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On February 26, 1996, seven hours had passed since the discovery of the body parts. Wei Guoping and Tang Zhiyuan found the drainage channel through the barrel-shaped traces, and groped out the woven bags containing human organs and tissues from below, as well as the high temperature. Steamed female head. It was the first time for Tang Zhiyuan to see such a scene, and he trembled with fright. Gu Weidong personally put on his coat and comforted him to learn to be brave enough to seek justice for the dead.

It was completely dark at this moment, and everyone in the garbage transfer station continued to search for suspicious clues. Xiao Zhou, a worker in the electrical factory, heard that the police had compiled a list of missing persons, so he wanted to report the situation to Wei Guoping, but was stopped by Chen Yougui. While talking, someone found a pack of muscle and skin tissue, and the technicians checked and confirmed that the deceased had had his throat cut.

Wei Guoping suddenly remembered the murderer in the 88th case, and guessed that the body dismemberment case was related to him. Coincidentally, someone found famous wine and crabs again, and all kinds of clues pointed to the Xingfuli community where the rich lived. Wei Guoping told Tang Zhiyuan to quickly find out the situation. Maybe the residents of the community might have seen the murderer.

At present, the police have three places where the corpses are dumped, namely Sipo Road, Douya Bridge and Jiangwang Temple. Song Zhe analyzed the range of the murderer according to the theory and the location, but the problem is that the location spans a lot and it is difficult to pinpoint the specific location. Wu Ke rescued Song Zhe many times, but Song Zhe's mediocre performance made Gu Weidong very dissatisfied.

At the critical moment, new clues came from the garbage transfer station, and Song Zhe excitedly and quickly analyzed the murderer's location as if he had found a treasure. Wu Ke was full of praise for Song Zhe, and suggested that the scope of investigation should be narrowed as soon as possible. Gu Weidong defaulted to a feasible plan and ordered everyone to concentrate on investigating the vicinity of Fu'anli.

When Wei Guoping checked the list of missing persons, he noticed a woman named Gao Xiulian. This person was the chairman of the labor union of the electrical machinery factory. He sent people to make a fuss, but the factory manager calmed down the matter in order to avoid complications.

But according to Xiao Zhou, Gao Xiulian has a very tough attitude towards Nie Baohua and others. He also saw Huzi appearing on the night Gao Xiulian disappeared, riding a motorcycle of the same model as the murderer. On the other side, Zhao Gang and the black bosses were fighting among themselves, and Meng San's horse boy, Chen Haohan, loyally protected the Lord, raised a wine bottle and smashed Zhao Gang's head.

Just when Zhao Gang was about to teach Chen Haohan a lesson, Wei Guoping suddenly appeared to stop the farce, and accidentally learned that Chen Haohan was Chen Shanhe's younger brother. Wei Guoping interrogated Zhao Gang alone and forced him to explain Huzi's whereabouts. Before leaving, Wei Guoping warned him that if he leaked the secret, he would be at his own risk.

After arriving at the MGM Ballroom, Wei Guoping quickly found out where Huzi was hiding by relying on his keen criminal investigation ability. Huzi took the hostages and fled. Wei Guoping and others followed closely. During this period, Huzi fell from a height and was seriously injured. They also successfully rescued the kidnapping victim Gao Xiulian on the rooftop. From this point of view, Hu Zi had nothing to do with the dismemberment case. Gao Xiulian was sent to the hospital for treatment, and the case was transferred to the criminal police team of the sub-bureau for investigation.

Nie Baohua's mistress, Baoli, came to Nie Baohua immediately after receiving the news, asking him to save his younger brother Huzi, otherwise he would find someone to kill Wei Guoping. However, Nie Baohua changed his face when he heard the words, and sternly warned Baoli that he must not touch Wei Guoping, and no matter whether his sister Nie Xiaoyu liked this person, as long as he did not grasp the initiative of the electric machinery factory, he must put an end to any unfavorable factors.

Zhao Gang hated Ma Zai who hit his head with a beer bottle last time, and caught him cutting off one of his hands by letting him know. Wei Guoping had to contact Nie Xiaoyu for help in order to keep Chen Haohan. Nie Xiaoyu rescued Chen Haohan with his bare hands, but Chen Haohan didn't appreciate it at all. He came to the police station and yelled at Wei Guoping, thinking that he had something to do with his brother's death.

As the search phase came to an end, Gu Weidong held another project meeting, and each team reported the progress of the investigation. Wei Guoping insisted that the murderer is very likely to be the same person as the murderer in the 88th case. He boldly imagined that he used the dismemberment of the body as an excuse to cover up the throat-cutting method. How could Wu Ke reject Wei Guoping's argument and criticize him for insisting on bringing the two together? The relationship between this case is too far-fetched, and it should not be adopted if it is subjective and affects the inference.


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