After listening to Pu Quansheng and Sha Ou, Jiang Siwei felt that it made sense, so he discussed with Chen Busheng to build a poverty alleviation base station in Wanmixi Village. Jiang Siwei repeatedly reminded Pu Quansheng not to block work, otherwise he would withdraw this indicator.

The staff of the mobile company quickly selected the location for the base station. It was the barren slope land reclaimed by Tian Jiawang’s family. Ke Yan promised to give Tian Jiawang 4,000 yuan in compensation. Tian Jiawang resolutely refused to do it, and wanted to compensate 48,000 yuan based on the cash crops. Bai Bailing’s painstaking persuasion was of no avail. Tian Jiawang went to the ground and did not allow workers to dig and bury electrical wires. He even dug out a few pieces of Poria in the ground. Ke Yan saw that he was cheating. Tian Jiawang refused to forgive and insisted. It requires 48,000 yuan in compensation.

Pu Quansheng rushed to hear the news and persuaded Tian Jiawang to support the work in the village. Tian Jiawang didn’t listen at all, and simply lay on the ground to cheat. Pu Quansheng exposed Tian Jiawang’s conspiracy to cheat money temporarily, and asked Ke Yan to record Tian Jiawang’s rogue behavior. Tian Jiawang became angry and yelled at Pu Quansheng and yelled at his mother. Pu Quansheng slapped him severely. Tian Jiawang was enraged. He rushed to fight Pu Quansheng desperately. He accidentally ran into the shovel, his forehead was bleeding, and he threatened to Let Pu Quansheng lose office.

Sha Ou persuaded Pu Quansheng to apologize to Tian Jiawang. Pu Quansheng resolutely refused to do it. He was angry to pack up and leave. The villagers came after hearing the news and demanded Pu Quansheng to apologize to Tian Jiawang. Shipaishan and Tian Shouchun arrived in time. Tian Shouchun loudly stopped the villagers from making noise, and publicly promised not to allow Tian Jiawang to call the police, and also apologized to Puquansheng for Tian Jiawang. Pu Quansheng had completely given up his heart. He wanted to go back to take care of his mother. Tian Shouchun wanted to tell him. Pujiaxiang’s father apologized, but Pu Quansheng was not moved at all, persuading Tian Shouchun to forget the past, and then rode away on a motorcycle.

Tian Shouchun told the trumpet about the death of Pu Quansheng’s father, Pujiaxiang. Thirty years ago, Pujiaxiang was the first group of cadres who came to Wanmixi to help the poor. He helped build a dam in the village, but Tian Shouchun forbade him to open the mountain. , He led the villagers to stop work. Tian Jiawang’s father grabbed the staff’s tools, Pujiaxiang suddenly saw the big rock loose, and desperately blocked Tian Jiawang’s father, he was killed on the spot by the rock. Afterwards, Pujiaxiang was killed. The wife of Huai Liujia did not pursue the matter, and Tian Shouchun reminded the villagers not to retaliate with virtue.

Pu Quansheng came to his father's grave, confided his depression and grievance to his father, and promised to move his father's grave away after the matter was dealt with. Bai Bailing heard Tian Shouchun’s account and went straight home to ask Tian Jiawang’s teacher to ask his guilt. Tian Jiawang regretted it. He never expected that the previous generation would have this past. He just wanted to fight for Bai Bailing’s money to open a shop, Bai Bailing He stated on the spot that if Tian Jiawang did not handle the matter properly, he would divorce him.

Sha Ou asked Shipaishan to lead the way to Puquansheng's father's grave, and she saw Puquan born here. She bowed deeply to Pujiaxiang and supported Pu Quansheng to take her father home. Tian Shouchun called to Shipaishan and Xiang Youliang, and asked the villagers to carry the coffin up the mountain. They came to the grave in Pujiaxiang. Tian Shouchun wanted to give his coffin to Pujiaxiang and let Pu Quansheng take his father away.

Tian Jiawang apologized to Pu Quansheng and promised not to pay a penny for compensation. He would not call the police or pursue the beatings of Pu Quansheng. Pu Quansheng agreed to stay. At this moment, Secretary Xia of the County Commission for Discipline Inspection called Pu Quansheng and asked him to go to the county to explain the beating. Pu Quansheng truthfully reported the incident and was willing to accept any handling of him by the organization. Secretary Xia personally went to the village to visit and investigate. .

Secretary Xia took the investigation team to Wanmixi Village to investigate and investigate. They first asked Tian Jiawang to find out the situation. Tian Jiawang insisted that Puquansheng did not beat him. He deliberately hit the shovel and caused nose bleeding. He wanted more compensation. Tian Jiawang repeatedly praised Puquansheng as a good person. , The reason for reconciling with him was that he was worried that Pu Quansheng would not return after being punished.

Sha Ou admitted that Pu Quansheng was impulsive and rude and wanted to give him a democratic life meeting. The villagers unanimously demanded that Pu Quansheng be released back so that he could lead everyone to get rich. As soon as Secretary Xia returned to Xiangjiang Siwei in the county, Chen Busheng and members of the county party committee played the video that Pu Quansheng asked Ke Yan to shoot. Pu Mu called Jiang Siwei and asked him to transfer Pu Quansheng away from Wanmixi Village. Then Pu Mu called Pu Quansheng and forced him to bring back the ashes from Pujia Alley as soon as possible.

The construction staff of the mobile company sent a letter of commendation to the county party committee and brought a video shot on the spot. Jiang Siwei immediately released the video, which clearly showed that Pu Quansheng wanted to hit Tian Jiawang, but he did not hit him. Tian Jiawang deliberately ran into it. Jiang Siwei Against all opinions, he publicly announced both criticism and praise to Pu Quansheng.

Pu Quansheng was released. He called Sha Ou the first time. Sha Ou specially invited them to drink in order to thank the staff of the mobile company. She drank too much herself. When Pu Quansheng returned to the village committee, he saw Tian Jiawang had been waiting for him and left him a bottle of wine.


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