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The two sides have different views and insist on their own opinions. Wei Guoping can feel Wu Ke's prejudice against him, and feels even more uncomfortable, and it is inevitable that he will be emotional. Gu Weidong interrupted Wei Guoping's words, indicating that he would stick to the previous direction of handling the case and go all out to find the suspect Ai Qing.

After the meeting, Wei Guoping sat on the stairs in a daze until Gu Weidong came out of the meeting room and admitted that he was a little out of words. Gu Weidong's daughter, Gu Kaiyan, came back from advanced studies to prepare for the work of the pre-examination department. Gu Weidong saw that the father and daughter were still so close in private, he couldn't help laughing, and his mood gradually improved.

Since Nie Xiaoyu tried to protect Chen Haohan, Zhao Gang couldn't swallow this breath, and ran to Nie Baohua to complain. Nie Baohua reminded Zhao Gang not to provoke anyone related to Wei Guoping, not to mention that he made his own claims, first offending Meng Laosan, and then encouraging Huzi to kidnap Gao Xiulian. No matter how unconvinced Zhao Gang was, he still didn't have the guts to offend Nie Baohua, and Nie Baohua also lost trust in him.

Wei Guoping took Liu Shunkui and the others to dinner. Several young people had just handled the corpse case, and they were a little nauseated when they saw the meat. Liu Shunkui narrated his experience in handling the case as a person who had experienced it. Sure enough, everyone listened enthusiastically, and gradually forgot the shadow caused by the dismemberment case. Wei Guoping bought some fried buns for his younger sister, but the younger sister treated her brother coldly, and spoke with a strange tone, especially when she learned that Wei Guoping was still in contact with Nie Xiaoyu, she immediately kicked him out of the house.

Nie Xiaoyu taught the scumbag a lesson for her good sister Lily, and accidentally heard that the murderer of the corpse case was suspected to be related to the 88 case, so she used all her connections to help find Ai Qing, and found clues in the nightclub. A woman named "Ai Ai" disappeared mysteriously. Wei Guoping found a diary in her locker. The title page reads "Little Red Flower Kindergarten", and the back is full of written records and drawings.

Then Nie Xiaoyu drove Wei Guoping to the kindergarten, and suddenly received a message confirming that Ai'ai's real name is Ai Ying. When the kindergarten boy saw Wei Guoping crying loudly, everyone teased him for being too aggressive, and Wei Guoping was at a loss for what to do about the situation.

After many investigations and visits, Wei Guoping basically got a general idea of Ai Ying's situation, and found information about her husband Yan Chunsheng from the neighborhood committee. Originally, Yan Chunsheng was a worker in a meat joint factory, but unfortunately he was laid off half a year ago. His colleagues revealed that Yan Chunsheng was eccentric and introverted. He often quarreled with his wife Ai Ying, and once almost strangled her to death.

Therefore, in the impression of colleagues, Ai Ying's infertility caused her marriage to break down, while Yan Chunsheng was in charge of cutting pork, and could dismantle more than 20 pigs in one night. If the factory hadn't been mechanized, it would be impossible for him to be laid off with his skills. Wei Guoping found that Yan Chunsheng's workshop was missing a knife, and there were often little boys coming to play nearby. The workers of the meat joint factory felt that his figure was very similar to Yan Chunsheng.

It was precisely because of this sentence that Wei Guoping thought of the little boy in the kindergarten who was scared to cry by him, and suddenly realized that this matter was not simple. Sure enough, Tang Zhiyuan found out that Ai Ying had had a miscarriage, not that she was infertile as rumored by the outside world. The policewoman at the police station coaxed the little boy, and finally asked the little boy that he had seen a man covered in blood.

According to the location revealed by the little boy, Wei Guoping led everyone to surround Ai Ying's residence, and asked Song Zhe to block the nearby exits. Liu Shunkui found blood on the bed, and hurriedly called Wei Guoping to check it out, but Wei Guoping noticed something strange in the kitchen, and then saw a rotting male corpse in the water tank.

The deceased was confirmed to be Yan Chunsheng, and the murderer Ai Ying voluntarily surrendered. Wei Guoping came to see Ai Ying anxiously, only to find out that she was unbearable and killed her husband instead. In this way, the suspect that everyone has been chasing for many days is still not the murderer of the dismemberment case, Wei Guoping's mood is extremely complicated.

Nie Xiaoyu stood at the gate of the police station full of expectations, wishing so much to see the murderer brought to justice, but when Wei Guoping walked out of the police station and cast apologetic eyes, her hanging heart fell to the bottom of the valley again. The two looked at each other speechlessly, and Nie Xiaoyu drove away disappointed and regretful.


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