The news that Xiao Jinyun was going to bed in Fengyi Palace spread throughout the backyard the next day, Pei Xinzhu was very angry, and the next second when he learned that his concubine Jingyao had an heir, he became even more angry. Jingyao said that she didn't dare to tell the mistress and Xiao Jinyun, and wanted to recognize Pei Xinzhu as the mother for the child in her womb. Xiao Jinyun was very anxious to see Xu Yu practicing with his body, but Xu Yu disliked his body very much, and practiced hard these two days to help him strengthen his body. Xiao Jinyun has always felt that someone is whispering behind her back recently, and Xiao Jinyun knows that it must be because of their stay in Fengyi Palace that they have started to chew their tongues. Of course, nothing happened to the two of them last night, Xiao Jinyun even took the initiative to sleep on the ground. Xiao Jinyun ignored Xu Yu in the past few months, and her ears have become much cleaner, so she decided to give up Xiao Jinyun from the bottom of her heart and live her life in style.

On the second day when Xu Yu went to court for Xiao Jinyun, he was hypnotized by the minister again. And Xiao Jinyun was paying her respects to the mistress over there. Facing the difficulties in the backyard, Xiao Jinyun put on the airs of the city lord's wife for Xu Yu, but she didn't expect that her mother was not as kind and amiable to Xu Yu as she usually saw. Pei Xinzhu is also a duplicitous person. Xu Yu was afraid that something would happen to Xiao Jinyun, so he hurriedly asked Wudu to call Xiao Jinyun back. Xu Yu talked about the process of paying his respects, but he just let Pei Xinzhu do what he should do. And Xiao Jinyun's side was also a headache from the civil and military quarrels of the Manchu Dynasty. The two ministers quarreled from the court hall to the study room. It was about border supplies, and Xu Yu agreed decisively. Zhenbei Hou impeached Xu's father for not standing still and withholding military pay, Xu Yu was very angry, of course he wanted to protect his father, wrote Zhu Zhu and threw it back to Zhenbei Hou. Zhenbeihou got the memorial and drew a bastard on it, but thought that the city lord was helping him to call Xu's father a bastard, and even interpreted another meaning, saying that Xu's father should beat more, and his heart was already happy.

Xiao Jinyun asked Xu Yu if he knew why he married her back then. When the First Lord died and he came to the throne as a young man, he married her just to consolidate his position. Xu Yu didn't have the heart to listen, so he interrupted quickly to go out to relax. Inadvertently, Xu Yu heard the sound of singing and dancing, and found that it was Pei Xinzhu and Tao Shuren dancing in the pavilion. Pei Xinzhu saw Xiao Jinyun coming over, pretending to be shy and asking him to rest in his own palace, but he didn't expect him to refuse, so he had to dance another dance for him in aggrieved manner. However, Xu Yu was full of the matter that Pei Xinzhu framed him for pushing her back then, subconsciously dodging away made Pei Xinzhu sprain. In order to retaliate, Xu Yu sent someone to send a message to Xiao Jinyun that he would favor the inner court. Xiao Jinyun was anxious, but he didn't expect that Xu Yu was drinking with a few concubines, and a few of them blushed and talked big after drinking too much. Pei Xinzhu originally wanted to take the opportunity to keep Xiao Jinyun, but Xu Yu ran to Jingyao's place, took her pearl hairpin and went to grab the osmanthus wine, which made the Sangong Sixth Court very disturbed.

Back at Fengyi Palace, Xu Yu put on Xiao Jinyun the pearl hairpin he snatched from Jingyao, and presented her favorite osmanthus wine like a treasure, and also snatched the mistress's quilt to cover her. When he was a child, Xu Yu wanted to give Xiao Jinyun the best, but he ignored him at all. But in Xiao Jinyun's heart, Xu Yu was a little lunatic when he was a child. Xu Yu fell asleep on Xiao Jinyun's body. Her wish since childhood was to marry him, but she never thought that he was that kind of person.


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