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Jiang Guangshan mistakenly thought that the secret eight years ago was Zhao Shijie's weakness, but unfortunately he was too naive, Zhao Shijie didn't take it seriously at all, and he was sure that no one would take it seriously even if the news came out. That night, Wei Guoping and Liu Shunkui looked through the list of missing picks, and noticed Jiang Guangshan's name. On the other hand, Jiang Guangshan's store welcomed an unexpected visitor.

Early the next morning, Wei Guoping and Liu Shunkui were going to the school to investigate and investigate. When they passed the interrogation room, they found that Gu Kaiyan was buying snacks for the victim, and it was easier for her to gain the trust of the victim through this gentle method. Because of this, Wei Guoping put what he learned into practice, and brought some candy to ask Yu Aiqin's classmate about the situation.

Sure enough, the method worked very well, and the distance between the female student and Wei Guoping was immediately shortened, and she continued to reflect what she had seen and heard. But Yu Aiqin is used to being alone, and she doesn't like to talk on weekdays. Everyone doesn't know much about her private life. She occasionally cried secretly under the covers, and often stayed out at night before she disappeared. Then Wei Guoping came to the library where Yu Aiqin often visited. Through the clues he had so far, he made up the picture of Yu Aiqin writing a diary. He always felt that the content of the diary was the key to solving the case.

Nie Baohua talked about cooperation with Zhao Shijie, during which he praised him for being able to easily handle the big shots above. Zhao Shijie disagrees, thinking that being greedy is a consensus. After all, everyone will be greedy. The difference lies in how to be greedy.

In fact, Zhao Shijie had already figured out Nie Baohua's identity and background before the meeting, and even more bluntly revealed that he would help Nie Baohua complete the plan after the meeting. Nie Baohua took out the plan for the transformation of the motor factory, but Zhao Shijie was not interested at all. Instead, he reminded Nie Baohua that he only needed to be in charge of the workshop staff, and he would handle other matters.

Because Xue Jiajian expected that girls would choose to keep silent when they were violated, so he is still stubborn and only admits the fact of stealing underwear. Liu Shunkui is not surprised by this incident, after all, such incidents have caused too much harm to girls, and public opinion will also ruin their lives. Song Zhe took the initiative to visit Gu Kaiyan in the pre-examination department, and noticed that there were various underwear photos on the table. He could not see any difference from a male perspective. This sentence just reminded Gu Kaiyan.

On the way back from get off work, Wei Guoping was stopped by Nie Xiaoyu driving, asking him to accompany him to celebrate his birthday. Thinking of what Wu Ke said, Wei Guoping deliberately kept a distance from Nie Xiaoyu, but Nie Xiaoyu stalked her so hard that he finally went to the restaurant with her helplessly. Nie Xiaoyu booked a private room in advance, and before he could say a few words to Wei Guoping, Nie Baohua had already entered from the door.

Wei Guoping suddenly realized that he got up and was about to leave, but when Nie Baohua said that today is the anniversary of Chen Shanhe's death, especially when the brothers and sisters of the Nie family poured wine to pay respects to Chen Shanhe, he had to sit back in his seat. However, because of the matter of Huzi and the electrical machinery factory, Wei Guoping has never had a good look at Nie Baohua, emphasizing that they have different ways and do not conspire with each other.

Nie Baohua kept saying that he was a serious businessman, took out his business card and handed it to Wei Guoping, and then mentioned the situation of the electrical machinery factory, hoping that Wei Guoping would help persuade Chen Yougui. The meaning of this meal was very obvious, and Wei Guoping didn't want to stay any longer, so he walked out the door. Nie Xiaoyu chased him out in a hurry, but happened to be blocked by Zhao Shijie, Wei Guoping called Nie Xiaoyu, took her and left.

Zhao Shijie felt that Nie Xiaoyu was good-looking, and half-jokingly wanted to be Nie Baohua's brother-in-law. It was definitely worth changing a project for a younger sister. Nie Baohua was extremely disgusted with Zhao Shijie's words, suppressed his anger and warned him to show respect, he can have many projects, but his sister only has one, if the person who cooperates with him angers him, no matter the project or the person can be destroyed.

At the same time, Nie Xiaoyu followed behind Wei Guoping and kept apologizing to him. Wei Guoping reminded Nie Xiaoyu not to get involved in Nie Baohua's affairs, but Nie Xiaoyu just wanted to know if Wei Guoping liked her, and then she simply changed the saying, if Wei Guoping liked her, she said "stop". At first Wei Guoping let Nie Xiaoyu go, until seeing her squatting on the side of the road and crying bitterly, he felt uncomfortable, and finally realized his feelings for Nie Xiaoyu, under Nie Xiaoyu's questioning, he repeatedly said a few words to stop.


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