Sha Ou recommended Xiang Ximei, Xiang Youliang, Shi Yaojin and others to go on a field study. Xiang Ximei worried that the villagers would gossip and said that her family would go to travel in a group. She came to Sha Ou to ask her resignation. Sha Ou persuaded her not to ignore these rumors. Ke Yanlai reported to Sha Ou that the villagers protested to go out for inspection. Sha Ou gritted his teeth when he saw the limericks posted in the village. Pu Quansheng analyzed that the limericks were posted last night, and he also inferred suspicious candidates.

Xiang Ximei rushed home angrily and spread all her anger on Shi Yaojin, complaining that Shi Yaojin did not support her work, Shi Yaojin defended her in every possible way, and Xiang Ximei refused to listen at all and forced him out. Puquan came up with the idea to let Sha Ou put a documentary on the poverty alleviation model village in the village, which fundamentally changed the villagers’ ideology and let them completely dispel the idea of ​​dividing money. Sha Ou was dubious, but couldn’t think of a better way. Sha Ou Early Morning Film Company Rent a movie.

Pu Quansheng came to see Xiang Ximei, and promised to help her shoot a promotional video. He introduced the special products of Wanmixi Village to Ximei and called on netizens to claim mulberry trees. After Qin Xianwen saw Bai Bailing going out to sell tofu, he came directly to his house to block Tian Jiawang, and exposed to his face that Tian Jiawang had written the poem.

Tian Jiawang made various sophistry. Qin Xianwen took out his own video as evidence and asked him to surrender, and don’t get tired. Bai Bailing, Tian Jiawang put on a rogue appearance that a dead pig was not afraid of boiling water, and kept claiming that Pu Quansheng and Sha Ou couldn’t guess him at all. Tan Xianwen mocked him and satirized him as not a man.

Tian Jiawang was sneaking around at the door of the village committee. Ke Yan mistakenly thought that he had come to report the man who wrote the limericks, and gave him 300 yuan on the spot, but Tian Jiawang stubbornly did not dare to accept. Sha Ou went to the film company to rent the screening equipment and suddenly saw the video updated by Xiang Ximei’s public account. She called Pu Quansheng, but his phone kept shutting down.

Sha Ou hurried back and drove back, forcing Pu Quansheng to take down the video. Sha Ou condemned Pu Quansheng that she should not use the silkworm base for commercial marketing. Xiang Ximei repeatedly confessed to Sha Ou. Pu Quansheng and Sha Ou argued for reasons. He wanted to raise money as soon as possible to solve the immediate crisis, and the two of them quarreled if they didn’t agree. frame.

When Bai Bailing came back from selling tofu, he saw Tian Jiawang sighing at home. Bai Bailing asked bitterly. Tian Jiawang admitted that he had posted the limericks. Bai Bailing persuaded him to surrender. Tian Jiawang decided not to do it, but was worried about being arrested. , He opened the secret compartment under the floor, took out the silver dollars left by the ancestors from it, and gave them all to Bai Bailing. As long as Bai Bailing did not go to Tan Xianwen, she would spend the money at will.

In the evening, Sha Ou hung up a big screen in the school playground. The villagers heard the news and watched the movie. Sha Ou came to Tan Xianwen to borrow a chair. He wanted the students to watch the film together. Tan Xianwen was very grateful. Pu Quansheng called Editor-in-Chief He for help and asked him to promote the Xiangximei official account on TV, and Editor-in-Chief He readily agreed.

It was getting dark and the villagers were all sitting around the playground. Sand Gulls began to play a movie and showed a documentary on precision poverty alleviation in Yuanning Village. The villagers were very excited when they saw the picturesque village in the video. Sand Gulls saw that the time was ripe. She called on the villagers to go out of the mountains and learn from Yuanning Village, but the villagers did not buy it and insisted on paying dividends, and the others followed suit.


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