Wanmixi Village is a small mountain village surrounded by mountains and beautiful scenery. Due to inconvenient transportation and too little arable land, the villagers live in poverty. They rely on government relief all the year round to make ends meet. Wanmixi Village is composed of two parts on the mountain and under the mountain. The Changhe Village Secretary is elected by these two parts.

The town issued a forecast from the Meteorological Bureau to Wanmixi Village early in the morning. There will be a storm tonight. The villagers don’t believe it. They are still enthusiastic about holding an annual bullfighting contest. There will be a bull competition on the mountain and the village chief and The village secretary personally supervised the battle, Wanmixi Village was full of gongs and drums, and it was very lively

Ke Yan came to the mayor to report that the mayor was not there, and the deputy mayor Pu Quansheng just came and took office. He rushed to Wanmixi Village without saying a word, so that everyone should evacuate as soon as possible. The bullfight must be cancelled. The villagers decided not to do it and provoke the grandfather. When he stood up against it, the village secretary rushed to dissuade him. The heavy rain poured down.

Seeing that the flood on the mountain was about to come, the grandfather insisted to take away his life material. Pu Quansheng’s painstaking persuasion was of no avail. Thanks to the secretary who came in time and promised to lift the life material. Going down the mountain, Jae Grandpa was willing to move with the folks.

The secretary greeted Pu Quansheng to help lift the Shoucai. The Shoucai was so heavy that a few young men barely lifted it up. They walked step by step along the muddy and rugged mountain road. The Secretary suddenly slipped and fell to the bottom of the valley, hitting his head on the stone and was seriously injured and unconscious.

Pu Quansheng and others rushed the secretary to the hospital. The secretary knew that he was dead. He tightly grasped Pu Quansheng’s hand and repeatedly explained that the villagers had no hope of life because they were poor, so they pin their hopes on these illusory things. Long Youmin is the only one. Regret is ashamed of his son.

Although the medical staff tried their best to rescue them, they were still unable to recover. The secretary passed away. Mayor Pan learned more about what happened and didn’t know how to deal with it. Pu Quansheng asked Director Xiang to resign in person. Mayor Pan held a memorial service for the secretary and read out Secretary Long’s suicide note in public. He wanted to pay all his savings of 52,000 yuan to the party dues. Pu Quansheng raised questions on the spot.

He understood that Secretary Long’s family life was difficult and suggested that half of it should be given to his family. Subsidizing the household and handing in the rest, Mayor Pan hesitated. Pu Quansheng suggested a show of hands. Provincial TV reporter Sha Ou was ordered to interview. She stood up against Pu Quansheng and insisted on following Longyou’s last wish.

Pu Quansheng held up Long Youmin’s son’s black and split his hands, clearly stating that he does not rely on his father’s relationship to raise pigs to get rid of poverty. Long Youmin’s money is used to help the poor. His son has the right to get half of it, and everyone agrees. Give him the money, Sha Ou strongly protested Pu Quansheng’s decision, thinking he wanted to steal the limelight from the martyrs, and imposing his own ideas on the leaders of the town party committee. Pu Quansheng felt that she was unreasonable and ignored her. Sha Ou was angry to report him truthfully. Domineering style.

Pu Quansheng went to find Jiang Siwei. Jiang Siwei complained that he was too impulsive. Pu Quansheng issued a military order to improve the village’s leadership team within a week and ensure the successful completion of targeted poverty alleviation and poverty alleviation. The leader of the poverty alleviation team, Zhao Lei, came to find Pu Quansheng’s theory.

The two had a big fight when they didn’t agree. Zhao Lei recommended Tan Xianwen, a teacher from Wanmixi Primary School. He was giving lessons to the children in an open-air thatched cottage and encouraged them not to do it. The frog at the bottom of the well walked out of the mountain to see the world outside. Pu Quansheng recorded the whole process of Tan Xianwen’s serious class.

Qin Xianwen took Pu Quansheng to the former classroom and saw that it was dilapidated and there were large holes on the roof. Pu Quansheng promised to fix the classroom. Qin Xianwen heard too much of this. He no longer believed them. Pu Quansheng persuaded Qin Xianwen to run for the village director and to everyone Qin Xianwen was not interested in villagers doing ideological work, and reminded him to be a good official.


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