Pu Quansheng returned to Wanmixi Village overnight. He learned from Bai Bailing that Shaou hosted a banquet for the person who wrote the letter of praise from the mobile company to drink. Shaou had already fallen asleep because of the excessive drinking. Bai Bailing washed all the pots and pans and brought it to Tian Jiawang. Hurry home. Pu Quansheng was very grateful to Sha Ou when she saw Sha Ou drunk unconsciously.

Bai Bailing asked Tan Xianwen for leave early in the morning. The couple had to go to the base station site to help and rush back the delayed construction period. Bai Bailing cooked the meal and burned a large pot of water to the construction staff. The leaders of the County Education Bureau watched the performance of the Xiaoxiliu Chorus and sent Secretary Chen to call Qin Xianwen, and wanted to transfer him to the county to form a regular chorus. Qin Xianwen politely declined and explained that Bailing is the Xiaoxiliu chorus. The leader of the regiment, Qin Xianwen took Chen Guan back to the village to see Bai Bailing.

Officer Chen kindly invited Bai Bailing to work as a counselor in the county chorus team and brought her a letter of appointment. Despite Tian Jiawang's hard work, Bai Bailing declined. After the unremitting efforts of the staff of the mobile company, the base station of Wanmixi Village was finally built, but the villagers did not have the money to buy mobile phones, and Shaou promised to solve it soon.

Sha Ou meticulously put on makeup and posted help messages to his colleagues on the TV station, asking everyone to donate their idle mobile phones. Pu Quansheng quickly found Tian Jiawang a large storefront in the village and asked him to open a chain supermarket, but Tian Jiawang couldn’t even make up the capital to open a small store, so he didn’t dare to think about chain supermarkets. Pu Quansheng encouraged him to look farther. , Tian Jiawang was immediately tempted.

Bai Bailing returned from selling tofu and found that the dozen silver dollars in her family were missing. She was so frightened that she ran all the way to the village committee to report the case. Tian Jiawang came after hearing the news, and he exchanged the silver dollars for more than 10,000 cash. Bai Bailing opened the supermarket. Bai Bailing breathed a sigh of relief and complained that he shouldn't touch the silver dollars left by his ancestors. Tian Jiawang only wanted to help her open the supermarket, but it was still much worse. Pu Quansheng and Sha Ou helped them apply for a microloan at the bank. , And it is interest-free, Tian Jiawang and Bai Bailing are very happy.

The bank loan was soon completed. Sha Ou brought Bai Bailing to Mr. Ning of Qianhui Chain Company to discuss cooperation. Mr. Ning agreed to open a supermarket chain in Wanmixi Village, and only half of the franchise fee was charged. The two parties signed a cooperation agreement. After the unremitting efforts of Sha Ou, Pu Quansheng and Tian Jiawang, Qianhui Supermarket was finally able to officially open. On the day of opening, villagers all came to join the supermarket. Tian Jiawang and Bai Bailing wore uniform uniforms. They were extremely excited. Pu Quansheng delivered a short congratulatory message, and the supermarket officially opened its doors to welcome customers.

Jiang Siwei came to the grave in Pujiaxiang to worship and bowed deeply to his tombstone, thanking them for their contributions to Wanmixi Village. Bai Bailing asked Pu Quansheng to distribute lollipops to every student in the choir, but Tan Xianwen was unhappy. Pu Quansheng promised to introduce his girlfriend to Tan Xianwen, but he didn't buy it.

Sha Ou learned that Pu Quansheng had a gray nose. She was very moved. Seeing Tian Jiawang and Bai Bailing's days get better every day, but she will never forget the scene where Tan Xianwen repaired the small wooden bridge for Bai Bailing. Beautiful scenery. Sha Ou came out of the field to work and saw the nanny pushing Pu Quansheng’s mother into the village from a distance. Sha Ou hurried back to inform Pu Quansheng. Pu Quansheng was worried about revealing the stuff and asked Sha Ou to pretend to be his girlfriend. The two went hand in hand to meet Pu Mu. After chatting with Pu Quansheng alone, Sha Ou hurried to prepare lunch.

Xiang Ximei mistakenly thought that Sha Ou and Pu Quansheng started dating. Sha Ou repeatedly explained that it was acting. Xiang Ximei didn't believe it at all, and cheered her on. Pu's mother opened the door and explained her intentions, and asked Pu Quansheng to leave Wanmixi Village as soon as possible and move the grave in Pujiaxiang. Pu Quansheng was unwilling to give up. His father sacrificed for the cause of poverty alleviation. He wanted to fulfill his father's last wish, and he was about to usher in a general attack. Pu Quansheng didn't want to just give up halfway. Pu's mother refused to let her go. When the mother and son didn't agree, there was a fierce dispute. Thanks to Sha Ou in time to persuade her.

Sha Ou personally made Pu’s favorite fresh meat ravioli. She never said a word. Pu Quansheng tried her best to please her mother, but she did not appreciate it at all. She was worried that Sha Ou would return to the provincial capital after the poverty alleviation expires and dump Pu Quansheng. Pu Quansheng made it clear. Sha Ou has decided to help the poor with him and build Wanmixi Village into the first village in Yongcheng. Only then did Pu Mu give up. Pu Mu drove back to the city early in the morning. Puquan was born to send her off, but she just wanted to see Sand Gull. Please watch Pu Quansheng well. Sand Gull can only agree.


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