When Xiao Jinming came to ask for money, Xu Yu asked people to call Hengshan Gong and told Xiao Jinming to hide and wait for the show. Hengshan cheated the child out of money, and Xu Yu asked him to compete with himself in archery. If he lost, he would return all the money Xiao Jinming lost to him. Seeing this, Xiao Jinming was very worried, thinking that Xu Yu was doomed, so he quietly followed to save the field, but Xu Yu didn't accept the move at all.

Xiao Jinyun sighed silently when he learned that Xu Yu had gone to compete with Hengshan Gong in archery. Xiao Jinming thought that his brother was doomed, but he didn't know that Xu Yu's consciousness was in Xiao Jinyun's body. Eight hundred taels were donated. All kinds of strange phenomena between Xiao Jinyun and Xu Yu made Xiao Jinming feel that his brother's brain was broken. Xiao Jinyun asked Xu Yu to keep a low profile, and Xu Yu nodded quickly. In Xiao Jinming's eyes, Xiao Jinyun was afraid of his wife, thinking that Xu Yu would spoil him by not letting his brother draft, so the two disguised themselves and took him out to have fun. Xu Yu realized that he could go out of the palace at will now, so he happily followed Xiao Jinming, and the two had a great time shopping and eating along the way. Xiao Jinming took his brother to visit flower houses on purpose, Xu Yu was very happy, no wonder men like to visit flower houses, I didn't expect it to be so fun.

Sitting next to the two of them, Miss Mudan called Xiao Jinyun Mr. Jin. Xu Yu was stunned, never expecting Xiao Jinyun to come here. Knowing that Xu Yu and Xiao Jinming had gone out, Xiao Jinyun had another headache for a while. After Xu Yu came back, Xiao Jinyun asked her where she had gone with the majesty of the city lord, and Xu Yu asked him about going to the flower building in turn. Xiao Jinyun didn't bother to explain, he wasn't in love with those Yingyingyanyans, he just went to inquire about some things. Xiao Jinyun handed Xu Yu a glass of honey water, Xu Yu took a sip and immediately forgot what happened just now.

Xiao Jinyun warned Xiao Jinming not to take Xu Yu out to play in the future, Xiao Jinming was afraid of her majesty and quickly agreed. But couldn't bear Xu Yu's stalking, the two took another jade pendant and went to have fun. When going out this time, Xu Yu accidentally learned that the collection of taxes involves the lives of the people in the city, and there are a lot of beggars in the city. Only at this moment did Xu Yu know the truth of Xiao Jinyun's saying that "one hair can affect the whole body". here. Accidentally, Xu Yu learned that her elder brother often came to visit the Hualou, but he didn't come to play, but to discuss business. Xu Yu understood that these words were clearly intended for the city lord. Xu Yu returned to the palace in a hurry, but unexpectedly, her body had menstruation. Xiao Jinyun, who experienced such a scene for the first time, was startled, crying and calling for Doctor Xuan, it turns out that being a woman is so difficult.


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