Zheng Daqian and Mu Zili were about to go back when they saw Zheng Yingjun waiting for the bus. Zheng Daqian immediately took out his phone and called Zheng Yingjun. Zheng Yingjun lied that he was in the store, and then left in a tricycle. Mu Zili followed behind. She wanted to see what her father was up to, but found that Zheng Yingjun went to Xilaile Company to rehearse the show. This time, Zheng Yingjun seemed to have really settled down and prepared to work hard. Zheng Daqian was very happy about it , So after returning home, he told Gong Xiaoqin the news. Unexpectedly, Gong Xiaoqin's reaction was very strong. He felt that this kind of work was very unlucky, so he robbed Zheng Yingjun, saying that what he was doing now was to anger himself to Shenzhen.

Zheng Daqian comforted his father and asked him to put down his burden and work hard. As for Gong Xiaoqin's ideological work, she would take care of it. The next day, Zheng Daqian took Gong Xiaoqin, who was busy in the supermarket, to Zheng Yingjun's rehearsal room. Seeing Zheng Yingjun as the conductor in the rehearsal room, Gong Xiaoqin couldn't help being a little dazed. The scene when he first saw Zheng Yingjun immediately came to mind. At that time, she went to the troupe to deliver goods, and just when she was looking for the leader of the troupe to sign, she saw Zheng Yingjun playing the classic song "A Fire in Winter" outside the door. Gong Xiaoqin was intoxicated by the beautiful melody and moving sound of the piano , but the head of the group accused Zheng Yingjun of making random changes to the song, saying that no one would listen to his changes. Immediately, he had a good impression of Gong Xiaoqin, and stopped Gong Xiaoqin who was about to leave, and after introducing himself, he said that he would leave her a performance ticket.

Gong Xiaoqin has changed, she no longer hinders Zheng Yingjun from doing this job, and when Zheng Yingjun returns home at night, Gong Xiaoqin asks him to go to the bathroom to take a bath, and hands him a suit she just bought, Zheng Yingjun is very happy. I wonder if the sun really came out from the west, but before, Gong Xiaoqin always bought him poor quality clothes, but this time the quality is obviously different.

When Mu Zili came back home, he saw his mother telling Mu Guoliang the matters needing attention when making a face-to-face meeting. Mu Zili yelled a few times before Mu's mother turned her head. Mu's mother remembered that she was warming milk for Mu Zixi. , Mu Zili persuaded his mother to take a good rest, and he went to bring the milk to Mu Zixi's room. Mu Zixi said that he didn't want to go to Beijing to take the exam. He was planning to take the exam in a school in the province, which was so close to home. Mu Zili knew that he wanted to take care of his mother, but Mu Zixi had worked hard for his ideal for so many years. He didn't want his younger brother to change himself because of family affairs, and he was still there. Mu Zili knew that his younger brother listened to Mi Lan very much, so he begged Mi Lan to do Mu Zixi's job.

Mu Zili suddenly found that there seemed to be an electric current passing through Zheng Daqian's body, and then it disappeared in an instant and then recovered. This made him feel very strange. I had this kind of situation, and later found that the self in the photo was also very blurry. For this reason, they went to Cheorwon Station, where they received an unknown call, which was only noise but did not speak. Mu Zili asked Zheng Da to record the audio when he received such calls before and after, so that he might be able to know the content through diversion. Yan Junze knew that Mu Zili and Zheng Daqian came from another time and space. He was very curious about himself in that time and space, so he asked Mu Zili. Mu Zili couldn't comment on the somewhat girly him, so he had to use "exquisite" to describe him .

Zheng Daqian and Mu Zili realized that the opportunity for them to return to another time and space was at Cheorwon Station, so they drove to investigate. Mu Zili specially prepared sound separation software, but only after entering the station did he realize that he had forgotten his phone. in the car. When Mu Zili went to get his mobile phone in the car, Zheng Daqian from another time and space called. This time her voice was very clear, saying that they would exchange on the same train on March 1st. Zheng Daqian was also very happy. Happy, she excitedly inquired about Mu Zili from another time and space, but got the unfortunate news that Mu Zili from that time and space died in a car accident, which left Zheng Daqian dumbfounded.

After Mu Zili came back, he felt that something was wrong with Zheng Daqian. Zheng Daqian couldn't tell the truth, so he found an excuse to prevaricate Mu Zili. The two returned to Baihe. When Mu Zili returned home, he found that the milk was almost burnt, but his mother was missing, so everyone started looking for Mu Mu separately. Mu Zili searched all the places where his mother usually goes, but he couldn't find her. At this time, Dazhi called and said that he had found Mu's mother. She was in Mu Guoliang's fireworks factory at the time. When Mu's mother returned home, she saw that she didn't even change her slippers. Mu Zixi hurriedly brought a pair of slippers for her mother, and then called her to wash her feet. However, Mu's mother recognized her son as Mu Guoliang, and Mu Zixi Zi Li felt that his mother might be suffering from lovesickness.


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