Tian Jiawang took a jug of soju and came to the mountain to find Ma Changshun to drink. Ma Changshun had already given up drinking. Tian Jiawang deliberately tasted the wine in front of him, trying to seduce Ma Changshun to break the vows. Ma Changshun resisted the alcohol addiction and ignored him. Tian Jiawang wanted to use bee pupa to treat night sweats and kidney deficiency. Ma Changshun firmly refused. Tian Jiawang took the money to buy. Ma Changshun just refused to give in. Tian Jiawang had to leave in grief and leave the jar of wine to Ma Changshun. Changshun threw the jar of wine to the ground on the spot, Tian Jiawang was furious, and sneered at Ma Changshun.

One year passed in a blink of an eye, Pu Quansheng and Sha Ou were full of emotion when they saw the changes in the village. Pu Quansheng suddenly received a call from Shi Yaojin and learned that Tian Jiawang had brought villagers to the village committee to make trouble, arguing for the base to pay dividends. Pu Quansheng and Sha Ou hurried back to see what happened. Tian Jiawang seriously suspected that Pu Quansheng and the village officials had embezzled the base. Pu Quansheng has repeatedly emphasized that it takes at least one year for mulberry and silkworms to see benefits. Sha Ou promised to let the financial department make the accounts of the base public. Tian Jiawang gave a ruthless remark before leaving, urging Pu Quansheng to divide the money as soon as possible, and must not delay the end of the month. Bullfighting competition, otherwise it will become the target of public criticism.

Xiang Youliang suggested opening the closed mine in the back mountain and secretly digging to divide the money among the villagers. Pu Quansheng and Shaou firmly disagreed, and they would not do anything illegal. Ma Changshun came out to release the bees. He accidentally saw the police sending Tian Hui back to the village, only to realize that her husband was in an accident. Tian Hui asked Ma Changshun to hide from Tian Shouchun, and took off his gold earrings and gave them to Ma Changshun, begging him Give Tian Shouchun honey regularly.

Pu Quansheng looked through the ledger carefully, thinking hard all night, but still unable to do anything. Pu Quansheng posted the accounts on the bulletin board early in the morning. The villagers sighed and talked a lot. Everyone was waiting for the dividends to live their lives. Tian Jiawang called on everyone to check the accounts.

A democratic council was held in the village. Pu Quansheng was the last to vote, and Shaou was the second to last. The two of them felt heavy and felt an unprecedented sense of frustration. Ke Yan fought for the two of them. Pu Quansheng also understood the difficulties of the villagers. Everyone was waiting to get the money. After rice is in the pot, she will have to wait until next year to see the benefits. Sha Ou was full of grievances and wanted to pick her son back to the provincial capital. She gave up the position of deputy director of Rong Media and worked hard for a whole year in Wanmixi Village. With this ending, she couldn't stop crying aggrievedly. Pu Quansheng knew that what Sha Ou was talking about was angry, so he persuaded her to have a clear conscience and encourage her where she fell and get up. Pu Quansheng promised to work together with her to continue her efforts.

Editor-in-Chief He learned that Sha Ou was the second-to-last in the democratic review. He came directly to Jiang Siwei to explain the situation and wanted to appoint Sha Ou as the leader of the poverty alleviation team. Editor-in-Chief He decided to pay for Pu Quansheng and Sha Ou to take the villagers out to learn other places. Jiang Siwei fully agreed with his advanced experience. Pan Xuebin and Editor-in-Chief He came to Wanmixi Village to hold an on-site meeting. They announced the appointment of Sha Ou in public. Pan Xuebin repeatedly stated that poverty alleviation is not easy. Editor-in-chief He wants to give Wanmixi Village a special poverty alleviation fund of 180,000 yuan. Sha Ou took the initiative to take the village representatives out to study. Pu Quansheng stated on the spot that he would work hard and live up to the leaders' hopes.

The villagers were very dissatisfied. Not only did Sha Ou get promoted, he also had to go out with money to investigate. In fact, Tian Jiawang was going to the village committee to make a big fuss. Bai Bailing desperately blocked him, and Tian Jiawang cast all his anger on him. On her body, despising that she had no children, Bai Bailing was ashamed and ran back into the house crying.

Pu Quansheng tried his best to please Sha Ou, and wanted to use the money given by the TV station to advance the dividends of the villagers and temporarily relieve everyone's life difficulties. Sha Ou repeatedly stated that the money belongs to the poverty alleviation team and that Pu Quansheng has no right to interfere, and even Pu Quansheng's hard pleading will not help. Someone wrote a limerick on the bulletin board, satirizing Pu Quansheng and the village cadres' inaction, and sent Shaou to take money to travel. Ke Yan wanted to take it down, and Pu Quansheng hurriedly stopped him and signed "Pu Quansheng has read" on the limerick corner.

Ke Yan offered a public reward of 800 yuan to find the person who wrote the limericks. Ma Changshun asked Qin Xianwen to provide clues and promised to help him conceal it. Qin Xianwen ignored him.


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