Shi Pai Shan called out Pu Quansheng alone. He voluntarily asked to be a forest ranger and asked Pu Quansheng to sign the application form. Pu Quansheng wanted him to be the head of the silkworm base. Shi Pai Shankou repeatedly claimed that he had been a forest ranger. She also took out her certificates of the year. Sha Ou hurried out to see what was going on. She also persuaded Shek Pai Shan to stay and manage the silkworm base. Shek Pai Shan had decided that she didn’t want to repeat the same mistake of growing kiwifruit. Pu Quansheng agreed to think about it. .

Xiang Youliang tried his best to win over the village committee members and promised that Ke Yan would replace Director Cui, who was about to retire. Shi Yaojin knew that Xiang Youliang wanted to be the head of the silkworm base, but he actually elected Shi Paishan in public, and Xiang Youliang smiled. No words. Sha Ou thinks that Xiang Youliang has appeal in the village and is very suitable to be the head of the base, but Pu Quansheng thinks that Shi Pai Shan not only understands technology, but also has good character. He thinks things are strange. Just when he wants to make a decision, Shi Paishan Pai Shan suddenly came to him.

Ma Changshun decided that Youliang could be elected, desperately to please him, and wanted to be a small boss in the base. Shi Yaojin went home to look for the theory of Shipaishan. His wife did not agree with Shipaishan as a forest ranger. Because the salary of forest rangers was too low, Shipaishan had to admit that Xiang Youliang wanted to be the head of the base, so he had to withdraw and complete it. In this way, Shi Yaojin was able to marry sister Xiang Xi. Shi Yaojin was very annoyed and didn't want to use marriage as a bargaining chip, so Shi Paishan severely taught him a lesson.

Xiang Ximei guessed that the reason for recommending the person in charge of the silkworm base was that Xiang Youliang played a trick on it, went home to find him for theory, accused Xiang Youliang of using her marriage as a deal, and let Shi Paishan withdraw from the election of the person in charge, Xiang You Xiang Ximei was very distressed, she yelled at Xiang Youliang, and Xiang Youliang slapped her severely in anger. Xiang Ximei was angry to pack her luggage and went to Shiyaojin's house. Xiang Youliang desperately blocked her. I don’t want her to marry in vain and worry about being laughed at by the villagers. Ms. Xiang Xi is very sad. She accuses Xiang Youliang of being too selfish. Xiang Youliang repeatedly claims that it is for this family. Ms. Xiang Xi thinks that he has changed. Lu Yinshui now becomes so selfish and narrow. Xiang Youliang still disagrees with her going to Shijia. Xiang Ximei clearly stated that it was for his face that she took the initiative to marry Shijia, lest the villagers say it was a deal afterwards. .

Xiang Youliang considered repeatedly and decided to personally send Xiang Ximei to marry. Xiang Youliang and Xiang Denggao took people to beat the gongs and drums to send Xiang Ximei to Shijia in the morning. They also brought a generous dowry. Xiang Ximei was wearing a red wedding dress. , And followed them happily. The villagers heard the news and came out to watch the excitement. Shi Pai Shan and Shi Yaojin were dumbfounded. They never expected that Xiang Youliang could take the initiative to send Xiang Ximei. The father and son said no with excitement. Talking. Xiang Youliang wants to marry Xiang Ximei Feng Guangguangguang, Ma Changshun can't take care of changing clothes, he presided over this extraordinary wedding, the moment Xiang Ximei stepped into the stone house, he turned around and thanked Xiang Youliang for her fulfillment , Xiang Youliang was in tears with excitement.

After the wedding, Shipaishan came to the village committee to find Pu Quansheng, and Sha Ou gave him a big red envelope as a gift. Puquan was too late to prepare, so he signed his name on the red envelope. Shipaishan decided not to be a caregiver and was willing to be a silkworm base. The person in charge, Pu Quansheng naturally couldn't ask for it, and promised to take Shagull to have a wedding drink at night.

Liao Guixiang received a call from her eldest daughter Liao Jingnan. She asked for 380 yuan to buy review materials. Liao Guixiang promised to find a way to raise money. Long Donghua disagreed. The family was already stretched out and couldn't afford any extra money to buy books for Liao Jingnan. She wanted Liao Jingnan to buy books. After dropping out of school and returning home to wait for her husband to marry, Liao Guixiang didn’t want to treat the child badly. The couple had a fierce dispute when they said nothing. The second daughter was so frightened that she accidentally burned her hand. Liao Guixiang hurriedly helped her bandage the dragon. The youngest daughter hugged the dragon tightly. Donghua's neck promised to make a lot of money to honor the two of them when she grows up, and Long Donghua was moved to tears.

Liao Guixiang discussed with Long Donghua that Shancai Cocklebur will be sold to Liao Jingnan to buy materials tomorrow morning. Long Donghua is worried and wants to go up the mountain with him. Jiang Siwei came to inspect the silkworm base early in the morning and saw that the villagers were working hard in the field. Jiang Siwei was full of praise and high hopes for Puquan.


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