The mistress asked Pei Xinzhu to help Xu Yu's draft, but everyone saw the pearl hairpin on Xu Yu's head. Pei Xinzhu was very dissatisfied, and immediately called Tao Shuren and Jingyao, wanting to change the status quo that Xu Yu was favored. Jingyao thinks that Xu Yu is favored only because his father and brother are away fighting, as long as they endure it for a while, it doesn't matter. Tomorrow's draft, Pei Xinzhu specially called his cousin Zhi'er, thinking that if she could enter the palace, her father's promotion would be expected.

The next day in the draft, the height-enhancing insoles that Zhier stuffed in her shoes were torn off on the spot. Xiao Jinyun sneered when he saw such a trick, and ordered someone to drag him down for twenty. Zhier begged Pei Xinzhu to help him, but Pei Xinzhu could only beat him. Broken and swallowed in the stomach. Xu Yu heard that the young girls in this year's draft were very lively and came to join in the fun, but Xiao Jinyun had already selected the ones that would be beneficial to the imperial court, and quietly handed them to Xu Yu to let her choose a few from the list. Xu Yu did not follow Xiao Jinyun's idea, and began to talk about entering the palace. All kinds of experiences were Xu Yu's personal experience. After the spring, summer, autumn and winter, they have nothing but white hair and wrinkled faces. Instead of waiting for a man whom they would not see very often, Xu Yu encouraged them to find a man they really loved, and even publicly announced that he only had his wife in his heart and that he didn't like these beautiful women at all.

The inner courtyard was empty, and the ministers were teaching in the court, but Xu Yu directly ordered the collection of taxes, so he didn't bother to play tricks with them. The morning morning was over long ago, but Xiao Jinyun hadn't come back yet. Xu Yu was worried that he might be in danger, so he hurriedly sent someone to check the situation. But he didn't expect that Xiao Jinyun was helping the mistress fume the wormwood with wormwood. He knew all too well that his mother had the root cause of the disease when she gave birth to him. The mistress was very pleased with this, because the city lord smoked moxa for herself in this way when she was a child. The concubines were stunned to see the rare harmony between the mistress and Xu Yu, who were usually very difficult to deal with. The atmosphere was clearly very harmonious.

Xu Yu was drinking tea peacefully, Xiao Yaogong Xiao Jinming came to ask him for money, and he opened his mouth to ask for 800 taels of gold. Xiao Jinming said that he fell in love with a gift and wanted to buy it for the mistress as a birthday gift, but he lost all his money gambling two days ago, and the one who lost was his third uncle. Xu Yu agreed after thinking about it, and asked Xiao Jinming to replace Xiao Jinyun. Xiao Jinming ran to the mistress's palace without further ado, but Xu Yu's eyes were inexplicably familiar, why did her eyes look so similar to Xiao Jinyun's? Before Xiao Jinyun left, Xiao Jinming whispered beside her that it was his elder brother who asked him to save him. Xiao Jinyun thought that Xu Yu knew that she was worried about her, but when she returned to the palace, she found that she was sleeping soundly, and all the fuss flowed into the memorial. The mistress's birthday is approaching, and Xiao Jinyun wants Xu Yu to embroider a picture of a hundred birds facing a phoenix, but she has always been good at wielding knives and guns, so she can't do sewing.

Xiao Jinyun asked Xu Yu to grind the ink for her, and when she woke up, she saw Xiao Jinyun had drawn a picture of a hundred birds facing the phoenix and asked her to draw according to the picture. Seeing Xu Yu's face covered in ink, Xiao Jinyun laughed. Xiao Jinming was very puzzled when he saw Xiao Jinyun embroidering. He came to ask Xiao Jinyun for money.


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