Xiao Jinyun let Xu Yu familiarize himself with government affairs, lest the government orders come, but Xu Yu didn't do it after watching for a long time. When the two went for a walk in the back garden, they met Jingyao. Jingyao pretended to have an upset stomach. Xiao Jinyun kindly stepped forward to help her, but Jingyao fell down by herself and slandered Xu Yu for pushing her. Then she clutched her stomach and said My child is gone. The mistress was very angry when she learned that Xu Yu had framed the emperor's heir viciously, and rushed over immediately. Xiao Jinyun and Xu Yu thought something was wrong at the scene, the mistress rushed over and slapped Xu Yu, but it was actually Xiao Jinyun who was slapped, Xiao Jinyun was stunned after being slapped. Jing Yao cried and begged the mistress to make decisions for herself, Xu Yu was worried about Xiao Jinyun, and decided to go in with her to have a look.

Xiao Jinyun didn't panic because of this, and asked someone to invite Jiang Yuanzheng. Pei Xinzhu also came when he heard the news, and was surprised to see the blood all over the room. The mistress asked people to take these things down, but Xiao Jinyun stopped her, but the mistress thought she was disobeying her, so she raised her hand and wanted to slap her again. Xu Yu raised his hand to stop the slap from the mistress, saying that he must investigate the matter clearly first. After Jiang Yuanzheng came to check Jingyao's pulse, he discovered the medicinal materials used in the medicine for abortion. Xiao Jinyun ordered his servants to be taken down for strict interrogation. Later, Jiang Yuanzheng pointed out that Jingyao's fetus had been stillborn for many days, and what happened today was clearly framed. The mistress became anxious, and looked at Xu Yu with a guilty expression on her face. Jing Yao begged Pei Xinzhu for help, and Pei Xinzhu could hide as far as she could. The mistress held Xiao Jinyun's hand and said that she would give him justice. Xu Yu also felt that he had been wronged, but she was actually emphasizing her own situation. Now that she changed her identity, Xiao Jinyun realized that she had misunderstood Xu Yu in many things before, and thinking about it now, she felt a little sorry for her.

Dr. Hu confessed, and Xu Yu hurried over. The inner courtyard was in such chaos, but Xiao Jinyun couldn't figure out why Jingyao wanted to frame the wife of the city lord. The mistress said that he could interrogate Jingyao himself to ask the reason. The mistress called Xiao Jinyun to talk alone. Recently, he doted on Xu Yu very much. The mistress still wanted to remind him that Xu's father was an important minister in the former court, so he should be more careful and master the art of check and balance. It was only then that Xu Yu realized in her heart that the mistress also had such considerations for her favoritism towards Pei Xinzhu in the past.

Xu Youran deduced the celestial phenomena, but encountered some obstacles. Xiao Jinming came to take a peek, and under the guise of thanking him, Xu Youran thought that the deduction would be more accurate with the blood of the same root, so he called Xiao Jinming to get some blood. Xu Yu wanted to tell Xiao Jinyun about someone slandering Xu's family, but Xiao Jinyun said that it doesn't matter whether it is true or not, what matters is that people's words are awesome. Xiao Jinming came to them to complain that Xu Youran bullied him, Xiao Jinyun quickly hid and disliked him ashamed. News came from the front that the elder brother of the Xu family was injured. Xu Yu panicked and begged Xiao Jinyun to go and see his elder brother for him. After all, he is the body of the city lord now. Xiao Jinyun was very relieved, he didn't expect Xu Yu to think about himself.

The next day, Xiao Jinyun took Jiang Yuanzheng to visit Brother Xu. Brother Xu regarded her as a younger sister, but Xiao Jinyun was very awkward, at a loss for what to do with the rare thing that Brother Xu gave her. Brother Xu suddenly told her something, saying that Uncle Yunyang might have changed recently, worried that they would be bad for the city lord, and hoped that Xu Yu could protect the city lord well. The second elder brother dragged Xiao Jinyun to compete in martial arts, but Xiao Jinyun couldn't do this, so he could only be forced to be a target. When evading, Xiao Jinyun could only blurt out that he was pregnant. When Jiang Yuan was bandaging Brother Xu's wound, he accidentally recognized him as the former savior, so he was naturally very grateful.


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