Wu Du has served Xiao Jinyun since he was a child, so he naturally understands his temperament best. Even if he dies today, he must know Xiao Jinyun's whereabouts, otherwise he will die with him. Xiao Jinyun was very helpless when he was arrested by Wudu, and asked him seriously if he really couldn't see that he was the real city lord. Wudu obviously didn't want to believe this absurd statement, but Xiao Jinyun explained Wudu's experience clearly, and then Xiao Jinyun and Wudu talked about transferring water and exchanging bodies.

Xu Yu realized that Wudu had drugged himself with sweat medicine, and after waking up, he hurriedly asked Wudu's whereabouts. Wudu was still unwilling to believe Xiao Jinyun's words, until Xiao Jinyun told him about helping him solve the case, all kinds of facts could not be fabricated. Wu Du was taken aback, and hurriedly cried and begged for mercy. Before Xiao Jinyun could be put down, the sword moved over. If he is the city lord, what about her wife?

Both Xiao Jinyun and Wudu disappeared, Xu Yu was very anxious. Until Xiao Jinyun came back with non-poison and a sword, and also poison, saying that they already knew about the exchange of identities, and they had to be killed for the sake of Jiangshan Sheji. Xu Yu wanted to stop it, but Xiao Jinyun showed a non-negotiable attitude, Xu Yu was very sad, so many people knew why they were both killed. Bao Jian had already kowtowed to Xu Yu, saying that in his next life he would accompany her on the battlefield, play with her and go crazy with her, he drank the poisonous wine in one gulp. Afterwards, Wudu also drank the poison. Seeing this, Xu Yu was in great pain, and hated Xiao Jinyun even more in his heart. Xiao Jinyun wanted to explain, why didn't he regard Wudu as his own family, but Xu Yu didn't listen at all and drove Xiao Jinyun away.

Xu Yu wakes up from the nightmare, only to find that Wudu and the sword are beside him, they are standing beside Xu Yu alive. How could Xiao Jinyun attack them? It was just an extraordinary time and extraordinary means. They were all in this glass of wine with all their hearts. Xu's father sent an official document, saying that he hoped that Xu Yu would go home to visit his relatives, Xiao Jinyun agreed without hesitation, and wanted to go for Xu Yu. Second Brother Xu had been waiting outside the house early, and when he saw Xiao Jinyun coming, he hurried up to meet him. Father Xu and Brother Xu were both training soldiers, so Second Brother Xu was the only one in the house. Second Brother Xu heard Xiao Jinle say that Xu Yu was being bullied in the harem, and wanted him to spend a few days in the mansion to recuperate. If he knew it would be better than marrying Xu Yu to Xiao Jinle back then. Hearing this, Xiao Jinle put down the glass with a lot of force, and hurriedly stopped Second Brother Xu from continuing, so he couldn't mention such things in the future, otherwise it would only hurt him.

Xu Yu often called Xiao Jinle by his alias recently, but Xiao Jinle felt strange because only Xu Yu knew this name. After Xu Yu found out, he quickly explained, saying that Madam told him. But Xiao Jinle still sensed something was wrong through her subconscious actions, and the two closed the door to talk about what was in their hearts. Xiao Jinyun happened to come to find Xu Yu, and when he heard what he and Xiao Jinle said, he felt even more jealous, so he hurried in and told Xiao Jinle that the city lord was waiting for him. She was so good that she even kissed Xu Yu in front of him. Seeing this, Xiao Jinle left awkwardly, but Xu Yu got angry instead, and asked him why he didn't tell herself the truth about the non-toxic and the sword. She didn't like such days of suspicion, and thought that when she changed her identity, she would take the sword to fight on the battlefield. Xiao Jinyun has always been good at suspicion, but he has never doubted Xu Yu. After a sincere apology, Xu Yu couldn't be angry anymore.

Xu Youran is ready to change her body, but the condition is that Xiao Jinyun and Xu Yu need to be in close contact. Tao Shuren brought Pei Xinzhu her own snacks, and she made great progress with the sword. Tao Shuren advised her to write a book instead of being jealous. A few days later, Xu Yu went to pay his respects to the mistress, and the mistress let him taste the cakes made by Tao Shuren, and urged him to spread the leaves. Hengshan Gong is going to meet the city lord, saying that Qin Meiren has succeeded. Xiao Jinyun rushed to the study room after receiving the news, opened the door and saw Xu Yu sitting on the ground like a fool, but in Xu Yu's eyes, these people have become dwarfs. Xiao Jinyun hurriedly sent a message to the doctor, and Hengshan Gong was beside him, so Xiao Jinyun hurriedly drove him away. The doctor said that Xu Yu's symptoms seemed to be poisoned, and quickly sent someone to the northern border to bring Jiang Yuanzheng back.


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