As soon as Pu Quansheng returned to the town, he came to Pan Xuebin for help. He asked him to find a way to renovate the classroom in Wanmixi Primary School. Pan Xuebin promised to apply for the county education bureau tomorrow. Pu Quansheng asked him to recommend a candidate for the village party secretary. When he reached the right person, he was helpless, and complained that Pu Quansheng shouldn’t pat his chest in front of Jiang Siwei.

Pu Quansheng suddenly received a call from his mother, urging him to go home as soon as possible. Pu Quansheng did not dare to delay, so he hurriedly got on his motorcycle and went home. As soon as he entered the door, his mother was slapped and slapped, complaining that he should not decide on Long Youmin’s poverty alleviation money without authorization. Pu Quansheng She persuaded her not to read those reports on the Internet, and hurried to accompany the smiling face to say good things, and cooked casserole wontons for her mother, who asked him to move his father’s grave back.

A week passed in a blink of an eye, Pu Quansheng did not fulfill his promise, Jiang Siwei sent him to Wanmixi Village as the village party secretary and Xu Zhensheng as the village director.

After the meeting, Pu Quansheng asked Jiang Siwei for money, but Jiang Siwei resolutely refused to give him money and asked him to take the villagers to make money. Pu Quansheng was helpless. Sha Ou felt a trace of guilt when she learned that Pu Quansheng had been dismissed. She wanted to use that report to let everyone care about the poverty alleviation cadres, but she killed Puquan. Sha Ou and her colleague were taking a plane on vacation. Suddenly received a call from Mr. He and sent her to Wanmixi Village, Yongcheng County, Lishui City to be a poverty alleviation team member. He immediately came back for a week of training. Sha Ou groaned and hurried back overnight to ask Mr. He. Resign, admit that she has offended Pu Quansheng and dare not go to work under him.

Today is Chen Busheng’s birthday. He wanted to wait for Secretary Jiang Siwei to be promoted to the city, and he would naturally become the secretary of the Yongcheng County Party Committee. However, Jiang Siwei insisted on staying and continuing to help the poor. Chen Busheng was disappointed. Complaining, he was even more unwilling to celebrate his birthday. Jiang Siwei called Chen Busheng overnight. He first apologized to him and recommended him to be a secretary in another county. Then he congratulated him on his birthday with tea instead of wine. Chen Busheng persuaded him to think twice. Jiang Siwei After 30 years of poverty alleviation cadres, he wanted to see Yongcheng County completely get rid of the hat of poverty. He also took out the diaries of cadres who understood the poverty alleviation. Some people sacrificed here. Jiang Siwei was full of emotion.

Pu Quansheng packed his luggage and prepared to go to Wanmixi Village to take the post. Pan Xuebin personally came out to send him. Pu Quansheng urged him to allocate money to the village primary school as soon as possible, and Pan Xuebin promised to do his best. Pu Quansheng got on his motorcycle and set off.

Zhao Lei led the poverty alleviation team to install streetlights in Wanmixi Village. The delicious and lazy Tian Jiawang and Ma Mifu and others played cards under the big trees at the entrance of the village, and they talked coldly from time to time. Sand Gull hardened his scalp and drove to Wanmixi Village. On the way, he encountered a mountain collapse. The road was blocked by rocks and sand. There was no signal from the mobile phone. When Sand Gull was unable to do anything, Pu Quansheng came by motorcycle and Sand Gull recognized him. , Repeatedly apologized to him, Pu Quansheng didn’t take it seriously, Sha Ou introduced herself as a poverty alleviation team member, and asked Pu Quansheng to take her to Wanmixi Village.

Pu Quansheng rode a motorcycle to Wanmixi Village and brought sand gulls to Wanmixi Village. Sand gulls got off the car and vomited. Liao Guixiang was ordered to pick up Pu Quansheng. Pu Quansheng learned that the villagers were going to the elementary school to cut down trees. He hurried over by bike to see what happened. The location of the poverty alleviation team. When Sha Ou came to the station, Zhao Lei asked Ke Yan to give Sha Ou a room. Sha Ou insisted to live in the village committee on the mountain, and Liao Guixiang had to send her up the mountain.

Pu Quansheng hurried to the school and forcibly prevented the villagers from cutting down the trees. Ma was confused and asked him to ask Qin Xianwen. Pu Quansheng came to the open-air classroom to look for Qin Xianwen. He was taking the students for the exam. Pu Quansheng had to wait patiently. When the exam time came, Pu Quansheng advised Tan Xianwen not to cut down the trees, but he insisted on cutting down the trees and selling money. Pu Quansheng promised to raise money to repair the classroom as soon as possible, and Tan Xianwen dismissed the villagers.

It took Pu Quansheng a lot of trouble to find the mobile phone signal. He called the county education bureau to drew the money, and the staff asked him to wait patiently. Sha Ou was satisfied with the surrounding environment of the village committee and decided to live here. When Sha Ou saw that the village committee had a village clinic, Liao Guixiang and his father were both doctors, so he asked him to rebuild the village clinic. Liao Guixiang stopped talking. .

Zhao Lei came to Pu Quansheng to sign on the lighting project and advised Sha Ou to go down the mountain. Because there was no running water and the cell phone signal was not good, Sha Ou learned that Pu Quansheng also lived here, insisted to stay, and gave Zhao Lei the car key. Please help Zhao Lei to bring her luggage up.

Pu Quansheng returned to the village committee and saw the drawings sent by Zhao Lei. Pu Quansheng went to Zhao Lei if he could not say hello to Sha Ou. He suggested reducing the street lights in the village and saving a lot of money. Zhao Lei disagreed, but he couldn’t stand Pu Quansheng. He had no choice but to agree. Pu Quansheng returned to the village committee and saw Sha Ou looking for a toilet everywhere, so he showed her the way. Sha Ou saw the big pig under the pigpen and yelled in fright. Pu Quansheng had to take her elsewhere for convenience.

Zhao Lei and the members of the poverty alleviation team quickly cleared the collapsed road and drove Shagull’s car up the mountain. Sha Ou questioned that there was no running water on the mountain. Pu Quansheng concluded that she was here for gilding, and advised her to take care of her nostalgia and leave when the poverty alleviation time expires, and promised to give her five-star praise. Zhao Lei sent Sha Ou’s luggage over. Pu Quansheng firmly disagreed.

He did not want to live with Sha Ou under the same roof, but Sha Ou was determined and chose a sunny room. Zhao Lei reminded Pu Quansheng to be responsible for Sha Ou’s safety and promised for two days. Let Ke Yan move in, and Pu Quansheng wanted to take over the lighting project in the village, so Zhao Lei had to give in.

Early the next morning, Sha Ou brought out a cup of coffee and found that Pu Quansheng had installed a signal amplifier on the roof. Pu Quansheng thought she was ill and drank Chinese medicine, but Sha Ou ridiculed him. That night, her mother called Pu Quansheng about her work in the town. Sha Ou suddenly knocked on the door. Pu Quansheng hung up the phone on the pretext of having a meeting. Sha Ou claimed that there was no signal in her room and wanted to call Pu Quansheng’s room and forced him to call him. Push out.


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