Tian Shouchun picked up the basket and wanted to follow Pu Quansheng. The villagers were enthusiastic and engaged in the arduous filling project together. Pu Quansheng and Shaou set an example. They worked hard, and the villagers were not afraid of hardship or tiredness. They dig soil with one hoe and one hoe. From a distance, the long dirt-carrying team was very spectacular. Sha Ou broadcasted the grand event live on his mobile phone.

At night, Puquan ate instant noodles to satisfy his hunger, but Shaou was worried that he would not be able to complete the filling project on time, but Pu Quansheng was full of confidence. Jiang Siwei went to a meeting in the city, and Hu Zhengrong, the secretary of the municipal party committee, chatted with him about precision poverty alleviation alone, criticizing him for not doing one-size-fits-all environmental protection for the sake of honor, and Jiang Siwei promised that he would never transfer if he failed to complete the task. Shaou received a notice from his superiors that their project for growing mulberry and sericulture has been approved. Upon learning of this matter, Mr. Gao hurried over to express his joy to Puquansheng. He wanted to continue to fulfill the contract and support Puquansheng’s construction. Puquansheng was puzzled. Mr. Gao took out the newspaper and published an article signed by Sha Ou. The article Liu exposed the county. Pu Quansheng complained of Sha Ou's recklessness, and Jiang Siwei would be affected. Sha Ou repeatedly explained that she was only providing material, and the reporter put her as a correspondent, and she said the truth, Pu Quan was speechless.

Chen Busheng learned that Jiang Siwei had been reprimanded by Hu Zhengrong, he was very guilty, but Jiang Siwei disapproved. Pu Quansheng received a letter from a lawyer. The CEO of Feitian Silk Factory unilaterally canceled the contract. He no longer invested in the project of planting mulberry and sericulture. Sha Ou persuaded Pu Quansheng to hide the matter from his fellow villagers. Pu Quansheng insisted on making the matter public. To carry out the cause of the base to the end, he used a loudspeaker to truthfully report the incident to the villagers, calling on everyone to work together to overcome the difficulties.

Shi Pai Shan and Xiang Youliang heard what Pu Quansheng said. Without saying a word, they brought the villagers to the village committee with a shovel. They wanted to fight with Pu Quansheng side by side. Pu Quansheng was deeply moved and asked everyone to split up and take the water to the end. In the mine, Pu Quansheng sent Shaou to pull investment and negotiate a contract.

Jiang Siwei and Chen Busheng brought the leaders of the county party committees and bureaus to the tailings site. They picked up the shovel and axe to dig the canal. Jiang Siwei called on all the leaders to invest money. Unexpectedly, Sha Ou invited Zhao Lei. Jiang Siwei recognized Zhao Lei. The former leader of the poverty alleviation team in Wanmixi Village, and now the chairman of the business company, Zhao Lei decided to take over the project of planting mulberry and sericulture. Jiang Siwei warmly welcomes him to invest. Zhao Lei will never forget that when he left Wanmixi Village, Pu Quansheng carried him there. When he said something at Xiaohe, then he secretly vowed that he would definitely come to Wanmixi Village again. Pu Quansheng thanked Zhao Lei for his help. Zhao Lei and Pu Quansheng clasped their hands and pledged to make this matter bigger and stronger together.

Xiang Youliang watched the base being built day by day, and couldn’t help complaining about Xiang Denggao’s short-sightedness and regretting it. He didn’t expect Pu Quansheng to come and ask Xiang Denggao to take the excavator to the base to work. He also promised to end the rental fee every day. I can't ask for it from climbing.

Pu Quansheng specially invited Professor Yang, an expert in planting mulberry and sericulture, to teach in the village. Sand Ou issued a notice on the radio, but few people came. Sand Ou asked Professor Yang to change the course to the evening. Sha Ou went from house to house to inform. Long Donghua excused that he was busy and did not want to participate. Sha Ou clearly stated that he can only get a technical training certificate in class and work at the base. He earns 80 yuan a day. Long Donghua is happy to learn that he can earn so much money. Not from ear to ear, promised to take the whole family to class together.

Sha Ou came to persuade Tian Jiawang that Tian Jiawang was going to attend the wedding. Bai Bailing told Sha Ou the key to the problem, because the villagers were too poor and could not even solve the problem of food and clothing, let alone learn the knowledge of farming, and the villagers needed it. Only the leader can start, and Shagull is lost in thought and can't figure it out for a while. Shi Yaojin persuaded Shi Paishan to attend the class. He hated the experts deeply, and he had to go to the city to sell goods to make money to repay his debts, but Shi Yaojin's painstaking persuasion was of no avail.

Pu Quansheng told Sha Ou about the incident four years ago. Shek Pai Shan listened to an expert’s suggestion to grow kiwis, but met a liar, and finally lost money. Shek Pai Shan is still paying back the money owed to the villagers, Sha Ou. It suddenly dawned on me. Xiang Ximei asked Shipaishan about mulberry planting knowledge, and took the opportunity to persuade him to take the lead in attending classes, so that the villagers' enthusiasm could be stimulated. Shipaishan reluctantly agreed.

That night, Shipaishan came to attend the class on time, and Xiang Youliang and the villagers also came to participate. Sand gull asked Shipaishan to say something, and Shipaishan gave Professor Yang some mountain products. Professor Yang started talking about the planting of mulberry trees, and the villagers listened carefully and took a lot of notes.

From that day on, Professor Yang moved the classroom to the base and taught the villagers to plant mulberry seedlings on the spot. During the lunch break, they ate in the field. Xiang Ximei made rice flower fish and sent it to Shipaishan. Tasting, as long as Shipaishan recommends him to be the head of the base, he agrees to choose a good day for Shipaishan and let Shiyaojin and Xiangxi sister marry.

Pu Quansheng and Sha Ou discussed the method of share distribution and announced the decision to the members of the village committee. Then Pu Quansheng wanted to elect the head of the base and recommended Shipaishan to Youliang, who suddenly came to Pu Quansheng.


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