When the elder brother of the Xu family heard that Xu Yu was pregnant, he immediately told the elder brother Xu about it. Although they have been fighting in the outer and inner courtyards all year round, they have also heard a lot of gossip. In the next life, as long as she is safe. When Xiao Jinyun heard these words, his heart was ups and downs. And Jiang Yuan was observing Xu Yu in front of him, and found that she behaved like a man, could it be some kind of disguise? Where did the real lady of the city lord go?

Jiang Yuanzheng tapped Xiao Jinyun's acupuncture points quietly. She was not pregnant, and she was definitely not the wife of the city lord. Xiao Jinyun's tone was serious, could he not know his pulse if he changed his body? Jiang Yuanzheng didn't believe it at first, but she took her pulse and found out that this person was indeed the city lord Xiao Jinyun. She was stunned for a moment, she didn't expect such a strange thing in the world. Xiao Jinyun quietly asked Jiang Yuanzheng to help him with something, Xu Yu was practicing martial arts with Xiao Jinyun's body, and he still lamented that his body is too weak, he must practice more frequently. Xiao Jinyun quietly appeared and made Xu Yu jump. Xiao Jinyun told her that he told Xu Jiahuai that it would be inconvenient to practice martial arts because of her pregnancy, but Xu Yu was worried about her future reputation instead. It will be autumn hunting in a few days, Xiao Jinyun asked Xu Yu to pay more attention to the Marquis of Yunyang. However, Xu Yu was only thinking about riding a horse and shooting bows and arrows. Xiao Jinyun had no choice but to support his forehead. Brother Xu still counted on her to protect him, but this time, it was Xiao Jinyun who protected Xu Yu instead.

For the autumn hunting, Pei Xinzhu made a gorgeous dress and wanted to take the opportunity to win Xiao Jinyun's favor. But he didn't know that Xu Yu disliked their soft bodies, so he decided to bring only his wife to accompany them. Pei Xinzhu was very angry when she heard the news, but her legs were on her body, so if she wanted to go, no one could stop her! At the beginning of the autumn hunt, the city lord needs to shoot a deer. Xu Yu dislikes that the deer is tied up and has nothing to shoot, so he asks someone to loosen the deer and let it run around. Xiao Jinyun was very worried that she would do something stupid, but Xu Yu's arrow skills were very accurate, after all, she was the daughter of a general and the wife of the city lord. Xiao Jinyun reminded Xu Yu that it's time to officially start, and complained that her opening remarks were a bit too much, and advised her to restrain herself, sometimes it's best to keep secret, and it's better to be careful in everything.

Xu Yu originally wanted to take Xiao Jinyun to ride a horse together, but now that Xiao Jinyun is a daughter, she doesn't want to do this, so Xu Yu and Xiao Jinming, two fools, turned around and ran to shoot. Xiao Jinming and Xu Yu robbed Hengshan Gong of a rabbit, which made Hengshan very angry. Xu Yu's maid said that Xiao Jinyun was becoming more and more like the Lord of Dasheng City, and Xiao Jinyun also learned that in Xu Yu's eyes, he has always been good wherever he is. In the evening, Xu Yu hugged the rabbit and told Xiao Jinyun that he would raise it together. Xiao Jinyun said that the lord of the city was not good enough to hold the rabbit and immediately confiscated it. When Xu Yu wanted to make a fuss, Xiao Jinyun threatened to swallow the rabbit alive.

At night, someone sneaked in to assassinate Xiao Jinyun, Xu Yu easily dealt with it, and Jiang Yuanzheng came to help. Xiao Jinyun had already made arrangements, and he also guessed that something would happen at night, so he shared the tent with Xu Yu to rest. Xiao Jinyun and Xu Yu asked Uncle Yunyang to track down the assassination, but Uncle Yunyang searched all night but couldn't find it. The next day, Xu Yu captured the assassin alive, and the assassin claimed that Xu's father had instigated him. Xiao Jinyun pointed out Uncle Yunyang's three counts of crimes. He didn't believe Uncle Yunyang's words at all, and planned to let Brother Xu try the case. But Brother Xu and Uncle Yunyang have always been at odds. After thinking about it, the two decided to ask Xiao Jinming to try the case. Although Xiao Jinming didn't look very smart, Xiao Jinyun said that he would definitely live up to expectations. Xiao Jinming's IQ is not inferior to Xiao Jinyun's, and Xiao Jinyun reassures Xu Yu.

Xiao Jinming went to Zhaixing Pavilion again in the name of passing by, saying that he didn't want to investigate the case, Xu Youran agreed to help him, but his deduction needed some blood from the same people, Xiao Jinming immediately retreated, and went to investigate the case.


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