Sha Ou was besieged by the villagers. She was desperately desperate. Pu Quansheng hurriedly stood up and announced plan B to everyone. He was launching a campaign to claim mulberry trees to the Ximei public account. Netizens rushed to claim it. Villagers applauded and cheered for Pu Quansheng.

After the meeting, Sha Ou drove Pu Quansheng into the city. She increased the gas pedal and ran all the way. Pu Quansheng was so scared that she begged for mercy. Sha Ou brought Puquansheng to the bar to buy drunk. Sha Ou drank a lot of alcohol in one breath. Using the alcohol, she cursed Pu Quansheng and accused Pu Quansheng.

Instead of treating her as a friend, Pu Quansheng and her called brothers and sisters, and the two enjoyed each other. Tan Xianwen was in the village every night when he suddenly saw Bai Bailing tearing off the limericks and taking them away. Tan Xianwen hurriedly called to her, vowing that he would never expose Tian Jiawang and let Bai Bailing rest assured.

Sha Ou was so drunk that he had no choice but to take her to a nearby hotel to open a room. He also found an excuse to ask the waiter for the outer skin of a room card. Pu Quansheng took Sand Gull into the room to rest, and flashed the outer skin to Sha Ou, lying about him. Also opened a room, and then went to the car to sleep all night.

Pu Quansheng drove Sha Ou back to the village early in the morning. He asked Xiang Youliang to convene a meeting with the village committee members. He also specially asked him to invite Tian Shouchun. Pu Quansheng and Sha Ou were late. Seeing everyone had arrived early, Pu Quansheng wanted to raise 1200. A big gift package for the villagers to go home to prepare. Tian Shouchun asked Tian Shouchun to prepare the soju. He fully agreed. Shi Yaojin suggested to find out who wrote the limericks. Sha Ou and Pu Quansheng laughed off and treated the limericks as a letter of praise.

From that day on, Xiang Ximei led the women in batik and embroidery in the village, Tian Shouchun taught Tian Jiawang soju by hand, and Pu Quansheng also came to help. Tian Jiawang was very motivated and he worked hard. Bai Bailing went to the city to sell tofu. Sha Ou persuaded her to stay in the village to work. They saw the left-behind girl crying on the roadside. Sha Ou wanted Bai Bailing to understand that Tan Xianwen arranged the left-behind children to call their parents every week, and the children had a long time. After becoming less talkative and withdrawn, Shaou felt deeply and let Bai Bailing teach left-behind children to sing.

Bai Bailing took the left-behind children to sing. This incident completely angered Tian Jiawang. He made a big fuss and insisted that Sha Ou and Qin Xianwen cooperated to rectify him, just to steal Bai Bailing. Pu Quansheng complained of Sha Ou’s impulse to do things. Sha Ou felt that Bai Bailing should divorce Tian Jiawang. Pu Quansheng disagreed with her point of view. Even if Tan Xianwen and Bai Bailing were together, they would not be happy. They would still be criticized by the villagers, and the two would just disagree. It was too noisy.

The more Tian Jiawang thought about it, the more angry he got. He picked up the sickle to go to Tan Xianwen desperately. Bai Bailing desperately blocked him, but he didn’t listen at all. Bai Bailing hurried to the village committee to find Pu Quansheng for help. Tian Jiawang rushed into the school and asked Qin Xianwen to question his guilt. Qin Xianwen did not show weakness. The two people fought, Pu Quansheng and Sha Ou ran all the way to dissuade him. Tian Jiawang was reluctant and raised his sickle to cut Tan Xianwen. Pu Quansheng stood in front of Qin Xianwen.

Tian Shouchun arrived in time and yelled to stop Tian Jiawang. Tian Jiawang was forced to put down his sickle, but he was unwilling to take the opportunity to pick up a hammer on the ground to write on Tan Xianwen.


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