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So far, the technical department has not found any favorable evidence, and the human skeleton found in the classroom cannot prove that Xue Jiajian is the murderer. Therefore, in the eyes of Gu Weidong and Wu Ke, there are doubts about Xue Jiajian, but the doubts are difficult to convict him. Tonight's surprise trial for him is very important. After discussion, they decided to let Song Zhe cooperate with Gu Kaiyan in the interrogation work.

Liao Lianliang then announced to everyone that his superiors had appointed Wu Ke as the political commissar of the Municipal Public Security Bureau. Teams 3 and 4 responded differently to this. Song Zhe suddenly said that he would give up his position and recommended Wei Guoping to be in charge of tonight's sudden trial, which was unexpected to Wei Guoping.

Gu Kaiyan knew that the result of this case was of great significance to Wei Guoping. In order to prevent him from substituting his subjective emotions into the interrogation, he repeatedly emphasized that he was the presiding judge, and did not mention the bone-related matters for the time being. Wei Guoping had no choice but to agree, and followed Gu Kaiyan to the interrogation room.

After the interrogation started, Gu Kaiyan spoke slowly and insignificantly, and gradually broke down Xue Jiajian's psychological defense from the side, causing him to become more and more nervous and unable to think correctly. Wei Guoping couldn't stand this kind of interrogation, and asked him straight to the point about the human skeleton in the classroom.

No matter how Wei Guoping pressed him, Xue Jiajian always denied that he was the murderer of the dismemberment case. Seeing that the scene was about to get out of control, Gu Kaiyan immediately stopped the interrogation and called Wei Guoping out the door. Gu Kaiyan said that she needed conclusive evidence, not a confession made by intimidation. Because Xue Jiajian's confession was extremely problematic when his mentality was unstable, she asked Wei Guoping to go home and have a good rest.

Wei Guoping returned to the third team in a low mood, happened to see Gu Weidong, and couldn't help but reveal to him his true opinion on Gu Kaiyan, feeling that Gu Kaiyan could not handle Xue Jiajian. However, Gu Weidong was very confident in his daughter, and told Wei Guoping not to think about it, and went to Baisha Hotel with him tomorrow to report to the provincial leaders.

At this time, Tang Zhiyuan hurried in, saying that he had found an eyewitness, but this clue was of no help to the case, and the most urgent task was how to get Xue Jiajian to confess the crime. On the other hand, Xue Jiajian was so questioned by Gu Kaiyan that he had no words to refute, so he had to confess that he had stolen ether to sell in large quantities, and truthfully explained the daily itinerary according to her request.

The package Xue Jiajian hid in the drain was found by the police. It contained women's underwear, but nothing else. Wei Guoping and Liu Shunkui went to the forensic doctor to find out the situation, and the forensic doctor reminded them that even if they found Yu Aiqin's pager, it did not mean that she was dead.

Afterwards, the police contacted the eyewitness Zhang Bo. Just as he was going to identify the murderer, Gu Kaiyan suddenly came forward to stop him, believing that Wei Guoping's method was deliberately oriented. Under Song Zhe's suggestion, the police added some more "suspects", including Liu Shunkui, allowing Zhang Bo to identify them. Zhang Bo recognized Xue Jiajian at a glance, Wei Guoping finally breathed a sigh of relief, and Gu Kaiyan apologized to him for his previous attitude.

Due to the lack of a lot of key evidence, everyone held a meeting to discuss the direction of the next investigation. Tang Zhiyuan thought of a key point, that is, Xue Jiajian likes to collect women's underwear of different sizes, which may also indicate that he is a serial killer. Then everyone split up, and Gu Kaiyan continued to interrogate Xue Jiajian. The third team and the fourth team visited the school and the neighborhood respectively.

Yu Aiqin's brother came from his hometown, but he couldn't help but spit out the bones when he saw the bones, so he couldn't recognize his sister at all. The only way now is to have Yu Aiqin's brother compare the DNA with the bones. Wei Guoping found cement blocks in the garbage bag containing the body parts, but the forensic doctor did not find any useful clues.

On the other side, Song Zhe visited and found that the guard once picked up a suspicious bag, which contained feminine products and a stack of wedding invitations. When the case was at an impasse, Wei Guoping learned from the school teacher that Xue Jiajian's girlfriend was named Liang. Later, the teacher saw the two quarreling in the woods, and his girlfriend never came to school to visit Xue Jiajian again.


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