Tian Shouchun drank Tian Jiawang aloud, and relieved him on the grounds that Tian Jiawang had drunk too much and was so drunk. Tian Jiawang was so angry that he picked up a hammer and smashed it, and left without looking back. Pu Quansheng watched in a few words. The villagers walked away, Bai Bailing repeatedly apologized to Tan Xianwen, and then ran away with tears.

Sha Ou complained about Pu Quansheng and Ximu. She shouldn't indulge Tian Jiawang's murder. Instead, Pu Quansheng accused her of letting Bai Bailing go to school to teach singing. This was the fuse that angered Tian Jiawang. The two people disagreed and finally separated. When Tian Jiawang got home, he lay down on a bench and asked Tian Shouchun to enforce the family law on him, but he was not convinced. Instead of punishing him, Tian Shouchun instead drank and talked with him, and even took Bai Bailing away.

Tian Jiawang regretted that he was too impulsive and should secretly go to Qin Xianwen to settle the account. Tian Shouchun severely taught him a meal, exposing him to write limericks, and beat and scold Bai Bailing at will. Not only was this illegal, but he would also be sentenced to divorce. Tian Shouchun worked hard to persuade Tian Jia Wang turned his head back to shore, and let Bai Bailing live a good life, he was a bloody man. Tian Shouchun felt that Bai Bailing and Tan Xianwen did not have any deviant behaviors, and Tian Jiawang had always been too suspicious. Tian Shouchun gave the key to the wine shop to Tian Jiawang and asked him to take over the wine shop. Tian Jiawang knew that the wine shop was reserved for Tian Hui, and that Tian Hui’s life was not easy. Tian Jiawang promised Bai Bailing to be a teacher. He swears After changing the past, Tian Shouchun gave Tian Jiawang some money before leaving.

Pu Quansheng asked Tian Shouchun to persuade Tian Jiawang. He has been waiting for the result. Sha Ou still thinks that Bai Bailing should divorce Tian Jiawang. Pu Quansheng asked her to wait for the result of Tian Shouchun’s persuasion. Sha Ou satirized him for being too cowardly and even indulging Tian Jiawang’s hurtful actions. Pu Quansheng Not listening at all.

Tian Jiawang went to the town early in the morning to buy shoes and clothes, and waited for Bai Bailing by the small bridge. Bai Bailing saw Tian Jiawang come to pick her up from a distance and bought her clothes and shoes. Bai Bai was inspired to tears into his eyes. Tian Jia Wang took the burden of tofu and went home with Bai Bailing. Early the next morning, Tian Jiawang deliberately changed into clean clothes and personally sent Bai Bailing to the school. Pu Quansheng named the chorus Xiaoxiliu. Tian Jiawang gave each child sweets. He took the initiative to show Qin Xianwen and ask him to help. Take care of Bai Ling.

Bai Bailing began to teach the children. She sang a song and asked Tan Xianwen to play the piano. Bai Bailing's melodious singing echoed in the classroom. Pu Quansheng and Sha Ou were both admiring Tian Jiawang's changes. Soon afterwards, Sha Ou and Pu Quansheng led a delegation from Wanmixi Village to the rural areas of the Yangtze River Delta to study and study. The villagers were eye-opening and benefited a lot.

After the delegation returned to the village, Shaou convened a meeting of all villagers in the village and asked them to report on their feelings during the study. Long Donghua expressed his impassioned speech and vowed to change the way of life and let the children live a good life, Shi Pai Shan I also sighed with emotion and called on the villagers to work together and work hard. The villagers were excited and shouted slogans together. Finally, Pu Quansheng publicly vowed to build Wanmixi Village into the first village in Yongcheng County. Tian Jiawang was half-trusted, and Pu Quansheng let the children To answer.

Tan Xianwen admired Pu Quansheng. Bai Bailing and the children of the choir put on beautiful national costumes. They took to the stage to perform, and Tan Xianwen played the piano to accompany them. The villagers in the audience could not help clapping their hands for them. Long Donghua and Liao Guixiang saw their daughter sing. They were so excited, Tian Jiawang found Bai Bailing so beautiful for the first time, and tears filled his eyes with excitement.

Tian Jiawang made the food by herself. When Bai Bailing came back from selling tofu, she was stunned when she saw the food on the table. She was worried about what happened to Tian Jiawang. Tian Jiawang picked up vegetables for her and asked her warmly. Bai Bailing was frightened. Trembling, she did not dare to eat, let Tian Jiawang clarify the matter, Tian Jiawang distressed that she got involved in the dark when she got up early, and she wanted to go out to work to make money. It could also bridge the gap with Bai Bailing. Bai Bailing asked him to open a small shop in the village, Tian Jiawang thought. Using the dozen or so pieces of ocean as the principal, Bai Bailing would not allow him to use his ancestors' fortunes and make money to open a shop.

The county party committee researched and decided to establish the first batch of poverty alleviation base stations. Among them, there was no Wanmixi Village. Pu Quansheng and Shaou were not convinced. They directly came to the county to ask Jiang Siwei and Chen Busheng for instructions. Wanmixi Village applied to build a base station.


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