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According to the clues provided by the school teacher, the three teams immediately went to the factory to understand the situation, and thus learned that Xue Jiajian's girlfriend, whose real name is Liang Yun, used to work as a salesperson in a department store, and then resigned and went home to get married. Wei Guoping continued to visit and investigate nearby, and his colleagues were all impressed by Liang Yun, vaguely remembering that Liang Yun's resignation was hasty, and the settlement bonus was collected by others.

Gu Kaiyan interrogated Xue Jiajian as usual, and presented substantial evidence to emphasize that he had stolen women's underwear. Xue Jiajian knew that he couldn't hide it, so he simply pretended to have a headache. Originally, Wei Guoping wanted to interrogate Xue Jiajian, but was blocked by Gu Kaiyan. Even if he knew that Xue Jiajian was deliberately delaying time, he couldn't push too hard at this time.

It just so happened that the police sent a message that Liang Yun's residence had been found. Wei Guoping and the others hurried over and searched every corner of the room carefully. When Wei Guoping entered the door, the light did not respond, and it was obvious that he had been unoccupied for a long time. However, he lifted the mattress in the bedroom and found blood stains under the mattress.

Gu Kaiyan met Song Zhe and learned that a lady's satchel was picked up at the scene of the crime, so he found the wedding hotel through the address of the wedding invitation. It was obvious that the bride Xiaoya looked strange, so he paid extra attention. After the wedding, Gu Kaiyan talked to Xiaoya alone. Under her comfort and persuasion, Xiaoya confessed that she was raped by a strange man on a rainy night before, and identified the man as Xue Jiajian through photos.

According to the information so far, Xue Jiajian has simple interpersonal relationships. After graduation, he stayed in the school as a teacher and was used to running in the morning and at night. Therefore, Wei Guoping guessed that Liang Yun's residence was most likely the first scene, and he couldn't help linking the dismemberment case with the 88 case, but Liu Shunkui thought it was impossible. After all, Xue Jiajian was still studying in medical school eight years ago.

But because of this, Wei Guoping was even more suspicious of Xue Jiajian's youthful impulsiveness, and it was completely unexpected that the murder method of the 88th case would appear because of the dismemberment of the corpse. Gu Kaiyan came back and told Wei Guoping new clues, either the witness forged the testimony, or he and the man Xiaoya saw were not the same person.

Then Wei Guoping interrogated Xue Jiajian again, noticing Xue Jiajian's habitual shaking of hands, and asked him directly whether he knew himself and what he had done eight years ago. Gu Kaiyan realized that something was wrong, and quickly found an excuse to take Wei Guoping out of the interrogation room, accusing Wei Guoping of only pushing the case to a dead end, and she would use her own methods to find the truth.

Wei Guoping felt aggrieved, and ran to Gu Weidong to complain. Gu Weidong supported his daughter's interrogation process and persuaded him not to act impulsively. Using the 88 case to investigate Xue Jiajian's case, the difficulty can be imagined. But Wei Guoping persisted. After getting Gu Weidong's approval, he immediately contacted the technical department to compare the DNA of Xue Jiajian's skin tissue with that of the victims of the 88 case.

During the ensuing interrogation, Gu Kaiyan gradually broke through Xue Jiajian's psychological defenses, leading him to explain the crime. In the end, Xue Jiajian admitted that he had assaulted a woman, but he only verbally threatened and warned, and did not have any intention to kill. In addition, Xue Jiajian's refusal to admit to other crimes made Gu Kaiyan's brain troubled. After all, most women choose to remain silent when they are violated, and they dare not call the police at all.

The process of handling the case encountered resistance, and all three teams stayed in the office doing nothing. At this moment, the news that Liang Yun's fingerprints were found at home, everyone was very excited. If it was proved that the fingerprints belonged to Xue's family key, they could reasonably doubt the fact that he committed murder. However, the result of the comparison was disappointing. The fingerprints did not belong to Xue Jiajian at all, and the corpse dismemberment case fell into a stalemate again.

Wei Guoping went to wash his face and calm down alone, only to find the cement lumps falling from the sink, which reminded him of the cement lumps in the body bag, and suddenly had a flash of inspiration, and rushed to Liang Yun's house in a hurry. Sure enough, Wei Guoping found the same piece of cement in the sink of Liang Yun's home, but before he could react, he was subdued by the district police as a villain.


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