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In 1988, a number of serial murders occurred in Ningjiang City. The victims were all young women who had been raped during their lifetime. Combining the common points of these cases, the murderer likes to commit crimes in remote places near residential areas or mines, and chooses the time before rainy nights or heavy rains to cover up the traces of crimes.

However, the effective information that the police can grasp at present is that the murderer is suspected to be left-handed. Wei Guoping just came to the police force and faced such a big case. It was almost a joke when he went to the police to investigate. Fortunately, his brother Chen Shanhe defended him. However, both of them were workers in the electrical factory. It was inevitable that they would be ridiculed by some police colleagues. It got the nickname of "two heroes of the security department".

The brothers went home to eat with the master, and the master Chen Yougui took the initiative to mention the case, worried that the murderer would target the waste dump in the south of the factory. Chen Shanhe didn't think the problem was serious, unless it rained tonight, as expected, there was loud thunder outside the house, and the rain poured down. Wei Guoping and Chen Shanhe realized something was wrong, and immediately put on their raincoats and went out to patrol separately, and happened to find that the murderer had raped a woman.

The woman's cry for help attracted Wei Guoping, and the murderer had to stop committing the crime and escape. Chen Shanhe chased after him until he reached the iron frame tens of meters high. In the end, Chen Shanhe's throat was cut by the murderer, and he was seriously injured and fell to the ground. By the time Wei Guoping rushed over, he had completely died, and the whereabouts of the murderer were unknown.

Fast forward to 1996, and it has been eight years since the incident happened. Wei Guoping was promoted from a policeman to the captain of the Third Criminal Investigation Brigade. Imprisonment take off. Even so, Wei Guoping still had an unresolved old knot in his heart. The murderer disappeared in 1992, but he was still brooding about it. He often stayed in the file room to check the files, not letting go of any clues.

The third team received news that a group of Cantonese were coming to Ningjiang to commit crimes. The specific circumstances are still unknown. Wei Guoping and the deputy captain Liu Shunkui took the team to the game hall to investigate. is on. Under Wei Guoping's interrogation, Meng San confessed the location of the transaction.

Afterwards, Wei Guoping and others did not report to the bureau before their actions, and made their own proposals to meet with the buyer. They thought they could catch them all, but when Wei Guoping came to the hotel box, he found that the so-called buyer was Song Zhe, the captain of the fourth team, in disguise. . It was also because the third team and the fourth team had such an oolong quarrel, so it was natural to scare the snake away. Song Zhe angrily accused Wei Guoping of not reporting in advance, and Wei Guoping responded unwillingly, and the conflict between the two teams continued unabated. .

Nie Baohua, chairman and general manager of Baohua Group, heard the news, and privately called Zhao Gang, the owner of Sands Bar, to punish him on the surface, but actually let him spend all his money. No matter how unwilling Zhao Gang was, he had to accept Nie Baohua's arrangement with humility, and silently vowed to take revenge back.

The deputy director, Gu Weidong, took Wei Guoping to the hot springs, and did not forget to criticize the other party for acting without authorization. However, Wei Guoping's slick tongue made him helpless as a master, and he had to worry about his apprentice finding a girlfriend as soon as possible to solve lifelong affairs. Wei Guoping was preoccupied with solving the "eight-eighth murder case". He went out early and late all day long and returned home late. He couldn't live like a normal person and suffered from insomnia, so he gave up the idea of marriage so as not to harm other girls.

Gu Weidong persuaded Wei Guoping to look forward, and to distinguish between priorities in life and work, so he urged Wei Guoping to quickly sort out the materials of the 88 case and hand them over. Wei Guoping resolutely refused, wanting to see people and dead bodies, Gu Weidong was so angry that he punished him to guard the reservoir.

That night, Gu Weidong came to the video hall to watch the video as usual, learning advanced foreign reconnaissance techniques. At the same time, a young girl walked home from get off work and was followed by a strange man when she entered the alley.


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