Mr. Hengshan was looking for an ancient book, which Xiao Jinle brought back from the northern border. It is written in the book that two people exchanged skins, and Hengshan Gong seemed to sense the abnormality of Xiao Jinyun and Xu Yu, and the father and son together felt that they looked like they had exchanged bodies. Xiao Jinle broke into the city lord's bedroom to question Xiao Jinyun's truth, but Xiao Jinyun couldn't hide it, and warned him to stay away from his wife. Xiao Jinle couldn't wait to stand up for Xu Yu. She was originally a phoenix flying between heaven and earth, but she broke her wings for Xiao Jinyun. Xu Yu woke up during the quarrel between the two, and Xu Yu told Xiao Jinle to go back first, and he wanted to be quiet, and then took Xiao Jinyun's hand to persuade him not to be angry again.

Although Xu Yu woke up, his body did not recover, and he still had hallucinations and was irritable and irritable. The doctor said that his body would be weak in the long run, and he might not be able to last for a few days. At this time, Duke Heng Shan led the ministers to attack outside, and Xiao Jinming couldn't stand it anymore. Xiao Jinyun rushed to rescue them, Xu Yuqiang came out with his sick body and blocked their mouths. But Hengshan Gong didn't want to let it go, thinking about fanning the flames. Xiao Jinyun grabbed Xiao Jinming's approval document, obviously Hengshan Gong and the others were embarrassing Xiao Jinyun, so Xiao Jinyun ordered them to write two more copies and hand them over. Xiao Jinle searched everywhere for a way to rescue Xu Yu, and even found rare medicinal materials. There are many complaints in the court, Xu Yu's life is hanging by a thread, Xiao Jinming is very afraid, Xu Youran said that if this happens, he will kill two lives, and the only way now is Jiang Yuanzheng's elixir, Duanhun Pill, after taking it, it will be incurable, but The opponent's consciousness will return to the original body, that is to say, Xiao Jinyun will not die if Xu Yu takes it. Xu Yu overheard the conversation between the two, and his heart was very complicated.

Xiao Jinyun woke up and saw that Xu Yu was gone. He was talking to Xiao Jinle outside the door. She had always regarded Xiao Jinle as a close friend, so she hoped that Xiao Jinle would help Xiao Jinyun no matter what. Xiao Jinle quickly agreed that he only cared about Xu Yu. Xiao Jinyun hurriedly took Xu Yu back to the room, but Xu Yu didn't want to drink Anshen Soup and wanted to drink, so he drank a cup of wine with Xiao Jinyun like ordinary people. Xu Yu ate the soul-breaking pill privately, and they can exchange it back tomorrow. Xiao Jinyun's heart ached, but Xu Yu was Mrs. Dasheng, and she was willing for the sake of the people. On the day of the shooting star, Xu Yu's wish was that they could love each other like an ordinary couple. Now they still have a little time, so they just ask Xiao Jinyun to accompany him for a day like an ordinary couple. So, the two went out to the palace to play and go shopping. Such an ordinary day made Xu Yu feel calm and happy. The two came to a yard in the suburbs, which was bought by Xiao Jinming. The two bought a lot of things and came back, Xu Yu had to buy a lot of useless things, Xiao Jinyun raised a lot of sheep for her, and the two spent a peaceful and beautiful time. Xiao Jinyun stewed chicken for Xu Yu, but in the end he stole the chicken from the fat aunt next door.

In the evening, Xiao Jinyun lit a courtyard lamp for Xu Yu, Xu Yu couldn't help feeling melancholy, she never regretted marrying Xiao Jinyun, and Xiao Jinyun only regretted not understanding her sooner.


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