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Zhao Gang knew that he and Nie Baohua would be torn apart sooner or later, so instead of waiting for the other party to kill the grass, it would be better to strike first. When Baoli heard the news of her younger brother's death, she was devastated, and under Zhao Gang's instigation, she felt even more resentful towards Nie Baohua, and vowed to kill Wei Guoping to avenge the tiger.

After the scheme succeeded, Zhao Gang ordered his men to arrest Chen Haohan. Originally, Chen Haohan thought that Zhao Gang was trying to settle an old score, but unexpectedly, Zhao Gang unexpectedly offered a sum of money to persuade him to leave Meng San and follow him. Chen Haohann was a little at a loss, he watched Zhao Gang leave in the car before reacting, the younger brothers around him all gave him a thumbs up, happy to find a bigger backer.

So far, the police have searched the entire area of Fu'an Lixian. The biggest achievement is to find the skull of the deceased, but no other bones have been found. From this point of view, the murderer is very likely to throw the body again. Wei Guoping habitually records strong evidence, and when he checked the missing list, he noticed a woman named Yu Aiqin.

Although the homonym was similar to Ai Qing, Liu Shunkui felt it was far-fetched, but Wei Guoping dialed Yu Aiqin's pager, and a bell came out from the evidence box, completely confirming Wei Guoping's guess. The third team immediately drove to the medical school where Yu Aiqin was studying. The roommates reported that Yu Aiqin was withdrawn and her family conditions were poor, but she had a lot of famous brand clothes and sachets, and she was very likely to make a rich boyfriend in private.

At the same time, Xue Jiajian, a teacher of the medical school, was very nervous about the appearance of the police. He returned to the dormitory and frantically mopped the floor. He quickly used up a whole bottle of disinfectant, and then threw it into the trash can near the dormitory building. Before the police came here, Xue Jiajian covered himself tightly, and sneakily hid a bag of things in the drain.

Just as Wei Guoping was looking around the school, he suddenly heard Aunt Clean complaining about someone throwing eaten bones in the laboratory, which caught his attention. Sure enough, the black plastic bag in the laboratory sink contained human bones. Wei Guoping ordered the scene to be cordoned off. The forensic doctor immediately conducted an examination and initially judged it to be the femur of a young woman.

According to the information provided by the school, the last teacher used in this laboratory was Xue Jiajian, who gave anatomy lessons to the students before. Because of this, Xue Jiajian became the first suspect, especially when he saw Wei Guoping approaching the door, instead of cooperating with the investigation, he turned around and ran away.

Although Xue Jiajian managed to escape the pursuit of the police, he could not leave the teaching area because the school exits were strictly blocked. Wei Guoping reported the situation to the leader in time, and discussed the plan to arrest Xue Jiajian, but Song Zhe felt that the students should be arranged to evacuate first, and the safety of people's lives and property must be guaranteed.

Wu Ke agreed with Song Zhe's point of view, Gu Weidong naturally adopted the plan to evacuate the students, and planned to start the investigation from the family courtyard. Wei Guoping checked the drawings of the sewage system, worried that Xue Jiajian would escape from here, the third team and the fourth team started a comprehensive search, and found human bones in many places nearby.

Because the police investigated the case and blocked the school, the students resisted. Even Principal Chen complained to the bureau. In the end, the police had no choice but to evacuate to the security department to stand by. The leaders of the Municipal Bureau negotiated with the school, but failed to reach an agreement. Wei Guoping suddenly came in from the door and suggested that the police be withdrawn from the school.

During this time, Xue Jiajian hid in the sewer pipe of the school, and did not crawl out of the pipe until the police left. Wei Guoping hid in the woods for a long time, until Xue Jiajian climbed over the wall, Xue Jiajian struggled to break free, and sprayed ether at Wei Guoping with his backhand. Before the ether took effect and fainted, Wei Guoping finally subdued Xue Jiajian and handcuffed him.

Subsequently, Xue Jiajian was taken back by the police to collect blood samples, and was detained in the interrogation room waiting to record a statement. Wei Guoping believes that Xue Jiajian is the real culprit in the Corpse Dismemberment Case and the 88 Case, and he can't wait to change into formal clothes to interrogate Xue Jiajian. However, the bureau issued a new rule that the interrogation of the murderer should be handed over to the Pre-trial Division, so no matter the third team or the fourth team, they had to assist Gu Kaiyan in his work.


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