agree to change the Donghuyuan community to a resettlement site. They complained, and some people wrote complaints. Letter, Jiang Siwei disagrees, Chen Busheng suggested that a cadre expansion meeting be held to unify the thinking, Jiang Siwei let him handle it.

Long Donghua came to deliver wine to Bai Bailing’s supermarket. I heard that Pu Quansheng tried to dig a tunnel from the county. She thought it was impossible. Liao Guixiang was helping Tian Jiawang with acupuncture and massage. Tian Jiawang was worried that Tian Shouchun would come out to oppose Bai Bailing. Otherwise, I'm sorry Pu Quansheng.

Tian Shouchun taught Tian Hui to make wine by hand. Tian Hui quickly made the first bottle of wine. She shouted to inform the villagers that Tian Shouchun asked her to taste the wine made by herself. When the tunnel was repaired, Tian Hui could go to her parents’ grave. Worshiping, there is no need to spare dozens of miles of mountain roads. Tian Hui was pleasantly surprised to find that Tian Shouchun had agreed to build the tunnel. He smiled and said nothing.

An agricultural technician came to the field and taught the villagers the technique of artificial rice pollination. Tian Hui came to the field early in the morning. Ma Changshun offered to help her with work. Pu Quansheng and Sha Ou were on both sides of the rice field according to the method taught by the technician. Pulling the rope to run, artificially pollinate the rice field, the two of them cooperated tacitly and quickly completed the pollination.

Ma Changshun often came to Liao Guixiang to treat rheumatism. Liao Guixiang used fire therapy. Ma Changshun yelled in pain. Tian Hui came after hearing the news. She heard that using bee stings can treat rheumatism. Ma Changshun wanted to try , Tian Hui went to Ma Changshun's bee box to grab a few, Liao Guixiang asked Tian Hui to help Ma Changshun, Tian Hui caught a bee sting him.

Tian Hui did not come back for a long time, Tian Shouchun had to feed Yingzi, Tian Hui quickly helped Ma Changshun deal with rheumatic legs, Ma Changshun took the opportunity to show her her heart, Tian Hui flushed with shame, she left Ma Changshun A bottle of wine left, Tian Shouchun saw this scene from a distance. Sand Gull was uncomfortable lying on the bed and didn't want to move. Pu Quansheng boiled her bath water and added saffron specially. Pu Quansheng stood guard outside and let Sand Gull take a good bath. Sand Gull felt warm in her heart.

Lei Zhenjiang received a letter from the masses, reporting that Jiang Siwei was engaged in an image project and embezzled money from the county finance to build a tunnel. He was ordered to lead the provincial inspection team to investigate Jiang Siwei and Jiang Siwei answered truthfully. After investigation by members of the poverty alleviation team, only 40% of the villagers agreed to relocate.

Lei Zhenjiang wanted to take the inspection team to Longtan Town to investigate and understand. Pu Quansheng received a call from Pan Xuebin and immediately took Sha Ou to rush over. Along the way, Sha Ou repeatedly urged Pu Quansheng not to talk nonsense. Pu Quansheng truthfully reported the results and ideas of poverty alleviation to Lei Zhenjiang, insisted on digging a tunnel, and also submitted a proposal for relocation to Lei Zhenjiang. Sha Ou helped.

Ma Changshun's bee was seduced by the wild bees in the mountain and ran away. He was anxious and hurried to ask Tian Hui for help. Tian Hui followed him into the mountain without saying a word. Tian Shouchun warned Ma Changshun not to twist his mind with Tian Hui. Tian Hui came to check the hive and found that the queen bee had run away. Tian Hui remembered the experience taught by the master and concluded that there were flowers one kilometer away. Tian Hui took Ma Changshun to find the lost bee. Tian Hui quickly found a place where birds and flowers were scented. She found the queen bee and put it in the bee bucket, which quickly attracted many bees.

Tian Hui suddenly heard someone calling for help. She hurriedly took Ma Changshun to rescue people. She found a car had fallen from Niujiaoyan down the cliff. Ma Changshun called to report to Pu Quansheng. Lei Zhenjiang immediately called for rescue. The helicopter arrived soon. At the scene, the injured tourists from Sichuan were sent to the hospital in time. Pu Quansheng didn't have the money to pay for the helicopter's cost of 80,000 yuan per hour. Sha Ou and him sang and asked the village to come out. Lei Zhenjiang saw that they were playing a double role and quickly found an excuse to leave. Pu Quansheng offered to talk with him alone.


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