Zheng Yingjun didn't come back during the meal, Zheng Daqian was upset and hurriedly went out to look around. She came to the piano shop and remembered the scene when she bought the piano. They ran away from home when they were too old. The father and daughter talked about buying a piano back then. Zheng Yingjun’s remarks made Zheng Daqian cry. The father and daughter returned to Mu’s house happily. Zheng Yingjun also agreed to the second place. Tian went to the Children's Palace to participate in the interview of the accordion teacher. Gong Xiaoqin felt warm in her heart after hearing the conversation between the father and daughter in bed.

Although Zheng Yingjun has not practiced the piano for many years, his basic skills are still there. Everyone thinks that he is qualified for the position of teacher. However, when he arrived at the Children's Palace, facing so many young people who came for interviews, Zheng Yingjun was a little nervous, and he even retreated. Zi Li followed him to the bathroom and only said a word to him. He has been Zheng Daqian's idol since he was a child. In her eyes, Zheng Yingjun is full of light. She especially likes to see Zheng who is performing in the troupe. Handsome, that's why Zheng Daqian asked him to come here for an interview. After hearing this, Zheng Yingjun immediately changed his mind, sorted his clothes and participated in the interview confidently. Zheng Daqian was very curious about what Mu Zili said to his father. Mu Zili said that it was a secret among men. Zheng Yingjun returned home and exaggerated his interview situation. As a result, the person in charge of the interview at the Children's Palace called and said on the surface that he would leave the opportunity to young people, but he actually explained the interview result euphemistically, which made Zheng Yingjun Very shameless.

Mi Lan obeyed her father's arrangement and came to the school library as an administrator, but she didn't like this kind of work at all, and her colleagues were still talking about her. Mu Zixi came to Mi Lan and wanted to have dinner with her. Mi Lan saw that her father was also in the restaurant, she turned around and left, Mu Zixi guessed that the father and daughter had a conflict. Mu Zixi changed bikes with his classmates after school. He wanted to take Mi Lan home, but found that Mi Lan had already boarded the bus. Mu Zili continued to attack the morale of Zheng Daqian who wanted to open the store, but Zheng Daqian was not discouraged. She begged the boss for two more days of grace, and she promised to carry out the transaction with him with the down payment. At this time, Mu Zili arrived and asked the boss if he could He wanted to help Zheng Daqian clear his eyes after obtaining a fire certificate, a sewage certificate, etc., but Zheng Daqian thought that he was sincerely causing trouble for himself.

Mi Lan was late for work. She had already asked for leave from the leader, but she was still taught a lesson by her father. It happened that Mi Lan expressed her intention to resign. Mi's father told her that if she really resigned, then the family would Don't come back either. Mi Lan was distressed and sat alone in the living room in a daze. After Mu Zixi came back, she wanted to sit with her for a while. What Mi Lan didn't expect was that Mu Zixi's remarks made her stunned. In the end, she decided to go with Zheng Daqian. Starting a business, taking out all of his own money and investing in shares, Zheng Daqian was moved by this unexpected surprise.

Mu Zixi waited at the door early in the morning, and then pretended to meet Mi Lan to take Mi Lan to school. Mi Lan said that she would just take the bus. At this time, she found that her former friend Da Hua was asking people about her. She obviously didn't want Dahua to find herself, so she turned her head and left. However, it didn't take long for Dahua to find the library. Mi Lan hurriedly pulled her outside. Dahua begged her to help him again. If she didn't pay back the money, those people would definitely kill her, Mi Lan She said that she didn't want to have anything to do with the past anymore, and she had no money now. Dahua threatened to tell her relatives and friends about her past affairs. Mi Lan was a little angry and pushed when Dahua came to stop her. Dahua took a moment and spilled the fried dough sticks and soy milk in Dahua's hand. Looking at Dahua picking up the fried dough sticks on the ground, Mi Lan's heart softened.

Zheng Daqian came to sign the contract with the boss full of joy, but after waiting for more than three hours, she didn't wait for Mi Lan. After calling, she found out that Mi Lan had lent money to a friend, and she could no longer be a shareholder. Zheng Daqian was very disappointed. She sat on the steps in a daze, and happened to meet Mi Lan and Dahua. She remembered that Dahua who opened a restaurant in a parallel time and space, so she greeted enthusiastically and said that she wanted to invite them to dinner. During the meal, Zheng Daqian felt that Dahua was a little unreliable, so he pulled Mi Lan out to ask. Before the two of them said a few words, the waiter came over and told them that Dahua was a little uncomfortable.


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