After Zheng Daqian returned to Mu's house, she heard her mother and Mu's mother discussing Mi Lan together, and learned that Mi's father had remarried with the school's biology teacher. They all said that Mi Lan was pitiful. She thought of her previous situation and couldn't help but feel Worry about Mi Lan. The next day, Zheng Daqian called a few friends to his house. The euphemistic name was to help Mu Zili retrieve his memory. In fact, he wanted to ask everyone about the situation before Zheng Da in this parallel time and space. Dazhi said that she was a tiger and a person. They drove straight to Tieyuan Railway Station. If he and Mu Zili hadn't stopped them in time, it would have caused a catastrophe. Yan Junze said that she was more frank and cheerful, but Mi Lan said that they had a sense of distance. Talk, either live in her home or live in your own home. Zheng Daqian said that he would start his life again, and suggested that five people take pictures together.

When Mi Lan was about to leave, she met Mu's mother, she left Mi Lan directly, and Zheng Daqian took the initiative to ask to live with her. In the evening, Zheng Daqian and Mi Lan were looking at the photo album together and found a photo of the two of them, both with the same short hair. Mi Lan recalled what happened that year. Mi’s father forced her to cut her short hair. Zheng Daqian was unable to stop it, but , She also cut her long hair short just to accompany Mi Lan, which moved Mi Lan quite a bit, and she vowed to treat Zheng Daqian as her best friend in life. Mi Lan planned to go home the next day. After Mu Zixi came back, he learned that Mi Lan was here, but he didn't do anything.

Mu's mother saw that Gong Xiaoqin didn't take care of her skin very often, so she gave her a set of skin care products. Gong Xiaoqin couldn't get rid of it and had to earn it. She saw the bracelet on Mu's hand and couldn't put it down. It was given to her by Mu Guoliang on Mu's birthday. Afterwards, Gong Xiaoqin showed off to Zheng Yingjun with Mu's mother's bracelet, actually wanting to show Zheng Yingjun a little bit, but Zheng Yingjun was indifferent, so angry that Gong Xiaoqin immediately ordered to go home and live.

Zheng Yingjun found someone to clean up the boiler and preheat it in advance. While he was cooking instant noodles, he watched the lottery result of the two-color ball, but he did not expect a big disaster. Zheng Daqian was packing up and preparing to go home. Mu Guoliang and his wife were a little reluctant to leave their family. At this time, everyone saw the fire truck whizzing by. After a while, someone came to call Gong Xiaoqin, and it was their house that was on fire. Gong Xiaoqin and Zheng Daqian cried and called to go in to save people, because Zheng Yingjun was still there, and when they turned their heads, they saw Zheng Yingjun walking over as if nothing was wrong. It turned out that he went to the lottery station to redeem the prize, and the fire was caused by forgetting to turn off the gas. . Back at Mu's house, Gong Xiaoqin kept scolding Zheng Yingjun, but Zheng Yingjun endured it. After all, it was his fault, but Gong Xiaoqin mentioned Zheng Daqian and said that she had inherited Zheng Yingjun's bad health. Gene, this angered Zheng Yingjun, he immediately quarreled with Gong Xiaoqin, and once threatened to divorce.

Zheng Daqian went out to stop Gong Xiaoqin who was about to leave, but in the end he did not keep it. Zheng Daqian sat alone on the chair in front of the door in a daze. After seeing it, Mu Guoliang encouraged Mu Zili to pursue it boldly. Mu Zili took out fireworks and teased Zheng Daqian. Happy, Zheng Daqian decided to change his fate and must not watch his parents divorce. Immediately afterwards, Zheng Daqian went to the small shop to persuade his father not to be too impulsive, give each other a chance, and help him recall the romantic past of the husband and wife together. Zheng Yingjun suddenly remembered that today was Gong Xiaoqin's birthday, and he hurriedly prepared a birthday present for his wife. . Gong Xiaoqin dragged her tired body back home, and saw the birthday present prepared by her husband and the daughter who was celebrating her birthday with fireworks outside the window. All her worries disappeared. Zheng Daqian also helped his father find employment opportunities, so he called Yan Junze for help.


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