After Jiang Yuanzheng saw the rose cake, he said it was moldy, but he didn't tell the hidden truth in front of the mistress. After Jiang Yuanzheng retired, Xu Yu served the mistress to take medicine, and the relationship between the two became much better. Pei Xinzhu is in a good mood recently, and Tao Shuren is still happy and innocent. Xu Yu stayed by the mistress's side all night, and the mistress was very relieved to see her sleeping beside her when she woke up. Pei Xin came, took Xu Yu's arm to persuade her to have a good rest, and brought porridge specially.

Xiao Jinyun went to Tao Shuren's place, Tao Shuren was taken aback as if he didn't expect him to come. Xiao Jinyun came to ask for guilt, because the rose cake she made contained the poison that caused Xiao Jinyun to burst into hysteria, but Tao Shuren didn't do it. Xu Yu brought a table of delicious food, and said that it would not be too late to ask after eating. Tao Shuren's mouth was drooling in the face of so many delicacies, and she also remembered the details of the day when Qin Meiren touched her food box. Xiao Jinyun then went to Qin Meiren's place. Facing the conclusive evidence, Qin Meiren could not quibble. Xiao Jinyun was promoted to the position of Qin Meiren and asked her mother to come to the palace to visit. Duke Heng Shan recommended her to the hospital because he used her as a pawn. Xiao Jinyun even sent someone to secretly protect Qin Meiren's father, and Qin Meiren revealed that he was behind the scenes to instigate Heng Shan Gong.

Pei Xinzhu has been pestering Xu Yu recently, thinking that she is still Xiao Jinyun, the mistress is very happy to see them so harmonious, and asks them to accompany her to go out to relax. Xu Yu was very happy that Hu Na was coming to the Dachaohui. Pei Xinzhu heard the news and waited to see Xu Yu's joke. Hengshangong wants to fight for meeting Huna and ask her to stand by him. Hu Na and her team met a person on the road. They thought there was a big battle, but they didn't expect that it was Second Brother Xu who came to greet them. Hu Na was very happy to see Xiao Jinyun coming to welcome her, and gave him a warm hug. Xiao Jinyun was very helpless because of the romantic debt Xu Yu incurred. Hu Na brought the roast leg of lamb to invite Xiao Jinyun to stay drunk, but Xiao Jinyun stopped Xu Yu and took Xu Yu away quickly. After all, if he didn't leave, he would be exposed. Xu Yu regarded himself and Hu Na as bosom friends, and couldn't hide his excitement before attending the banquet, but Xiao Jinyun was worried that he might reveal his secrets. Hu Na specially brought shochu from the northern border, and wanted to have a few more drinks with Xiao Jinyun. This was extremely strong wine, and Xiao Jinyun naturally couldn't drink it, so Xu Yu stood in front of him to drink for him. Hu Na still asked Xiao Jinyun to drink, but Xu Yu didn't say anything about the full authority to fight with her. Drinking is boring, and the two started a competition again, and the game ended very happily. The two sparred back and forth, and Xiao Jinle also discovered the truth about the exchange of bodies between Xiao Jinle and Xu Yu.

Seeing that the situation was out of control, Xiao Jinyun simply pretended to be dizzy and stopped the farce. After all, Xu Yu would mess around when he drank too much. Xu Yu drank too much and went crazy, but the mistress came at this time, Xu Yu was drunk and talking drunk, but accidentally mentioned the matter of the lotus pond.


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