Liao Jingnan insisted on staying in the factory to work and earn money. Not only did he have to pay his father treatment fees, but he also had to raise two younger sisters. Sha Ou was helpless. Pu Quansheng hurriedly came to Liao Jingnan after the meeting and gave Jiang Siwei the spirit of the meeting. Tell her, encourage her to take the college entrance examination, strive to be admitted to the designated medical school, and return to the village as a college student village doctor in the future. Liao Jingnan was ecstatic and immediately returned to the factory to resign.

Soon after the college entrance examination, Liao Jingnan was successfully admitted to the medical school. She received the admission notice and showed it to her father as soon as possible. Liao Guixiang burst into tears with excitement. Qin Xianwen invited Liao Jingnan to the school and called on the students to learn from Liao Jingnan and enter university in the future. For the benefit of the village, Long Donghua and Liao Guixiang feel very proud.

Shipaishan led the villagers to plant mulberry and raise silkworms. The 560 mu of tailings land was filled with green mulberry seedlings. Seeing the mulberry seedlings grow up day by day, Shipaishan was happy from ear to ear. Sha Ou followed Xiang Ximei and Shi Yaojin during the whole process of getting rid of the cocoon, Pu Quansheng watched the villagers full of energy, not to mention that he was more happy, only the delicious lazy Ma Changshun and Tian Jiawang made him worry, in order to mobilize Ma Changshun Pu Quansheng asked him to introduce him to Luo Guihua, a girl from the next village. Sha Ou complained that Pu Quansheng was unreliable and worried about delaying the girl, but Pu Quansheng was full of confidence.

Luo Guihua personally came to meet Ma Changshun on a blind date. Ma Changshun was so nervous that he pretended to be full of literati and talked about poetry and songs. Luo Guihua could not understand, and repeatedly explained that although she was married, she would also have 120,000 beauties. Ma Changshun suddenly became angry. He didn't have so much money. Even if he had money, he would not find a second marriage. Luo Guihua ridiculed him. Ma Changshun forced Luo Guihua away and threatened Pu Quansheng to compensate him. The reputation loss fee.

Sha Ou invited an agricultural technician to spray the mulberry seedlings with a drone. Shek Pai Shan heard that it would cost 2,000 yuan in two days. He firmly disagreed. Sha Ou persuaded Pu Quansheng to spray the mulberry with a drone. Ma Changshun took the opportunity Xiang Puquan was in trouble, complaining that the blind date he was looking for was unreliable, and Ma Changshun actively asked him to spray Sang Miao with medicine, in order to earn money to make a gift, Shi Pai Shan asked him to spray Sang Miao at 4:30 tomorrow morning.

Tian Huilai asked Ma Changshun to go to Liangshui Village to be an escort. Ma Changshun fully agreed. That night, Ma Changshun came to the base warehouse to collect pesticides. He worked all night and finally completed nine acres of mulberry seedlings, but the herbicide was wrong. As medicine, Shek Pai Mountain came to the base early in the morning and found that the mulberry seedlings had been burned to death by the herbicide. She was heartbroken. Only when Ma Changshun came to spray the mulberry seedlings last night, Shi Yaojin came directly to Ma Changshun. Theory, Ma Changshun realized that he had done something wrong, he regretted it.

When the villagers heard the news, Shipaishan arranged for everyone to spray and rinse the sangmiao separately, and strive to save the sangmiao on the nine-acre land before the sun came out. Shi Yaojin broadcasted it to the village’s loudspeaker, and the villagers carried it. The pots and pots at home came to work in the Sangmiao field together, and Tan Xianwen also brought the students to help.

The technicians brought drones for reinforcements. The cleaning was completed in 15 minutes. The villagers cheered happily. According to the village rules, the villagers unanimously asked Ma Changshun to drink blood and wine to roll out of Mixi Village and let him go out to work and get the money. Still on, Ma Changshun didn't want to leave, but the villagers were reluctant, Ma Changshun just wanted to pick up the bowl of wine. Pu Quansheng rushed to stop it in time.

Sha Ou and Ke Yan brought bees to make Ma Changshun beekeepers without merit. Ma Changshun was grateful to her. Pu Quansheng and Sha Ou discussed and decided to let the village invest 70%, and Ma Changshun only needed to bear one third. Ma Changshun was moved to thank him again and again. Tian Shouchun personally came to persuade Tian Jiawang to go to the base to work, not to stay at home to eat leisurely, otherwise Bai Bailing would run away with others sooner or later, Tian Jiawang had to come to the mountain to find Ma Changshun for a drink.


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