Sand Gull returned to Wanmixi Village again, feeling familiar and cordial. Pu Quansheng asked Sand Gull to withdraw from the poverty alleviation team and concentrated on helping him complete the career of planting mulberry and sericulture. Sand Gull fully agreed.

When Xiang Ximei heard that Shagull was back, she rushed to the village committee to look for Shagull. Shi Yaojin followed. Shaou urged them to get married as soon as possible. Shi Yaojin naturally couldn't ask for it. Xiang Ximei excused Xi to convince and was torn, Pu Quansheng persuaded Shi Jiaojin dragged off the marriage first and concentrated on helping the village complete the major event of building a base. Shi Yaojin was full of complaints. He was worried that the night would have many dreams, and wanted to marry Xiang Ximei home as soon as possible.

Xiang Youliang learned that Pu Quansheng was going to sign a contract with Jinshan Mine for the 560 mu of tailings land. He came to the city for the first time to find Xiang Denggao and asked him to win the earth and stone works of that piece of land. Xiang Denggao was eager to try. Pu Quansheng took Shi Yaojin to the Jinshan Mine early in the morning and successfully obtained the contract for the tailings land. Sha Ou, Xiang Ximei and the members of the village committee all applauded and cheered happily. Pu Quansheng decided to get rid of his arms and do a big job.

Mr. Ding finally agreed to the conditions of the TV station and agreed to cooperate with Xiang Ximei’s official account. Xiang Youliang suggested giving Sha Ou some shares, but Sha Ou politely declined. Pu Quansheng asked the members of the village committee to discuss the next work plan. The first task was to fill the tailings ground. He submitted a quotation to Denggao to Youliang. Pu Quansheng suggested to Denggao to bring money into the venue, and Xiang Youliang hurried to find Xiang Denggao. After discussing, Xiang Denggao only wanted to earn cash as soon as possible, and he had no money to advance, so Xiang Youliang suggested to come forward with his boss.

Pu Quansheng asked Shaou to go to the town to submit the approval procedures. He didn't want to wait any longer, worrying about missing the best planting opportunity, so he decided to do it first. Pu Quansheng held a construction mobilization meeting. The committee members unanimously agreed to bring money to Denggao. Xiang Youliang suggested that the president of the cooperative should be elected as soon as possible. Shi Yaojin recommended Xiang Youliang. Sha Ou wanted to raise his hand to agree. Pu Quansheng hurriedly stopped her and wanted to wait. Elect the president again.

Sha Ou was very dissatisfied with Pu Quansheng. Pu Quansheng felt that Xiang Youliang was not suitable to be the president. He wanted to take a closer look. He sent Sha Ou to the province to fight for a special poverty alleviation fund. Xiang Ximei came to see Shipaishan and persuaded him to run for the head of the cooperative. Shepaishan only wanted to plant good land and did not want to grow branches. However, Shek Pai Shan promised to teach him the skills of planting mulberry and raising silkworms. .

Pu Quansheng and Xiang Denggao signed a contract to bring capital into the site. Xiang Denggao led the engineering team and excavation equipment to the tailings site. Pu Quansheng warmly welcomed their arrival. The groundbreaking ceremony was about to be held. The Jinshan Mine manager suddenly rushed to stop. Pu Quansheng was dumbfounded when he kept claiming that Jinshan Mine was not up to the environmental standards and was forced to shut down.

Pu Quansheng came directly to Director Gao of the Environmental Protection Bureau, and Director Gao avoided him. Pu Quansheng squatted at his door and finally blocked Director Gao who was returning home from get off work. Director Gao firmly disagrees with the construction of Jinshan Mine and asks Pu Quansheng to wait for the environmental protection inspection. In the future, Pu Quansheng knew that Jinshan Mine met environmental protection requirements and condemned him for being bureaucratic. Director Gao was angry and ignored him and went home without looking back. Pu Quansheng suddenly received a call from Sha Ou and learned that his superiors heard that they started work without approval. They all voted against him. Pu Quansheng wanted to find Chen Busheng. Sha Ou disagreed, worried that he would argue with Chen Busheng again, which would only make things worse. The worse it came, Pu Quansheng had to give up.

Director Gao asked Chen Busheng to report to Pu Quansheng. Chen Busheng called to inform Sha Ou that he would go to the Wanmixi village tailings site for an on-site meeting tomorrow. Chen Busheng brought the work team to the construction site early in the morning. Pu Quansheng took the initiative to admit his mistakes. Chen Busheng taught Pu Quansheng a meal and ordered him to stop work immediately. Xiang Denggao hurriedly stopped Chen Busheng and repeatedly confirmed that he would be paid according to the contract. Check out for him and leave.

Tian Jiawang placed a bet in the village. One pays ten bet that the village's mulberry planting and sericulture project could not be completed. Liao Guixiang and Xiang Ximei were uncomfortable, and both condemned him for falling into trouble. Xiang Youliang persuaded Xiang Denggao to wait a few more days. Xiang Denggao didn’t want to bet. Xiang Youliang took out 8,400 yuan to pay the workers’ wages. Xiang Denggao still didn’t let go. He suddenly received a call from boss Wang asking him to take the workers and the mining equipment. Taking them all back, Xiang Denggao took the people and equipment with him in disregard of Ke Yan and Xiang Youliang's objections. Before leaving, he asked Ke Yan to pass the bill to Pu Quansheng.

Sha Ou persuaded Pu Quansheng to abandon the project of the base. Pu Quansheng was unwilling, but he did not want to trouble Jiang Siwei again. Shipaishan came to discuss with Tian Shouchun and asked him to mobilize the people on and down the mountain to support Pu Quansheng. Pu Quansheng convened a meeting of all the villagers and called on everyone to mobilize together to dig and fill the tailings with 200,000 square meters of soil with the spirit of Yugong Yishan. The villagers were skeptical. As soon as the meeting broke up, Pu Quansheng took the sand gulls to carry the soil. Shipaishan Station He came out to persuade the villagers to support Pu Quansheng, and Tian Shouchun also explained his stakes.


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