Xiao Jinyun spent the whole day with Xu Yu today, which was the happiest thing for her. Xu Yu compared the moon in the sky and put his hand into Xiao Jinyun's. This is their own moon, and it will accompany Xiao Jinyun when Xu Yu is not around. Xiao Jinyun said that they still have a long time, and he will not let Xu Yu wake up. Xu Yu just felt weak and wanted to sleep, but she was afraid that she would not be able to wake up after falling asleep. She asked Xiao Jinyun to promise herself to live well, and then passed away in Xiao Jinyun's arms.

Early the next morning, Xu Youran came to plead guilty, but Xu Yu suddenly woke up. It turned out that what Xu Yu was taking was not the real soul breaking pill, so Xu Youran dared not tell the truth, it was the medicine he made from yellow sheep dung. Xiao Jinyun was very angry, but Xu Yu stopped him. It's fine for her to be like this now, although they didn't change it back. The mistress fell ill suddenly, but she was fine, she just needed to recuperate. Xu Yu asked Xiao Jinyun to visit the mistress, and Xiao Jinyun also called Pei Xinzhu and Tao Shuren to attend the sickness. Pei Xinzhu hated servants the most, but she also knew that the mistress treated them well, so she still wanted to go anyway.

Xiao Jinyun went to visit the mistress, who told him to go back and take good care of the city lord. Xu Youran prepared something and asked Xiao Jinyun and Xu Yu to change their bodies. Before entering the water, Xu Yu was a little scared. After all, Xiao Jinyun is the lord of a city, how could he take such a risk? give it to him. Pei Xinzhu heard that the Zhaixing Pavilion was strange recently, so she bought someone to come over. She heard Xiao Jinyun and Xu Yu calling each other Madam and Husband, and she left here in fright. Today is the day of the Tengu Eclipse, Xiao Jinming took Xu Youran to appreciate the Tengu Eclipse. Xiao Jinyun and Xu Yu entered the water to bathe and kiss affectionately. When the daylight was covered, the black spar changed.

Pei Xinzhu found out about Xiao Jinyun and Xu Yu's body swap, and decided to walk ahead of others every day to win favor. Little did they know that after one night, Xu Yu and Xiao Jinyun had switched back to their bodies, but Xiao Jinyun did not wake up. Xu Yu was terrified, and when he was crying in his arms, Xiao Jinyun managed to wake up. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief, and at the same time, Jiang Yuanzheng and Brother Xu also came back. Jiang Yuanzheng didn't know why, so he thought they hadn't changed back to their bodies, and only realized the reason after checking the pulse. Xiao Jinyun was poisoned by another kind of poison, and Jiang Yuan was going back to prepare the antidote. Pei Xinzhu asked Xu Youran about exchanging bodies, but Xiao Jinyun ignored her. When Jiang Yuan was dispensing medicine, an assassin broke in, but he easily dealt with it.

The poison on Xiao Jinyun's body is called donkey rolling, women often use this poison to seduce men, and they are absolutely not allowed to have sex before the poison is detoxified. Xiao Jinyun and Xu Yu were a little embarrassed. Jiang Yuanzheng found Xiangxue Magnolia, but gave it to the Queen because it hadn't bloomed yet. After thinking about it, Xu Yu remembered the real cause of the poisoning. She had only eaten the rose cake made by Tao Shuren at the mistress's place.


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