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It was snowing heavily at night, and Nie Xiaoyu was walking back alone, feeling vaguely followed by someone, subconsciously speeding up his pace until he met the eldest brother's men at the corner. The fear lingering in her heart disappeared immediately, Nie Xiaoyu didn't let her elder brother's men accompany her, but went straight to Wei's house to accompany Wei Xiaoxia.

At this moment, Wei Guoping was reading Yu Aiqin's favorite novels and her favorite heavy metal rock music in the office. After reading the content of the novel, Wei Guoping felt that Yu Aiqin was very rebellious, not to mention the mental state that ordinary college students should have. Even his colleagues couldn't stand this deafening music, which was full of the taste of death tragedy.

In order to find Yu Aiqin's personal notes, the third team decided to go out and investigate, looking for street vendors selling such tapes. One of them had a good impression of Yu Aiqin. He vaguely remembered that Ross, who was playing in a band, brought her over to buy tapes. Wei Guoping asked his apprentice to leave the phone with the vendor, and call immediately if there was any situation.

Jiang Guangshan was going to the hospital after finishing business. On the way, he met an acquaintance who took him to play cards. Unexpectedly, his luck was very good, and he won 30,000 yuan in just one night. However, Jiang Guangshan met four robbers on his bike home and took away all 30,000 yuan. He had no choice but to report to the police station and provide details about the robbers' appearance and characteristics.

Looking at this confession, Wei Guoping always felt a little strange, and remembered that Jiang Guangshan was on the list of missed interviews, so he went to his store to check it out after get off work. While Jiang Guangshan was cooking, Wei Guoping had some conversations with him, and found out that he was left-handed and owned a moped. Although Jiang Guangshan refuted that he was not left-handed because his left thumb was injured, Wei Guoping still carefully noticed that he used his left hand to write.

It was also because the 30,000 yuan he had saved so hard was robbed, Jiang Guangshan went to Zhao Shijie again, pretending to be a fellow villager and giving him souvenirs, with a note in his bag stating that he still needed 30,000 yuan. Although there was no name on the note, Zhao Shijie had a heart like a mirror, and drove away calmly.

Song Zhe took the initiative to deliver lunch to Gu Kaiyan, watching her frowning over the case. However, there are new clues in the case, and Gu Kaiyan interrogated Xue Jiajian again, but Xue Jiajian insisted that he had not committed a crime, and proudly threatened that the police would never find them. Gu Kaiyan tried to change the language to interrogate Xue Jiajian, which really exposed his flaws. Later, the police found many similar lace underwear from the school, proving that Xue Jiajian loved a certain style of underwear, and then illegally violated these women who bought the same underwear.

According to the clues given by the vendor, Wei Guoping finally found the band that Yu Aiqin frequented, and met the lead singer Ross. Through the conversation, I learned that Ross likes Yu Aiqin, but it is only in the stage of unrequited love. On the other hand, Yu Aiqin knows a pen pal, but unfortunately everyone has never seen the appearance of a pen pal.

In the end, Gu Kaiyan locked on the victim Chen Haiping, and brought him back to the bureau to patiently enlighten and inquire, while Wei Guoping waited and watched at the door. It turned out that Chen Haiping and Xue Jiajian were lovers until Xue Jiajian raped her, so he left his job and submitted his resignation to the team leader.

In addition, the police found out that Hu Feng, the team leader's son, had pursued Chen Haiping. He is currently a freelancer and is good at making specimens on weekdays. There are even rumors that he can make human specimens. According to various clues, Hu Feng is very suspicious. He has experience in anatomy and the time and location of the crime, which completely fits the characteristics of the murderer in the dismembered corpse case.

Then Gu Kaiyan pretended to be the secretary of the trading company and went to the park to find Hu Feng, offering to buy a specimen of an eagle from him. Since the eagle is a second-class protected animal in the country, Hu Feng was very vigilant about it. He refused to agree at first, but after he left for a short time, he came back and agreed to trade specimens, insisting that Gu Kaiyan take him to the company.

Fortunately, Liu Shunkui heard the conversation nearby, and hurriedly contacted the police force to help Gu Kaiyan lie. Everyone found a temporary venue for decoration, and asked Song Zhe to pretend to be the owner of a trading company and warmly entertain Hu Feng. Song Zhe arranged for Gu Kaiyan to pour tea quickly. The problem is that the company has not prepared other electrical appliances. In order to avoid arousing Hu Feng's suspicion, everyone quickly found a way to get hot water to make tea.


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