Xiang Denggao persuaded Ximei not to move, so she came to Shi Yaojin for help. As long as Shi Yaojin persuaded Xiang Ximei to sign a contract with Mr. Ding of the celebrity company, he agreed to let him marry Xiang Ximei, and Shi Yaojin hurried to Puquan Sheng. According to the news, Pu Quansheng was worried that the night would have many dreams, so he immediately called Sha Ou and asked Sha Ou to persuade Mr. He to agree to the contract as soon as possible. He hurry up and set up Wanmixi Cultural Tourism Company.

Sha Ou went to negotiate with Mr. He at the first time. Mr. He agreed to sign a contract with Xiangximei's official account. Shaou wanted Taili to cooperate with Wanmixi Cultural Tourism Company. She originally promoted Xiangximei's official account for poverty alleviation in the village, not He only advertised Xiang Ximei alone. He insisted on taking economic benefits as the premise and severely reprimanded Sha Ou. Sha Ou had to call Pu Quansheng to tell the truth. Pu Quansheng had expected such a result a long time ago and advised her not to worry.

Shi Yaojin asked Pu Quansheng to set up Wanmixi Cultural Tourism Company tomorrow. He was responsible for persuading Xiangximei to sign a contract with the village. Pu Quansheng knew that maintaining a public account would require a large amount of money. The village does not have this economic strength at the moment, and he can do nothing. Xiang Denggao bitterly persuaded Xiang Ximei to sign a contract with Mr. Ding, and asked Xiang Ximei to move into the city to live, not to interact with Shi Yaojin, lest netizens have opinions. Xiang Ximei didn’t let go, and Xiang Denggao let Xiang Youliang Advise Xiang Ximei, he will not interfere in this matter.

Xiang Ximei was distracted by the entanglement of Xiang Denggao. She was so angry that she and Shi Yaojin would own the income after signing the contract. She did not expect Xiang Denggao to be prepared. He asked Xiang Ximei to sign the contract with his company first, and then he Signed with Mr. Ding in the name of the company, Xiang Ximei gritted her teeth with anger, and ignored him in anger. Shi Paishan persuaded Shi Yaojin to give up sister Xiang Xi, Shi Yaojin refused to do it, but he didn't want to stop sister Xiang Xi from changing her destiny.

Xiang Denggao bitterly persuaded Xiang Ximei, but Xiang Ximei entangled, and promised to sign a contract with Mr. Ding, on the condition that Shi Yaojin wanted to marry her home, and Mr. Ding finally made concessions to let Xiang Ximei and Shi Yaojin Hidden marriage, lest netizens do not buy it, Xiang Youliang strongly opposes it, and does not want to lose face in front of the whole village, and is ridiculed by Xiang Ximei.

Xiang Ximei took out her marriage certificate and insisted on holding a wedding. Ding always weighed and reluctantly agreed. Shi Yaojin suddenly came to stop Xiang Ximei, and even used the wedding dress to retire Xiang Ximei. Tian Shouchun, Ma Changshun and others were fertilizing their fields. Ma Changshun had no intention of working. He just wanted to go back and drink the wedding wine signed with Ximei. Tian Hui went home to see Tian Shouchun and went to the fields to help fertilize. Shun asked about her husband casually, Tian Hui casually used excuses to cover up.

Shi Yaojin and Xiang Ximei talked openly and insisted on retiring her. Xiang Ximei was very sad. It took her a year and a month to sew this happy dress stitch by stitch, and now it has become worthless. Xiang Ximei ripped her suit to pieces, then ran back to the room crying without looking back, Shi Yaojin stood in the same place like a knife, and both Xiang Denggao and Xiang Youliang were dumbfounded.

Shipaishan brought Pu Quansheng to the tailings land and found that two mulberry trees had grown on the ground. Shipaishan suggested planting mulberry trees on a large area and then developing the sericulture industry. But the cycle takes one year. Pu Quansheng thinks it is feasible. Turning on the mobile phone to broadcast the idea of ​​planting mulberry trees and raising silkworms in the group live, to plant the sun on this piece of tailings land, Sand Gull saw this video with mixed feelings.

Today is Rong Media’s competition for recruitment. Sha Ou publicly announced his withdrawal from the election and released the photo of the night view of Wanmixi Village. Sha Ou wanted to stay in Wanmixi Village to complete poverty alleviation for three years and lead the villagers to get rich and run well. Shi Paishan called Pu Quansheng to persuade him to fight. Pu Quansheng was so embarrassed when he saw the torn scarlet red, he persuaded Xiang Youliang to understand Xiang Ximei’s decision. Ma Changshun set off firecrackers to congratulate Xiang Youliang and Xiang Denggao. Send him a bottle of wine and send him away.

Pu Quansheng advised President Ding to give up as soon as possible, because Xiang Ximei belonged to this mountain and lost her original charm and charm once she left. Pu Quansheng advised Shi Yaojin not to be impulsive, let alone chill Xiang Ximei’s heart, Pu Quansheng let them both Get married as soon as possible and support Xiang Ximei to freely choose who to sign with.

After research by Taiwan leaders, they finally decided to sign a contract with Wanmixi Village Cultural Tourism Company. President He announced the decision of Taili to Sha Ou. Sha Ou was ecstatic and bowed deeply to President He. Sha Ou immediately told Pu Quansheng the good news, and Xiang Denggao was the first to stand up against it. He felt that it was too uneconomical. Most of the money was given to the village, and Xiang Ximei could only sell products from the village within three years. Mr. Ding didn’t want to lose money and make screams because he couldn’t take pictures outside. He didn’t agree to such harsh conditions. Pu Quansheng urged everyone to sit down and discuss the matter. Xiang Ximei clearly stated that they are her father-in-law and husband, and they have the right to participate in the discussion of this matter. They still left one after another.

Long Donghua was uneasy and wanted to wait for Ximei to sell their medicinal liquor after signing a contract with Ximei, but there was no movement in her house. Long Donghua wanted to see what happened. Liao Guixiang hurriedly stopped her and persuaded her to wait patiently. Pan Xuebin called Pu Quansheng to the town government and revealed the news that Shaou was going back to Wanmixi Village to help the poor for three years. Pu Quansheng hurried to pick up Shaou at the entrance of the village. The two vowed to do their best to make Wanmixi Village completely different. Back to the village later.


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