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Wei Guoping was engrossed in recording criminal investigation knowledge. The light bulb in the room suddenly went out and it was pitch black. He had to get up and go out. Following the light, he saw Nie Xiaoyu, the owner of the coffee shop, holding longevity noodles and candles, and the tape recorder was playing a birthday song. Originally, Nie Xiaoyu wanted to take the opportunity of her birthday to confess her love to Wei Guoping, but Wei Guoping picked up the longevity noodles and went back to the room to continue watching the video, turning a blind eye to her love.

Nie Xiaoyu, who couldn't love her, lost her temper. She felt that Wei Guoping despised her for being dirty, and she cried sadly thinking of this. Wei Guoping was in a complicated mood. He suddenly remembered the scene where Nie Xiaoyu was rescued on a rainy night eight years ago. If the murderer was not caught, he would not be able to have a family. This sense of responsibility made him unwilling to face up to his inner feelings.

In the middle of the night, when the rain and snow did not stop, Xiaoya found someone following her when she returned home, so she hurriedly stopped a taxi and watched the figure of the man behind him disappear at the entrance of the alley, so she was relieved. Just when Xiaoya relaxed her vigilance, a strange man rushed out suddenly, until the next morning, bags of things were thrown into the garbage dump.

Two cases of mutilation occurred in one day. The deceased did not have a complete body, but all human tissues that had been cooked at high temperature, and the large and small pieces were thrown into different trash cans. Also because the identity of the deceased could not be identified, the forensic doctor could only judge the age from the teeth to be between 20 and 25 years old. The murderer was obviously a long-planned and recidivist.

Since a large number of dismembered corpses were not found, Wei Guoping asked Bao Weiqiang, the director of the local police station, about the nearby garbage dumps, and arranged for people to track down the whereabouts of the murderer. Gu Weidong handed over the case to the third team. As for the fourth team, they searched through the garbage to find clues. Wei Guoping noticed a gaze. When he looked back at the crowd, a man in a black hat turned and left. .

One hour and fifty minutes had passed since the discovery of the corpse, and the provincial leaders attached great importance to it. Director Liao Lianliang immediately held a special meeting and invited Wu Ke, a criminal investigation expert from the Provincial Police Academy, to participate in the discussion. Wu Ke deliberately named Wei Guoping to answer the question. Wei Guoping did not show any timidity, and calmly responded to his views on this case and the direction of investigation.

Song Zhe held the opposite point of view, which was acquiesced by Wu Ke. At present, there are less than 200 people in the bureau. Song Zhe proposed to drag the net for investigation. At least a large number of police forces will be needed to check the passing vehicles at the checkpoints. Only a few people are left for the third team. Wei Guoping was full of anger and had nowhere to vent, especially after listening to the so-called "incisive speeches" of the so-called leaders, he directly stated that he would simply pick sesame seeds, slammed the door and left the conference room, and drove to the garbage dump with Liu Shunkui and others.

But when the administrator in charge of guarding opened the gate, Wei Guoping's eyes were straightened, and more than a dozen garbage mountains came into view. It was as difficult as it was impossible for the five of them to rummage through the garbage. . Fortunately, Chen Yougui brought the workers from the electrical machinery factory to help. Wei Guoping was very grateful, and explained to everyone in advance that this search for body parts related to the case, if anyone is afraid of taboos, they can withdraw, but no one wants to withdraw.

As the special project meeting ended, Liao Lianliang approached Gu Weidong alone, complaining that Wei Guoping publicly challenged the leaders, which would definitely create a bad impression on the province. Gu Weidong knows his apprentice's temperament, but compared to Song Zhe who has no opinion and is indecisive, he prefers Wei Guoping to act vigorously and decisively.

Wei Guoping watched everyone rummaging through garbage in an orderly manner. The mixture of new garbage and old garbage affected the progress. The factory compound, so that the garbage dumps can be completely separated. Sure enough, someone found a package containing a lot of long hair, Wei Guoping immediately sent someone to contact the technical department for inspection.

At this time, news came from Jiangwangmiao Police Station that a patrol officer on duty saw a suspicious man riding a bicycle with several bags and a barrel on the day of the incident. It was also because of the rain that the patrolman did not see the man's face clearly, so he could only provide his whereabouts. Wei Guoping led his apprentice Tang Zhiyuan to ride a bicycle to simulate the direction of the murderer at the time of the crime, accurately adjusted the route and direction, and finally found a relatively remote woods, and found suspicious things in the sewer.


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