Sha Ou sent away Pu Quansheng’s mother, she was relieved, this scene of pretending to be a girlfriend was only a part of her way, Pu Quansheng thanked her a lot, and Sha Ou pulled Pu Quansheng into the car and wanted to take him to the province. In the city, Puquansheng struggled to question the purpose of this trip, but Sha Ou kept silent, Puquansheng faintly followed Sha O to the TV station.

TV station colleagues donated 400 mobile phones. Editor-in-chief He handed them to Pu Quansheng. Pu Quansheng asked Sha Ou to eat crayfish. Sha Ou ate several pots in one go. Pu Quansheng didn't bring so much money, and Sha Ou didn't need him to pay. As soon as Pu Quansheng and Sha Ou returned to the village, they gave each family a mobile phone. Sha Ou gave Ke Yan an idea to teach each family’s children how to use it. The children learned very seriously, and the parents did not want to be outdone. They also followed Ke Yan to learn seriously. Pu Quansheng He is full of praise for Shaou’s clever plan. The most difficult thing for Pu Quansheng right now is the problem of relocation. He is worried that the villagers will not leave Wanmixi Village.

Pu Quansheng asked the members of the village committee to distribute publicity materials to the villagers. The materials detailed the location of the resettlement community and the surrounding environment. The villagers were undecided and wanted to hear the opinions of Shipaishan. Shipaishan felt that the location was too remote. Don't want to move. Lei Zhenjiang, deputy director of the Provincial Poverty Alleviation Office in charge of joint supervision, came to Yongcheng County to understand the situation of the resettlement community. Jiang Siwei and Chen Busheng reported truthfully that Lei Zhenjiang felt that the location of the resettlement community was too far, so they chose to be close to the county and convenient transportation. The lot.

Chen Busheng wanted to sell the well-located land at a high price to build an industrial park to raise funds for the county’s construction. He didn’t want to give the villagers who moved to another place. He felt it was too wasteful. Chen Busheng wanted to go to Lei Zhenjiang to explain the situation in his own name. Jiang Siwei advised him to calm down first. Jiang Siwei called Ouyang Song, the director of the Yongcheng County Land and Resources Bureau overnight, and confirmed to him whether there are any areas suitable for resettlement and relocation in the county. He learned that the county government plans to build the Jiandonghuyuan community. The cadres of this are eager to see.

Chen's wife complained that Chen Busheng was too impulsive and should not bear such a big responsibility alone, but he did not care, he was also thinking about the development of Yongcheng County. Chen Busheng suddenly received a call from Pan Xuebin for help, and learned that the villagers did not agree to the relocation, and they all came to the town government to make trouble. Chen Busheng rushed over without saying a word.

The villagers surrounded Pan Xuebin in groups and protested strongly. Pan Xuebin had to find the police from the police station to maintain order. Chen Busheng rushed over and asked Pan Xuebin to chase away the police and let the villagers send representatives to negotiate. Tian Hui was one of them. First, the villagers were worried about the cost of living in the resettlement sites, and they could not find a place to make money. Tian Hui proposed to move to a place close to the county seat and convenient transportation to find a job and make money. Chen Busheng promised to think about it.

The villagers in Wanmixi Village learned that other villages were looking for Chen Busheng’s theory. Shipaishan also brought the villagers to Puquansheng. They also wanted to negotiate with Chen Busheng. Pu Quansheng made it clear that Chen Busheng had returned to the county, and he publicly promised to resolve it properly. This matter, the villagers are willing to give up. Sha Ou complained that Pu Quansheng should not set up military orders in disorder. He could not satisfy everyone's demands. Pu Quan was not convinced. Sha Ou found in his computer that he was writing a report to the county government to fight for more convenient resettlement communities for the villagers. Two people said If they don’t agree with each other, Pu Quansheng doesn’t want his name to be put on the pole of shame by the descendants of Wanmixi Village. Sha Ou forbids him to be the first bird and forcibly confiscates the computer. Pu Quansheng desperately robs them, and Xiang Ximei suddenly comes to tell them the good news. , They both stopped.

Chen Busheng reported the villagers’ demands to Jiang Siwei in detail, and Jiang Siwei urged him to consider the convenience of the villagers’ lives and only sacrifice the interests of government officials. Tian Hui’s husband Peng Jianhui took drugs and his family was ruined. Tian Hui didn’t even have money to buy milk powder for his children. The sixth aunt who ran a supermarket gave Tian Hui two cans of milk powder. Tian Hui promised to raise money for her as soon as possible, but Peng Jianhui was addicted to drugs. When it happened, I rummaged around at home, but didn't find a penny, so he took the two buckets of milk powder away, and Tian Hui gritted his teeth with anger.

Xiang Ximei brought good news to Pu Quansheng and Shaou. Wanmixi Village was rated as the "Most Beautiful Ethnic Minority Village" with the third place. The two of them were ecstatic, turned around and continued their dispute again. Pu Quansheng insisted on doing something. Villagers in Wanmixi Village asked for orders, but Shaou forbid him to interfere with this matter. Tian Hui packed her luggage and took her daughter Yingzi back to Wanmixi Village, and ran into Tian Shouchun head-on. Tian Shouchun knew her unbearable status quo and asked Xiang Ximei to discuss with Puquansheng. Pu Quansheng hurried to Tian Shouchun's house. Tian Shouchun wanted to move Tian Hui and Yingzi's household registration back.


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