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Because of the false identification of the witnesses, the case that everyone worked so hard to investigate came to a stalemate again, the clues were interrupted, and even the gravel was confirmed not to come from the scene of Liang Yun's home. Fortunately, the police found Liang Yun herself and proved that she and Xue Jiajian had broken up. In this way, Xue Jiajian was ruled out as the real culprit in the corpse dismemberment case.

At the beginning, Wei Guoping insisted on investigating the mutilated corpse case and the 88 case together, but now all the evidence has been overturned, the blow he has suffered is quite heavy, and he is devastated. Although Gu Weidong felt sorry for his apprentice, he felt that Wei Guoping should learn a lesson and avoid making such low-level mistakes in the future.

Wu Ke talked to Wei Guoping alone, and analyzed in detail his psychological changes after losing his comrades, so accurate that Wei Guoping had to admit it. However, Wu Ke has the same experience and has gone through too many detours. He knows that Wei Guoping has the characteristics of an excellent policeman, regardless of experience, brains and even leadership ability. Only persistence will become a double-edged sword. Indiscriminate control is bound to turn into fatal paranoia.

Although Wu Ke pointed out Wei Guoping's true state in one word, Wei Guoping still insisted that handling the case requires persistence, and only persistence can support him to find the murderer and comfort Chen Shanhe. Wu Ke did not continue to provoke Wei Guoping, but asked him about his relationship with Nie Xiaoyu, advising him to keep a distance as much as possible, Wei Guoping turned away without responding.

Wei Guoping, who returned to the dormitory, lay in a daze on the bed, and suddenly received news that his younger sister Wei Xiaoxia had an emotional breakdown. When he hurried over, he found that the neighbors of the whole building were watching at the door, and a very familiar old man was standing opposite him. It was Wang Defa who was released from prison after serving his sentence. Wei Guoping was furious about this and ordered Wang Defa to move away immediately. Wang Defa didn't take it seriously at all, saying that he has completely regained his freedom, and as a legal citizen, he has the right to choose where to live, and even Wei Guoping has no right to interfere.

Wei Guoping had nowhere to vent his emotions, so he simply soaked himself in the water, playing the past clips repeatedly in his mind. At Chen Shanhe's funeral that year, Chen Haohan angrily denounced Wei Guoping as a coward. This sound hurt Wei Guoping deep in his heart. He was obviously the closest to the murderer, but Chen Shanhe died because he went the wrong way.

After this incident happened, Wei Guoping was recorded as third-class merit. Even though there were no rumors from the outside world, self-blame and remorse made him extremely painful. Just as Wu Ke guessed, Wei Guoping often regretted why he was not the one who died, and even if he was alive, he couldn't avenge his senior brother.

When the mood gradually calmed down, Wei Guoping was pulled by Liu Shunkui to attend the lecture. Originally, Wu Kewei explained the thinking and methods of criminal investigation and handling cases, but when he saw Wei Guoping, he wrote the word "malicious" on the second line. Everyone present had different views on maliciousness. The maliciousness in Wu Ke’s mouth refers to the subjective thinking in the process of handling a case. This kind of thinking is often limited to the direction of detection, which leads to unjust, false and wrong cases.

Because of this, Wei Guoping thought of his previous attitude towards Xue Jiajian, and finally realized that this behavior was extremely wrong. He admitted his mistake at the meeting for the first time and overturned his conclusion. Wu Ke is pleased to say that the detection is not to prove himself, and has nothing to do with right or wrong, but to pursue the truth. If the truth cannot be found, justice will never come.

Wei Guoping was deeply moved, and personally apologized to the colleagues of the third team, and reclassified the nature of the Xue Jiajian case and the 88 case. The most urgent task at the moment is to grasp the corpse case, collect and compare fingerprints on a large scale, and dig deep into Yu Aiqin's social relations. The colleagues of the three teams have no complaints, and always believe that Wei Guoping will lead them to start all over again.

Jiang Guangshan, the owner of the restaurant, learned that the police had expanded the scope of fingerprint collection. He had a strange expression on his face, and soon disappeared without a trace. Because Jiang Guangshan injured his thumb, the police arranged for him to pick him up late. At the same time, Liu Shunkui heard that Wang Defa lived across the street, worried about Wei Xiaoxia's personal safety, and suggested that Wei Guoping find a way to move, but it was easier said than done, not to mention that Wei Guoping had too many things to deal with.

Not long after, Jiang Guangshan took the initiative to find Zhao Shijie and brought up the rainy night eight years ago. Zhao Shijie changed his face when he heard the words, and asked him in a low voice why he came to him, and Jiang Guangshan took the opportunity to ask for money. Zhao Shijie wanted to send Jiang Guangshan away with a few hundred dollars, but Jiang Guangshan didn't move at all when he saw this, but completely angered him, and directly threw a stack of banknotes at the other party's face.


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