Xu Yu was worried that Xiao Jinming would not be able to solve the case. Xiao Jinyun comforted her by saying that Jiang Yuanzheng had already paved the way and the evidence had been collected clearly. Xiao Jinming will tell everyone that the Xu family will withdraw from the investigation in front of the officials, and tell them that the Xu family is avoiding suspicion, and then will surround Uncle Yunyang's mansion to prevent the evidence from escaping. Xiao Jinyun had already sent people to stop those who wanted to destroy the evidence. The evidence was where it should be. Xiao Jinming successfully searched for the evidence. Afterwards, Xiao Jinming went to Xunfangyuan. Mudan was an omniscient person, and they went there to investigate the case. Xiao Jinyun analyzed Xiao Jinming's thoughts clearly, and Xu Yu's appetite was whetted when he heard it.

Xiao Jinming came to report the case to Xu Yu and Xiao Jinyun. The assassin was indeed sent by Uncle Yunyang, but he did not admit that he wanted to assassinate Xiao Jinyun. Zhenbeihou was also involved. Unexpectedly, there was news that Jingyao had hanged herself at this time, but she had already been rescued. Xiao Jinyun cut her position before, but she didn't expect Jingyao to commit suicide. Xiao Jinyun met Jingyao, and Jingyao kept saying that she was just trying to make her life easier, and if Xu Yu had the status, no one would care about his affection. Which woman in the backyard is not like this, Xiao Jinyun is very disappointed in his heart, it turns out that everyone in the harem approaches him like this, he can't help but think of Xu Yu, how she has been neglected all these years. Jingyao was originally a pampered eldest lady, but she was sent to such a ghost place for her father and brother's future, and her original life was trapped in this inner courtyard.

Pei Xinzhu broke in regardless of the obstruction, Jingyao sent a word to Xiao Jinyun, and then took advantage of her not paying attention and pulled out the hairpin on her head to commit suicide. When Xu Yu and Pei Xinzhu came in, they happened to see the scene of Jingyao's suicide. Pei Xinzhu was startled, and originally wanted to say that there was something strange about it, but Xu Yu supported her, so Pei Xinzhu didn't dare to say anything. The few poems that Jingyao read made Xiao Jinyun very puzzled. Maybe Jingyao was killed because she was pregnant with a child. Xiao Jinyun asked Xu Yu if he married him because of his father and brother's future, Xu Yu was a little angry and shy. Xiao Jinyun suddenly told Xu Yu that Jingyao was not dead. The facts at that time were like this, Xiao Jinyun told Jingyao that she could go out and live the life she wanted, but she had to tell herself the person who ordered her. So there was the scene of Jingyao committing suicide. In fact, Jingyao had quietly left the cage that imprisoned her.

Xu Yu remembered that Pei Xinzhu beat Jingyao a few months ago, Pei Xinzhu was jealous, Xiao Jinyun thought she would not harm anyone, maybe someone wanted to frame Pei Xinzhu. Although it is a matter of the inner court, the person who made the layout may not be in the inner court. Xiao Jinyun left Xu Yu to rest at Fengyi Palace tonight, and when they were sharing the same bed, Xiao Jinyun asked her if she regretted marrying him. Xu Yu naturally didn't, Xiao Jinyun was very happy and left a kiss on her head.

Xu Yu went to Pei Xinzhu's palace early in the morning, in order to please her, Pei Xinzhu gritted his teeth and exchanged his jewelry for silver money as military pay, his heart was bleeding. Xu Yu asked Pei Xinzhu if he knew the inside story of Jingyao. Xiao Jinyun woke up and heard that Xu Yu had gone to Pei Xinzhu's place and rushed there. He happened to see the scene where Pei Xinzhu hanged himself and confessed, claiming that she had killed Jingyao. Xiao Jinyun felt very unhappy, and decided to rectify the atmosphere in the inner courtyard.


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